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  • 1. the bedroom collection the choice you make made better
  • 2. Our designers recognise this, because we listen to what our customers want. Choice, inspiration, colour a variety of designs. We deliver bedrooms that complement and create space; using colour and textures to allow you to have the bedroom youve always wanted. Soon, trembling in her soft and chilly nest, In sort of wakeful swoon, perplexd she lay, Until the poppied warmth of sleep oppressd Her soothed limbs, and soul fatigued away; Flown, like a thought, until the morrow-day; Blissfully havend both from joy and pain. From The Eve of St Agnes, John Keats. Theres so much more to a bedroom than wardrobes and beds. To sleep and dream. With BA they come true you know. Sanctuary and sleep over. Rest, renewal, reinvigoration. Wake up to something different. BA bedrooms by Zurfiz and Bella, brimful of colour and textures. Those memories! Relaxing and inspiring. Everything from intense pools of glossy colour through to the most delicate shades that brighten and inspire even the darkest of days. Warm comforting, earthy tones and textures, the special grains of natural woodland colours breathe life in your home. The choice you make2 the bedroom collection 2013
  • 3. why BA? BA was established in 1990 and over twenty years we have committed ourselves to the highest standards in bedroom design. When you order a beautiful Bella bedroom or a stunning Zurfiz bedroom you will be delighted with the quality, design and durability. We are committed to the highest quality and we have achieved the highest possible industry standard FIRA Gold following the testing of a selection of our doors. Tests : BS 6222 : part 3, BS EN 312, BS EN 622, FIRA standard 041, FIRA standard 048, FIRA standard 6250. The FIRA Gold Award is the ultimate mark of product excellence within the furniture industry and provides a solid reassurance that a product meets all necessary standards. BA is renowned for quality, sustainability, durability and cutting edge design. All perfect reasons to choose BA when you are replacing your bedroom. Our materials, production processes and designs are aimed towards the finest possible end product. Thats important to us and to you. Cert No. PC0051 Our manufacturing takes into account ecological and environmental considerations. We use renewable energy sources where possible and we source raw materials from controlled and well-managed sources. Our products are certified by both FSC and PEFC offering assurance that we are promoting sustainable management of forests. made better 3 FINALIST
  • 4. The choice you make the bedroom youve always wanted. The Bella bedroom range is custom designed to offer something for everyone. Contemporary or timeless. Bella says as much about you as the clothes you wear and the food you eat. Beautiful craftsmanship, superior quality materials and attention to detail. Your Bella bedroom. Where dreams are made. Bella Overview 22 - 23 Contemporary Life 24 - 37 Timeless Classics 38 - 53 the zen of bedrooms. Everyone recognizes beautiful design. With Zurfiz, your ideal home becomes reality. Inspired by the best in European design, clean lines, perfect symmetry. A myriad of influences, from Baroque to Bauhaus, Neoclassical to Postmodern, Gothic, De Stijl and more, all in the mix. Zurfiz means beauty and a cosmopolitan fusion of ideas. Inspiration that on the Zurfiz appears simple. . . the ultimate in enlightenment. Your Zurfiz bedroom. Wake up somewhere different every day. Zurfiz Overview 6 - 7 Ultragloss Solid Colours 8 - 13 Ultragloss Woodgrains 14 - 17 Ultragloss Metallic Colours 18 - 20 The choice you make4 Cert No. PC0051
  • 5. made better the kitchen collection With every season comes change, change is good, it keeps us fresh and adds new life. This season we have introduced new colours to both our Bella and Zurfiz ranges. The beautiful classics are still there enhanced with five exciting new colours, whats your favourite? Colours, style, design, innovation and choice by BA. zurfiz collections Zurfiz Range Overview 6 - 7 Ultragloss Solid Colours 8 - 13 Ultragloss Woodgrains 14 - 17 Ultragloss Metallic Colours 18 - 20 Zurfiz Accessories 21 bella collections Bella Range Overview 22 - 23 Bella Contemporary Life 24 - 37 Bella Timeless Classics 38 - 51 Bella Sloping Doors 52 - 53 Bella Accessories 54 - 61 Handle Options 62 - 65 made better 5
