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Halifax Kitchens Bedroom Brochure


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    For over five decades we have grown from what started as a joinery business into

    one of the countries leading manufacturers of Bedroom furniture.

    Quality combined with functionality of design and creativity have produced this

    highly acclaimed range.

    Our collection is inspired by you, this range of Bedrooms is designed to cater for

    all tastes, habits and desires, cabinets are manufactured in the UK in textured and

    wood grained effect colours.

    To make your Bedroom special we offer the broadest range of door, drawer and

    glazed unit sizes available enabling combinations to be created that will ensure

    your Bedroom is attractive, functional and unique to you.

    Featured throughout this catalogue is a wide range of complimentary accessories.

    a world of bedrooms

    redefining living environments

    Great care has been taken in the photography of all products which are portrayed in this catalogue. Due to the variables in photographic, reprographic and printing processes,

    colours may vary from those of the actual products.

    As we have a policy of continued improvement and development, we reserves the right to amend colours, specifications or products without prior notice.

    All copyrights reserved. Any person or company reproducing the same in part or in whole, without permission will be liable to prosecution. E. & O. E. 2011

    Issue 011 - 13

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    Introduction page 2 - 3

    Contents page 4 - 5

    Chic Style page 6 - 7

    Henley Cream page 8 - 9

    Henley Walnut page 10 - 11

    Henley Ferrara Oak page 12 - 13

    Henley Beech page 14 - 15

    Virginia Smooth White page 16 - 17

    Classic Style page 18 - 19

    Georgian Smooth White page 20 - 21

    Georgian Swiss Pear page 22 - 23

    Living Style page 24 - 25

    Ascot Beech page 26 - 27

    Ascot Ferrara Oak page 28 - 29

    Ascot Oyster page 30 - 31

    Ascot Walnut page 32 - 33

    Ascot Cream on Walnut page 32 - 33

    Ascot Cream page 34 - 35

    Ascot Tobacco page 36 - 37

    Ascot Swiss Pear page 38 - 39

    Melford Cream page 40 - 41

    Cool Style page 42 - 43

    Image Gloss White page 44 - 45

    Image Gloss Tobacco page 46 - 47

    Image Gloss Oyster page 48 - 49

    Internal Accessories page 50 - 51

    Handles page 52 - 55

    Unbeatable Styles

    Chic StyleCool Style Classic StyleLiving Style

    We consider ourselves to be an ethical based manufacturer whose principles are founded on the reduction of our

    carbon footprint, a responsible approach to both quality and the satisfaction of our clients.

    In meeting the former, we achieved national recognition via the Green Apple Award, further reinforced by obtaining

    the ISO 140091 standard.

    We have been a Corporate member of the KBSA for many years, a body who pursue excellence withing the

    consumer buying experience.

    Only AccreditedSuppliers Used




    AWARD 2009



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    Chic Style

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    W a l n u t

    Function and style, rarely common bedfellows.

    Wrong. Meet Henley Cream, crisp and clean with a heady array of

    design options to suit all tastes.

    Also available in Beech, Ferrara Oak and Walnut.

    Handle ref: HA452

    H e n l e y

    C r e a m

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    This traditional and tasteful door design brings harmony and peace to a busy world.

    Henley is available in Beech, Ferrara Oak, Cream & Walnut

    Handle ref: HA435

    H e n l e y

    W a l n u t

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    Henley Ferrara Oak brings a warm timber look into your bedroom

    without dominance over your colour schemes.

    Also available in Beech, Walnut & Cream.

    Handle ref: HA700 to 701

    H e n l e y

    F e r r a r a O a k

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    This traditional and tasteful door design brings harmony and peace to a busy world.

    Henley is available in Beech, Ferrara Oak, Cream & Walnut

    Handle ref: HA435 B e e c h

    H e n l e y

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    V i r g i n i a

    Soft curves with subtle detail freshen an established

    face to create a striking yet understated look of the new.

    The tall robes here are shown scribed to the ceiling along the storage

    wall to give the full fit look.

    Contrast or compromise.

    Virginia is available in White.

    Handle ref: HA452 S m o o t h W h i t e

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    Classic Style

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    G e o r g i a n

    The traditional look of Georgian Smooth White reinforces older

    values yet brings the clean and simplified air to your bedroom.

    Georgian is also available in Swiss Pear.

    Handle ref: HA469S m o o t h W h i t e

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    The understated beauty of our Swiss Pear look affords the

    opportunity to create a bedroom of many moods.

