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Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive DissonanceSamuel PubalMs. Henning, period 2

Cognitive DissonanceUneasiness that is experienced when you believe in at least two different ideas or beliefs that are in direct opposition to each other.

Donald Auster, Leon Festinger, Merrill Carlsmith Donald Auster IF the subjects disliked the ideological film yet were still influenced by it THEN the subjects would have positive attitudes toward business with some lingering dissonance.Opinionnaire400 college students are split up into 4 different groups and each is given an opinionnaire with 18 statements about the oil industry and are instructed to judge the statements based on a Likert Scale (shown below)


Experimental Group 1Experimental Group 3Experimental Group 2Control GroupOpinionnaire1. The Oil Industry is corrupt


Waiting TimeParticipants wait 30 days after doing the opinionnaire each of the 4 groups then watch a film and after take the same opinionnaire and a film evaluation. They then return a month later and are given the opinionnaire again.

30 days laterExperimental Group 1Experimental Group 3Control GroupExperimental Group 2Each group watches a different movieOpinionnaire

Film EvaluationOne Month Later# 2

Opinionnaire# 3Experimental Group 1Ideological Film

Experimental Group 1 watches an ideological film titled Crossroads, USA which tells the story of the struggles of a poor but hardworking oil man that is able to get rich just as his savings run out.Crossroads, USA

Experimental Group 2Technological Film

Experimental Group 2 watches a technological film titled Barrel Number One which shows the different things that happen to oil which includes everything from the discovery of it to the refining of it and then transportation and finally distribution.Barrel Number One

DiscoveryDistributionRefiningTransportExperimental Group 3Mixed Film

Experimental Group 3 watches a mixed film which has things in it from both the ideological film and the technological one and is called Wildcat. This film is about an independent oil well driller and the effort he puts into finding oil but sadly ends in failure as he comes up with a hole with no oil in it.Wildcat

Dry Hole

Control GroupControl Film

The Control Group watches the film The Waco-San Angelo Disaster Study which is about a community in Texas that must rebuild itself after a tornado in 1953. This film has nothing to do with the oil industry which is why it is the controlWaco-San Angelo Disaster Study

ResultsUsing the Hovland Effectiveness index

Those that viewed either the ideological or technological film were more likely to change their opinion of the oil industry to a more favorable one.Calculate scores on the questionnaire based on this scale:Strongly agree=5, agree=4, neither=3, disagree=2, strongly disagree=1

(P2-P1)(N-P1)N=size of groupP2=final number of favorable scoresP1=number of initially favorable scoresFavorable Score =54 or higher The greatest effectiveness index for the post test and delayed post test was the ideological film with a 5.1 and 1.5.2nd greatest was the technological film with a 3.8 and 1.4.More Results

This table shows the number of scores that moved up, down, and remained the same after each movie.

Most effective film for raising scores was the ideological film in both the post test and delayed post test Ideological film moved 61 scores up for the post test and 59 for the delayed post test. 2nd most for the post was the mixed and the 2nd most for the delayed was the technological film.Evaluation

According to the evaluation the most disliked film was the ideological film and it was also believed to be the least fair and balanced.Only 51.5% of those that watched the ideological film enjoyed it and only 45.6% believed it to be fair and balanced. Cognitive DissonanceUneasiness that is experienced when you believe in at least two different ideas or beliefs that are in direct opposition to each other.Somebody That I Used To Know

by Goyte feat. KimbraNow and then I think of when we were togetherLike when you said you felt so happy you could dieTold myself that you were right for meBut felt so lonely in your companyBut that was love and it's an ache I still remember

Two conflicting ideas about this girl one saying she is right while the other saying she isnt which causes distress. In order to justify staying with her even though part of himself doesnt like her he tells himself that what they had was love.Cognitive DissonanceDonald Auster, Leon Festinger, Merrill Carlsmith

Uneasiness that is experienced when you believe in at least two different ideas or beliefs that are in direct opposition to each other.

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