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  • IntroductionBedrooms are perhaps the most personal room in thehouse. We need to feel relaxed and comfortable there,and yet a bedroom can be a personal sanctuary, doubleas an office or a studio.

    We have designed our bedrooms with this flexibility inmind. Traditional if necessary, or fashionable as to taste.

    Many options are available to answer the need for theflexible bedroom, from pilasters to alcoves, shapedpelmets to matching headboards.

    We offer a full range of frame door options and also thefashionable feature doors with frosted glass effects.

    Our bedrooms display door handles which we havecarefully chosen as totally complementary to the designeffect we have created.


    Odyssey White 2

    Odyssey Cream 4

    Odyssey Black 6

    Hapton Beech 8

    Cashel Ivory 12

    Westport Pippy Oak 14

    Ascot Vanilla 16

    The colours reproduced within this brochure are as close as reproductionprocess allow. Due to our policy of continuous product development,we reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.

    Cover image: Odyssey Black GlossDesign : Norwyn Ltd |

    Hebden Walnut 10

  • Handles & Knobs 48

    Accessories 49

    Lighting 50

    Made To Order Doors 51 - 54

    Feature Doors 54

    Colour Options 55

    Hampshire Dark Walnut 18

    Eclipse Cappuccino Gloss 24

    Bury Canadian Maple 22

    Countryvale Lissa Oak 20

    Keld Cream Gloss 26

    Dover Lissa Oak 28

    Euroline Pearwood 30 Kendal Beech 38

    Hereford White 40

    Oxford Vanilla 44

    Kent White Woodgrain 42Gresham Dakar 34

    Richmond Ivory 46

    Gisburn Montana Oak 32

    Gresham Olive and Stone Grey 36

  • 2

  • For the ultimate in gloss finishes the odyssey door is made with high gloss acrylic whichgives a superior level of reflection for ultra modern living.


    odyssey whiteHandle shown

    Page 46: ##8822,, 8866

  • 44

  • These acrylic high gloss cream doors offer a superior look with no compromise on style.Modern handles complete the look.


    odyssey creamHandle shown

    Page 46: ##8822,, 8866

  • 6

  • Black high gloss acrylic offers a mirror like appearance providing the ultimate stylestatement for the fashion conscious.


    odyssey blackHandle shown

    Page 46: ##8822,, 8866

  • 8

  • Modern continental styling typified by the Beech finish of Hapton. The subtle mouldededge detail a soft fluid feel to fascias which otherwise are clean and simple.A stylish door and drawer pull with matching centre panels completes the effect.


    hapton beechHandle shownPage 46: ##2255

  • 10

  • For those people wanting a contemporary appearance, Hebden is ideal. Designed intodays style with a clean and simple fascia, the doors have uniquely sculpturededges adding to the contemporary feel. The rich walnut finish adds a touch of class.


    hebden walnutHandle shown

    Page 46: ##11,,3311,,3322

  • 12

  • Cashel is a traditional bedroom. We have created a timeless design with squaredand raised centre panels. Finished in a classic ivory colour, Cashel really is abedroom for all situations.


    cashel ivoryHandle shownPage 46: ##4400

  • 14

  • 15

    westport pippy oakHandle shownPage 46: ##3399

    The natural effect of Pippy Oak will blend well with any colour scheme.Complemented by the detail in the Westport design and the Pewterhandles, this bedroom will appeal to many.

  • 16

  • The Ascot door with its gentle arch combines with the Vanilla foil to makethis a classic combination. Suitable accessories include traditional cornice,triple mirror and stool.


    ascot vanillaHandle shownPage 46: ##99

  • 18

  • With its inset handle the Hampshire door appeals to those whorequire a clean and modern appearance. Angle doors make themost of all the space.


    hampshire dark walnutHandle shown

    Inset Pull

  • 20

  • By incorporating the multi-purpose rail around bedside cabinets,headboards and doors, the Countryvale Lissa Oak takes on a newchunky appearance. Five hole feature frames complete the look.


    countryvale lissa oakHandle shown

    Page 46: ##11,, 3311

  • 22

  • The simple routered design of the Bury door works well for those whorequire a contemporary feel to their bedroom.


    bury canadian mapleHandle shownPage 46: ##1111

  • 24

  • Shown here with feature doors and multi-purpose rail, the Cappuccino Hi-Glosscreates a designer appearance suitable for city living.

    eclipse cappuccino glossHandle shown

    Page 46: ##33,, 2299


  • 26

  • Hi-Gloss cream doors combined with the dark walnut mouldings create abedroom of rich and expensive feeling. The feature headboard completesthe design.

    keld cream glossHandle shown

    Page 46: ##3333,, 3344


  • 28

  • The Dover design with its gentle moulded edge detail works well in theLissa Oak finish. Porthole feature doors and multi-purpose rail give it acontemporary feel.