    Swiss Pear accommodates the decor of your choice.

    Georgian is available in Swiss Pear, and Smooth White.

    Handle ref: HA770

    G e o r g i a n

    S w i s s P e a r

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    Living Style

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    A s c o t

    Tall robes maximise the useable storage space and bring

    a certain elegance to the proportions of the Ascot range.

    The warm comforting tones matched with unfussy

    frontals enable you to create many moods with your

    choice of decoration.

    Ascot is available in all the Woodgrains, White, Cream & Oyster.

    Handle ref: HA710

    B e e c h

  • 2928

    A s c o t

    Soft rounded saponetta edges with a velvet touch,

    introducing you to this tactile and very sensuous finish of Ferrara Oak.

    The rest is up to you.

    Ascot offers all the woodgrains, White, Cream & Oyster.

    Handle ref: HA435 to 437

    F e r r a r a O a k

  • 3130

    Not short on storage.

    Fresh and modern Ascot Oyster fits any room and appeals to any

    age group. Clean lines create a look of space.

    Ascot comes in Swiss Pear, Walnut, Ferrara Oak, Cream, Beech,

    White, Oyster & Tobacco.

    Handle ref: HA650 to 666

    A s c o t

    O y s t e r

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    A s c o t

    A truly superior bedroom of harmony in design, combining

    the stunning Walnut effect woodgrain with the

    soft rolled edges of the Ascot Walnut door.

    The Ascot door comes in White, Cream, Oyster

    and all the woodgrains.

    Handle ref: HA435 to 437Ascot Cream on Walnut

    W a l n u t

  • 3534

    Ascot Cream is an established favourite, now with its own

    co-ordinating Cream exterior cabinetry.

    Clean, smooth doors

    help create a feel of space and light, now stocked in

    Beech, White, Cream, Walnut, Tobacco, Swiss Pear,

    Ferrara Oak, & Oyster.

    Handle ref: HA106

    A s c o t

    C r e a m

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    A s c o t

    Ascot Tobacco smooth doors of rich Tobacco brown give assurance

    of taste and confidence.

    Ascot comes in all woodgrains, White, Cream & Oyster.

    Handle ref: HA765

    To b a c c o

  • 3938

    Time for a change?

    Ascot is already established as a modern classic.

    Smooth roll edged doors ooze unashamed opulence and style.

    Time to have your bedrooms designed around your lifestyle.

    Shape up to the future by choosing from Swiss Pear shown here,

    Beech, Ferrara Oak, Tobacco, Oyster, White, Cream or Walnut.

    Handle ref: HA435 to 437

    A s c o t

    S w i s s P e a r

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    Melford, shown with the tall robe option gives you the latest in door

    styles, to create the look and shape you want.

    Robust bar handles or slim hoops. Tactile or object dart,

    the devils in the detail.

    Create the living space of your dreams. Melford is available in Cream.

    Handle ref: HA650 to 666

    M e l f o r d

    C r e a m

  • 42 43

    Cool Style

  • 4544

    I m a g e

    Clean and clear cut lines designed for modern

    living with freshness.

    Built in or free standing, Image Gloss White works to

    brighten your home& maximise on your storage needs.

    Image gloss is also available in Tobacco & Oyster.

    Handle ref: HA806

    G l o s s W h i t e

  • 4746

    I m a g e

    Bold yet reflective, the richness of high

    gloss Image Tobacco doors with muted

    accessories opens the bedroom up and

    harmonises with your brick-a-brack.

    Image gloss is also available in

    Oyster and White.

    Profiles tops are available in matt,

    slab tops are available in gloss.

    Handle ref: HA780, 781

    G l o s s To b a c c o

  • 4948

    I m a g e

    Image Oyster high gloss doors with soft tone accessories are both

    crisp and comfortable, never dominating your chosen decor.

    Image gloss is also available in White & Tobacco.

    Handle ref: HA806

    G l o s s O y s t e r

  • 50 51

    A place for everything, and everything in its place .Functional, practical accessories.

    Aluminium trouser rack

    (Extended)Aluminium trouser rack

    (Compressed)De Lux tie rack Aluminium tie rack


    Aluminium tie rack

    (Extended)Internal 3 drawer chest

    600mm or 800mm Felt lined jewellery tray

    Shoe rack rails

    Internal robe mirror Single hanging with shelfand shoe rack.

    Single full length hanging withshoe rack.

    Short hanging and shelves. Single hanging and storage. Fully shelved

    angled unit.

    Double hanging Single hanging with internal drawers and extra