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CloudTutorial:AWSIoT TAforclassCSE521S,Fall,Jan/18/2018HaoranLiPointersAmazon IoTq EC2q Resource list for course projectsq for $40 credits for Amazon AWS q CloudComputing 1/18/18 4Cloud computing provides shared pool of configurable computing resource to end users on demand Three service modelsq IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service): virtual machines, storage, network q PaaS (Platform as a Service): execution runtime, middleware, web server, database, development tool q SaaS (Software as a Service): email, virtual desktop, games CloudServices:On-premiseSoftware Traditional installed and runs on personal computer You Manage and Deployq Hardwareq OSq Software Exampleq This presentation1/18/18 5APPDataRuntimeMiddlewareOSVirtualizationServerStorageNetworkYouManageInfrastructureasaService(IaaS) IaaSq "physical server boxq Virtual Machine Memory Storage CPU Network Exampleq AWS EC2q AWS HPC Usecaseq Build up you VM cluster1/18/18 6YouManageAPPDataRuntimeMiddlewareOSVirtualizationServerStorageNetworkServiceProviderManagesWebServicePlatformasaService(PaaS) PaaSq You get a frameworkq Host Applicationq Tools Exampleq AWS IoTUsecaseq Build up youre smart A/C controller1/18/18 7YouManageServiceProviderManagesAPPDataRuntimeMiddlewareOSVirtualizationServerStorageNetworkPaaSExample:AmazonIoT 1/18/18 8ToolsFrameworkSoftwareasaService(SaaS) SaaSq You get a whole solution Exampleq Gmailq Dropboxq Office3651/18/18 9ServiceProviderManagesAPPDataRuntimeMiddlewareOSVirtualizationServerStorageNetworkXaaS:ARecap1/18/18 10APPDataRuntimeMiddlewareOSVirtualizationServerStorageNetworkYouManageYouManageAPPDataRuntimeMiddlewareOSVirtualizationServerStorageNetworkServiceProviderManagesYouManageServiceProviderManagesAPPDataRuntimeMiddlewareOSVirtualizationServerStorageNetworkServiceProviderManagesAPPDataRuntimeMiddlewareOSVirtualizationServerStorageNetworkOn-Premise IaaS PaaS SaaSTutorial:Hello!AWSIoT!! Internet-of-Things 1/18/18 12 Things (Devices)q Many of them Different Types Isolated Systemsq Data and Command Sensing the world Give Responseq Challenge United: Connected + Communication Smart: Data Analytics + StrategySource: Solution:AWSIoT 1/18/18 13United:Connect+Communication Smart:OtherCloudServiceDataStorageMachineLearning Source: Tutorial:HelloAWSIoT! 1/18/18 14Source:[1,100] Publish AmazonSNS Forward AWSEC2t2.microSubscribe Step1:CreateaVirtual"Thing 1/18/18 15AWSIoT VirtualThing/Shadow GetintoAWSManageConsole Create your own AWS account Sign In IoT Manage Consoleq 1/18/18 16Createathing 1. AWS IoT Menuq Registry Things Create 2. Give a name1/18/18 17BasicInteract:Publish Using Embedded MQTT Client to TestCheck the Things Shadow1/18/18 18BasicInteract:Subscribe 1/18/18 19AWSEC2t2.microStep2:ConnectaPhysicalDevice 1/18/18 20AWSIoT VirtualThing/Shadow Attach Certificate Policy Copy MQTTClient RandomInteger[1,100] CreateandgetCertificates Create Certificatesq Security Certificates CreateDownload Cert Files 1. public & private key 2. thing cert 3. Root CA for AWS1/18/18 21CreatePolicyandattachittocert Create PolicyAttach Policy to Certificates 1/18/18 22Setyourpolicytoallowpub/sub!ConnectyourDevice Copy certificates to your EC2 Instanceq Note: through scp utilityChoose your AWS SDK (support MQTT)q Node JSq Pythonq Java You can also use third party MQTT toolsq Python (paho-mqtt library)1/18/18 23SomeNotes 1. You will need these certification when setting up the TLS1.2 verification 2. You will need the endpoint and port (8883) when connect to AWS IoT Gateway 1/18/18 24More:RuleEngine,LinkwithSNSservices Simple Notification Service 1/18/18 25Publish AmazonSNS AWSIoT VirtualThing/Shadow Forward Topic:CSE521_Tutorial Subscribe Subscribe AWSEC2t2.microAmazonSNS Create a Topicq ARN will be usedlater Subscribe your cellphone and email to this topic 1/18/18 26CreateaRuleinAmazonIoT Add a query to filter your inteseting topic (event)Add an Action:q Forward this message to SNSq Specify Dest ARNq Enable Rule1/18/18 27NotificationonSMS&Email 1/18/18 28OneMoreThing:AccountSecurityDONT UPLOAD YOUR KEY PUBLICLY!!!1/18/18 29TimetoOpenSource!Source:WeChatSubscriptions: 39GeekLifeChpt39.Whatif$50,000AWSBill!1/18/18 30Source: EC2q IoTq Resource list for course projectsq for $40 credits for Amazon AWS q! HaoranLiJan/18/2018


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