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client profile for high rise project sem 2 2010/2011



    School of School of Architecture , Art & Architecture , Art & designdesign

    A d a m F a d h l iH a n i s

    S y a f i e iH a z i m

    F a d i l a hS o f i y y a hB r u n i l d aU m a i r a h

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  • The


    ntMalaysian Institute of Art

  • MIA was founded in 1967 as a non-profit making organization. The Institute has trainedthousands of professional artists, designers and musicians for the creative industries in thiscountry. Today, the institute provides a range of 3-year Diploma courses in the field of art,design and music with comprehensive and well designed course contents.

    The emphasis is placed on the mastery of creative skills, in-depth inquires, conceptualdevelopment, critical thinking and IT knowledge. The Institute makes every effort to integrateIT knowledge and multi-ethnic cultural values into its training programs to enhance the scopeof learning and creative quality of the students.

    Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) endeavors to provide affordable and quality education in thecreative arts by providing a conducive environment for the students to develop their creativepotentials and strive for artistic excellence. Its aim is to train creative, innovative, confidentand self-reliant professional artists, designers and musicians to meet the needs of nationaldevelopment. The Institute is committed to cater for the needs of human resources byproviding well trained graduates who will contribute towards the advancement of the creativeindustry.

  • Vision In pursuit of creative excellenceMission Provide the most conducive learning environment for an affordable and quality

    education in the field of arts and design.

    Objectives To train competent and knowledgeable artist, designers and musicians capable of

    contributing to the development of design, visual and performing arts To train and provide man-power for the nation in the fields of creative industry. To develop young Malaysians' creative potential and equip them with creative skills

    and methodologies of expression, appreciation, communication, analysis and research in the fields of design, visual and performing arts.

    To inculcate critical thinking in the fields of art and design, visual and performing arts via education programmes at tertiary level.

    To promote the study of art history, principles of art and aspects of culture. To equip the students with necessary knowledge of the arts, humanities and ICT for

    future career development and further studies.

  • Boa


    of D


    ors Chairman

    Mr. Kerk Loong SingVice ChairmanDr. Yoon Pooi Kong

    SecretaryMr. Lee Kwee Chow Hon.

    TreasurerDr. (Mrs) M.Y.Chan

    Committee MemberMr. Khoo Ee Ping - General AffairsDr. (Mrs) May Chan -FinanceMr. Lee Kwee Chow

    Honorary AdvisersTan Sri Dato' Wong Tok ChaiMr. Chooi Mun SouMr. Ong Soon Khean

  • Hea

    d of



    ent Ms Chew Chon BeeHead of Foundation Studies


    Ms Lok Lay HongHead of Music Dept

    Mr Paranthaman NellagapanHead of Purchasing & Maintenance

    Mr Liew Soo WongHead of Fine Art Dept

    Ms Chio Lee EenRegistrar

    Ms Tian Peak LimHead of Student Affairs Dept

    Mr Yoong Choon LeepHead of Graphic Design Dept

    Mr Tan Boon ChunLibrarian

    Ms Lai Hoo ChuHead of Textile & Fashion Dept

    Mr Yap Min JianHR Executive

    Ms Ooi Ai EngHead of Interior Design Dept

    Ms Tong Suk WanHead of Accounts Dept

    Mr Liew Yong KianCoordinator of Industrial Design Dept

    Ms Tian Peak LimHead of Administration

    Ms Lim Li LiCoordinator of Illustration

    Ms Chan Foong YiHead of Department of Extra Mural Studies

  • Foundation Foundation in design Foundation in built environment

    Diploma, Degree & Master Faculty of art and design Fine art (diploma 3+0) Product design (diploma 3+0) Graphic design (diploma 3+0) Fashion and textile design (diploma 3+0) Illustration (diploma 3+0) Creative multimedia (degree 4+0) Animation (degree 4+0) International Contemporary art and design practice (master 2+0)

    Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment Architecture (degree 4+0) Interior design (diploma 3+0)(degree 3+1)

