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    Think about the above headline for a moment. Have youever heard of a business with unhappy customersgenerating enormous profits ?

    I haven't either. The idea is so simple, I often wonder whypeople feel the need to complicate things. A happy customeris someone who will buy from you again and recommend youto others.

    Of course you must have a product or service people want.But if said product or service doesn't deliver, you end up withunhappy customers. Unhappy customers generate losses inyour business.

    The ultimate aim of every business is to generate profits.Again a quick reminder of this simple business maxim.

    Happy customers generate your profitsUnhappy customers generate your losses

    One word of caution . . .

    Don't cheat your customers by debasing the quality of your product or service to increase profits. They will find outan when they do, their wrath will be merciless.

    Colin MylesAuthor

    P.S." The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten " Unknown


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