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<ul><li><p>Happy Customers Generate Your Profits /2017/02/happy-customers-generate-your-profits.html</p><p>Think about the above headline for a moment. Have youever heard of a business with unhappy customersgenerating enormous profits ?</p><p>I haven't either. The idea is so simple, I often wonder whypeople feel the need to complicate things. A happy customeris someone who will buy from you again and recommend youto others.</p><p>Of course you must have a product or service people want.But if said product or service doesn't deliver, you end up withunhappy customers. Unhappy customers generate losses inyour business.</p><p>The ultimate aim of every business is to generate profits.Again a quick reminder of this simple business maxim.</p><p>Happy customers generate your profitsUnhappy customers generate your losses</p><p>One word of caution . . .</p><p>Don't cheat your customers by debasing the quality of your product or service to increase profits. They will find outan when they do, their wrath will be merciless.</p><p>Colin MylesAuthor</p><p>P.S." The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten " Unknown</p><p>1/2</p><p></p></li><li><p>Buy Now</p><p>2/2</p><p></p><p>Happy Customers Generate Your Profits</p></li></ul>