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Intro to AWS IOTIntro to AWS IOTDaniel Koller, @dakollerAbout MeInfrastructure Monitoring @ SAPAWS User since 2014Experience in AWS Utilization & Cost ManagementWorking on AWS Slack connectionBut nOwWhy Am I looking into AWS IOT? - SMARTMirrorFollowing the tutorial at I build an initial version of a smartmirrorLooking forward to productize this somehow (Kickstarter)IDEA: An Easy to Use NON-Techie Smart Device for your homeSmartmirror: OverviewLCD-Display 27RaspberryPI w/ WifiMic/ SpeakerAWS IOTAWS IOT: ComponentsAvailable in Node.js and CFine granular permissions via IAM Policies (incl. Cognito)MQTT,Websockets & HTTP1:1 + 1:nDevice inventory, can be enriched with capabilities & tags, identified via KeysDecouples actual device and provides state apiConnectivitiy with Lambda, Kinesis,S3,ML,DynamoDB,SNSHow to get started?Use existing device with IoT Device SDK ( Node.Js, Arudino Yun or C-based) ORUse aN IOT Starter kit (AWS IoT Starter Kits )Setup device in Management Console or VIA API (Main task: Certificate & ID creation)Setup rules for distribution to other AWS servicesSetup Applications, which communicate with devices AWS IOT:Getting startedUpdate from Device stored in DynamodbIOT RuleSample message saved in DynamoDBWorking with MQTTSimple client (inbuilt into Console)MQTT.fx better testing client (Eclipse-based)What else | ResourcesAvailable in US-EAST,-WEST, IreLAND & Tokyo250k free messages in free tier~5-8$ for 1 million messagesAWS IOT Start Page: Getting started on Rpi: Daniel Koller@dakollerThank you!