  • 6. All ultragloss solid colour doors, drawer fronts and panels are available with; matching, glass effect or brushed steel effect edges. Samples shown are ultragloss plum. matching glass effect brushed steel effect Zurfiz: the idea Developed to give you that cool, clean look in your dream bedroom. Ultragloss acrylic and foil surfaces with a choice of three door edges. 21st century style and quality? Make your bedroom a Zurfiz. step 1: pick a colour, any colour The Zurfiz range is a stunning and comprehensive made to measure collection of ultra modern doors in a choice of 14 colours. Pick a colour, your colour. White Pg 11, 17 Plum Pg 10 Cream Pg 10, 12 Chocolate Pg 9, 12 Black Pg 8 Saffron Pg 11, 20 ultragloss solid colours The Zen of Bedroom Design6
  • 7. the zen of bedroom design matching glass effect brushed steel effectmatching glass effect brushed steel effect step 2: choose an edge To add to the choice and flexibility of the range the doors are offered with matching edge; brushed steel effect edge and a stunning glass effect 3D edge producing a deceptively real glazed appearance. step 3: order your bedroom The rest is simple, the opportunity to have the bedroom you want in the style you like and your own edge choice. Go on... order today with your Zurfiz Dealer. Order a new bedroom your new bedroom. Japanese Pear Pg 14 Noce Marino Pg 15, 16, 17 Metallic Black Pg 18 Metallic Anthracite Pg 18, 20 Metallic Blue Pg 19 Metallic Champagne Pg 19 Macassar Pg 15 Jacaranda Pg 14 All ultragloss woodgrain doors, drawer fronts and panels are available with; matching, glass effect or brushed steel effect edges. Samples shown are ultragloss noce marino All ultragloss metallic doors, drawer fronts and panels are available with; matching, glass effect or brushed steel effect edges. Samples shown are ultragloss metallic anthracite ultragloss woodgrains ultragloss metallic colours Same service, different Zurfiz 7
  • 8. 8 The Zen of Bedroom Design colour: ultragloss black There is something in the air that makes sleep useless. choose an edge pick from a choice of matching edge; brushed steel or 3D glass effect edge
  • 9. Same service, different Zurfiz 9 ultraglosssolidcolours colour: ultragloss chocolate The place encircled by many swift tides and sparkling waters.
  • 10. 10 The Zen of Bedroom Design colour: ultragloss plum An idea, a song, a discovery, an invention, may be born anywhere. colour: ultragloss cream The city that never sleeps, a great place if they ever finish it.
  • 11. Same service, different Zurfiz 11 ultraglosssolidcolours The first wild promise of all the mystery and the beauty in the world. colour: ultragloss white Lets fool around. Lets do it some strange way that youve always wanted to. colour: ultragloss saffron
  • 12. 12 The Zen of Bedroom Design colour mix: ultragloss cream, ultragloss chocolate Always I return home weary but I have the comforting certainty that mankind is real flesh and I myself am not a dream. mix it up Use two colours to add a feature or make a statement
  • 13. Same service, different Zurfiz 13 ultraglosssolidcolours colour mix: ultragloss black, ultragloss noce marino Only God can make a tree, probably because its so hard to figure out how to get the bark on.
  • 14. The Zen of Bedroom Design14 colour: ultragloss japanese pear Water is blue, mountains are green. colour: ultragloss jacaranda Our eyes are not on the world as we move forward.
  • 15. Same service, different Zurfiz 15 ultraglosswoodgraincolours The moon has come out from behind the clouds. colour: ultragloss noce marino We reach home and sit alone, quiet and at ease. colour: ultragloss macassar
  • 16. 16 The Zen of Kitchen Design mix it up Use two colours to add a feature or make a statement 16
  • 17. colour mix: ultragloss noce marino / ultragloss white Same service, different Zurfiz 17 ultraglosssolidcoloursultraglosswoodgraincolours Meditation is both the means and the end. colour mix: ultragloss noce marino, ultragloss white 17
  • 18. 18 The Zen of Bedroom Design colour: ultraglos