    Programmes + Courses

  • Programme offers Year


    Annual intake Max student (per



    Foundation in design 1 sem 30-50 100 8.3%

    Foundation in built environment 1 sem 30-50 100 8.3%

    Diploma of Fine art (3+0) 25-30 90 7.5%

    Diploma of Product design (3+0) 25-30 90 7.5%

    Diploma of Graphic design (3+0) 25-30 90 7.5%

    Diploma of Fashion and textile design (3+0) 25-30 90 7.5%

    Diploma of Illustration (3+0) 25-30 90 7.5%

    Diploma of Interior design (3+0) 25-30 90 7.5%

    Degree of Creative multimedia (4+0) 25 100 8.3%

    Degree of Animation (4+0) 25 100 8.3%

    Degree of Architecture (4+0) 25 100 8.3%

    Degree of Interior design (3+1) 25 100 8.3%

    Master in International Contemporary art

    and design practice(2+0) 20 40 3%

    Total intake per year 400 1200 100%


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  • Exis




    Shop houses


    Hard to extend

    Not enough facilities

    No hostel

    Institut Seni Lukis Malaysia294-299, Jalan Bandar 11,Taman Melawati, 53100,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Tel: +603-4108 8100Fax: +603-4108 1543Webpage:

    Music Department213 Jalan Negara 2,Taman Melawati,53100 Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.Tel: +603-4106 4697Fax: +60

  • Thank you

  • Foundation programme The Foundation programme provides the fundamental and broadband knowledge and skills to those who aspire to be involved in the field of

    architecture and the built environment. It is a preparatory programme into the field of architecture and the built environment prior to continuing the tertiary level leading to a degree qualification. The programme encompasses all aspects of creative and critical thinking through design, theory and skill-based modules, understanding the historical background of the built environment, mathematics, its applications and other related aspects. It also serves as a catalyst to opening a students mind in order to adapt to the new field of knowledge.

    The Foundation programme is specifically designed for students to enter University immediately after high school. Equivalent to an STPM/ Yr12/A Levels qualification, students will access wide range of undergraduate Bachelors Degree programmes upon successful completion of the Foundation year.

    However, it is compulsory for students enrolling into a design or built environment related programme to undertake the Foundation programmeunless they have a portfolio for assessment of prior learning, demonstrating their grasp of basic skills.

    Every student of the Foundation programme will enter a stream related to their studies as they proceed to their degree programme. They wont have to study subjects unrelated to their planned career line. Key focus for all Foundation programmes are on developing skills in ICT and creative skills.

    Students will learn to use both computer hardware and software. They will master computer technology related to business applications for activities such as presentations or writing reports as well as an understanding of technical softwares for website design, graphic design, photo editing, publishing, multimedia etc.

    The Foundation programme relies on intensive English training that is applied through communication modules of the programme. Native English speakers can spend more time on professional writing, reporting, creative writing, etc.

    Students who have completed a recognized STPM/ Yr12 /A Levels or equivalent higher certificate or diploma programme with the required subjects and credits may be exempted from the Foundation programme upon review of their past results or portfolio (where applicable).


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    f Art

    & D



  • Diploma in Fine Art The Diploma in fine Art offers three years study of Fine Art as an educational process which provides intuitive, conceptual and

    philosophical investigations into lifes experiences. It provides opportunities for the students to develop creative skills and visual language to probe reality and express through the tangibility of form.

    The academic programme which stresses critical and creative thinking along with strong studio-based studies, also offers the students an opportunity to examine the challenging human values and search for individual meaning in the form of contemporary orhistorical context.

    The course begins with intensive work in drawing, painting, printmaking, figure drawing and non-traditional experimental projects to

    expose the students to the visual language necessary for them to explore and realize their individual artistic development.

    Advanced and in-depth studies are implemented progressively to enable the students to develop skills and techniques, and to express their ideas, perceptions, imaginations, responses and creativity.

    Diploma in Product Design The Diploma in Product Design is a programme that develops student's capability in three-dimentional design. We are surrounded by

    products - from the watch on your wrist and the furniture in your house to the car you drive. Product design also known as industrial design, is a subjects that allows you to conceptualise and design new consumer electronics - such as hand phones, audio and multimedia products - has created opportunities for designers who are able to generate new, innovative and creat