    Handle shownPage 46: ##88

    dover lissa oak

  • 30

  • The Euroline Pearwood doors with its simple detailing combined with thePearwood foil creates a bedroom with timeless appeal.


    euroline pearwoodHandle shownPage 46: ##4433

  • 32

  • Combining the light coloured but instinctively figured Montana Oak with amodern subtle frame design gives oak a new twist. The clean lines arereflected in the choice of long metal bow handles.


    gisburn montana oakHandle shown

    Page 46: ##2277 && ##2299

  • 34

  • The classic shaker design in matt Dakar colour offers a timeless appeal in acountry house or for town living. Also available in mussel.


    gresham dakarHandle shownPage 46: #94

  • 36

  • The classic shaker design is shown here in Olive and Stone Grey. These periodcolours can easily be mixed together to create a bespoke bedroom environment.Other complimentary colours are Dakar and Mussel.


    gresham olive and stone greyHandle shownPage 46: #94

  • 3836

  • For those who want a timeless appeal the Shaker door with matchingaccessories is the natural choice. Both stylish and practical.


    kendal beechHandle shownPage 46: ##22

  • 40

  • For those who want a timeless appeal the Shaker door with matchingaccessories is the natural choice. Both stylish and practical.


    hereford whiteHandle shownPage 46: ##3399

  • 42

  • The white ash grained surface structure of Kent, accentuated by thesculptured panel mouldings provides the perfect backdrop to anydecor style or colour.


    kent white woodgrainHandle shownPage 46: ##1155

  • 4444

  • Shown here with Georgian frames the Oxford doors display elegance inabundance. Pewter handles complete the look.


    oxford vanillaHandle shownPage 46: ##2222

  • 46

  • The Richmond door with its slow arch and T&G effect centre panelcreates a living space that has broad appeal. Traditional headboardand fluted pillars complete the look.


    richmond ivoryHandle shownPage 46: ##2211

  • Handles & Knobs


  • 49


  • 50

    LightingWhether you are looking for practical work lighting or decorative effects, we offer a host ofhand picked solutions from standard under unit recessed spots to illuminated aluminium boxshelves. Effective lighting will really make the difference!

    Aluminium box shelf400mm / 600mm / 900mm

    Galaxy Glass Shelf500mm / 900mm

    Swan Neck Light Recessed lightchrome / matt / nickel / brass

    Tri-LiteHalogen cabinet light

    Quattroled cabinet light

    Riminiled recessed cabinet light

    Riminiled surface cabinet light

    Comoled cabinet light

    Corsicaled flexible strip lighting

    Romalinkable fluorescent

    Round plinth lights15mm

    Starbrightplinth lights

  • Odyssey Black GlossOdyssey Cream GlossOdyssey White Gloss

    Door OptionsOdyssey Acrylic High Gloss(matching backs)

    Odyssey Aubergine Gloss

    Laser EdgedHigh Gloss(black backs)

    Odyssey Mira Cosa Gloss

    White two tone edgesand matching backs

    Cream two tone edgesand matching backs

    Black two tone edgesand matching backs

    Aubergine two tone edgesand matching backs

    Mira Cosa two tone edgesand black backs

    White matching edgesand matching backs

    Cream matching edgesand matching backs

    Black matching edgesand matching backs

    Aubergine matching edgesand matching backs

    Mira Cosa matching edgesand black backs

    Odyssey and Laser EdgedHigh Gloss Options unavailable in curved or angled doors


  • 52

    Bury Canadian MapleDover Lissa OakKent Smooth WhiteSherwood Light Oak Keswick Olive Oxford Vanilla Auckland Walnut

    Vinyl Wrapped

    Door Options

  • Milan MusselCountryvale Smooth WhitePhoenix BeechRichmond Ivory Gisburn Montana Oak Euroline Pearwood Cashel Ivory

  • 54

    Westport Pippy OakHereford Smooth WhiteHapton Beech

    Vinyl Wrapped (con.)

    Door Options

    Oxford DakarHampshire Dark Walnut Countryvale Canadian Maple Ascot Vanilla

  • 55

    Hebden WalnutGresham Ivory Milan Stone Grey Lumi Ice Green GlossApoll


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