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  • 1.THE BLUE ANDTHE GRAY The U.S. Civil War1861-1865

2. NORTHERN ADVANTAGES Population 22 Million vs. 9Million (3.5 slave) 75 % Nations Wealth 75% Nations Railroads Control of the Seas Superior Weaponry Ideal of Union Forever 3. SOUTHERN ADVANTAGES Defensive Warfare - OnlyNeeded a Stalemate Superior Generals Strong Cavalry/Infantry Strong Sense of Cause More Knowledgeable ofthe Terrain 4. Confederate States of America Constitution like US Fatal Flaw for Country of Secession Deo Vindice God Our Vindicator Weak Central Government European Support, But No Real Help 5. THE LEADERSNearly all men can standadversity, but if you wantto test a mans character,give him power. -Abraham Lincoln 6. Abraham Lincoln 16th US President Willing to Subvert Civil Liberties and Constitution Fought for Union, Not Against Slavery Savvy Political Leader 7. Abraham Lincoln I hold that in contemplation of universal law, and of the Constitution, the Union of these states is perpetual. 8. Jefferson Davis Only CSA President Secretary of Warunder Pierce U.S. Senator fromMississippi Faced Impeachment Weak PoliticalLeader 9. Jefferson DavisThe time for compromise has now passed and the South is determined to make all who oppose her smell Southern powder and feel Southern Steel. 10. George McClellan Built Army of Potomac Unwilling to Use It Egomaniacal Peninsula CampaignFailure Opposed Lincoln in1864 Election 11. George McClellan By some strange power of magic I seem to have become the power of the land. 12. Robert E. Lee Not a Single Demeritat West Point Excellent U.S. Officer Opposed Slavery andSecession Offered Command ofBoth Armies Loyal to Virginia 13. Robert E. Lee Still a Union that canonly be maintained byswords and bayonets,and in which strifeand civil war are totake the place ofbrotherly love andkindness, has nocharm for me. 14. U. S. Grant Average student at West Point Failed at Farming and Business Slowly Built His Reputation Out West Unconditional Surrender Grant 15. Ulysses S. GrantIn every battle there comes a time when both sides consider themselves beaten, then he who continues to attack wins. 16. Stonewall Jackson Teacher at VMI Practically Unknownat the Start of War Got his Nickname at1st Manassas Lees Right Hand His Death atChancellorsville wasSevere Blow to South 17. Stonewall JacksonThe patriot volunteer fighting for his country and his rights, makes the most reliable soldier on earth. 18. KEY BATTLESWar is cruelty. Thereis no use trying toreform it. The cruelerit is, the sooner it willbe over.- General William T. Sherman 19. Fort Sumter 20. Battle of Fort Sumter Charleston Harbor April 12, 1861 CSA Beauregard USA - Anderson After 34-hourbombardmentUnion surrendered- Beauregard No casualties 21. 1st Bull Run (Manassas) 22. 1st Bull Run (Manassas) Virginia 7/21/61 CSA Beauregard USA McDowell Birth of Stone WallLegend Southern Rout CSA 1,982 (387 dead) USA 2,896 (1,124 dead) - Stonewall Jackson Statue 23. Shiloh 24. Shiloh Tenn 4/6-7/62 CSA Johnston USA Grant Southern Surprise Repulsed by North Lead to Union victories in the West CSA 10,694 (1,723 dead)- Generals of the Battleas covered in Harpers USA 13,047 (1,754 dead)Weekly 25. Antietam (Sharpsburg) 26. Antietam (Sharpsburg) 27. Antietam (Sharpsburg) Maryland 9/17/62 CSA Lee USA McClellan Bloodiest Day Led to Emancipation Proclamation CSA 10,315 (1,546 dead) USA 12,401 (2,108 dead) 28. Antietam (Sharpsburg)- Lincoln visits battlefield after the battle 29. Chancellorsville 30. Chancellorsville Virginia 5/1/63 CSA Lee / Jackson USA Hooker Lees Masterpiece(Defeats Larger Army) Jackson AccidentallyKilled by Own Troops CSA 13,156 (1,683 dead) USA 16,839 (1,574 dead) 31. Gettysburg 32. Gettysburg Penn 7/1/63 7/3/63 CSA Lee USA Meade Lee on Offensive After Chancellorsville Win Turning Point of the War Bloodiest Battle CSA 28,063 (4,708 dead)- General George USA 23,049 (3,155 dead)Meade 33. Gettysburg Day 1 Southern Troops Arrive and DriveUnion back Because Jeb Stuart and CavalryAre Away, Lee Has No Idea of WhatHes Up Against North is Able to Secure SuperiorPositions Along Cemetery Hill 34. Gettysburg Day 2 Lee Attacks Union is Able to Hold Line at Little Round Top Professor Joshua Chamberlain May Have Saved the Union- Joshua Chamberlain 35. Gettysburg Day 3 Last Ditch Southern Efforts Picketts Charge is Repulsed Ending Any Chance of Southern Victory Last Major Battle Fought in the North- George Pickett 36. Picketts ChargeFor every Southern boy fourteen years old, not once but whenever he wants, there is the instance when its still not yet two oclock on that July afternoon in 1863- William Faulkner Intruderin the Dust 37. Turning Points1863 Vicksburg campaign lasted forseven months lastConfederate stronghold on theMississippi River (Fell Day AfterGettysburg)1864 Burning of Atlanta Shermans March to the Sea 38. Election of 1864 Union Party - Lincoln withAndrew Johnson Johnson small slaveownerfrom Tennessee, loyal WarDemocrat Slogan Dont swap horses inthe middle of the river. Democratic Party nominatesGeorge McClellan 39. Election of 1864 Copperheads peace at anyprice Lincoln defeats McClellan212 to 21 Second Inaugural address With malice toward none, withcharity for all. 40. Turning Points1865 Siege of Petersburg After 9 month siege, fell inApril of 1865 Siege of Richmond Early 1865, Confederates triedto negotiate peace betweentwo countries Unconditional Surrender Grant 41. April 9,1865 Appomattox Court House Terms of surrendergenerous Grant The war is over; therebels are our countrymenagain. 42. 10 ORDINARYPEOPLEWas it Godscommand we heard, orHis forgiveness wemust forever implore?- Joshua Chamberlain 43. Joshua Chamberlain Professor fromBowdoin College No Military Training Hero of Gettysburg Selected to ReceiveSouthern Surrender Last soldier to die fromwounds receivedduring the war - 1914 44. Nathan Bedford Forrest No Military Training Born Poor andBecame Rich Enlisted as Privateand Rose toGeneral Souths BestCavalry Officer 45. Clara Barton Nurse known as Angel of the Battlefield Led Donation Drives for Medical Supplies Founded the American Red Cross 46. Richard Kirkland Southern SoldierWho Risked Lifeto tend to UnionWounded atFredericksbug Cheered by BothSides Angel ofMaryes Heights 47. Matthew Brady PioneerPhotographer Studios in NewYork andWashington Risked Life toPhotograph War 48. Mary Boykin Chestnut South CarolinaPoliticians Wife Famed for KeepingDetailed Diary A Diary of Dixiepublished after herdeath in 1905 49. Walt Whitman Poet Went to Battlefieldto look for Brother Volunteered as aUnion Nurse Wrote O CaptainMy Captain aboutLincolns Death 50. Mark Twain Journalist andRiver Boat Pilot Helped Form ASouthern MilitiaOnly to Desert His Voice HelpedDefine Post WarAmerica 51. Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Conductor Served as a Union Spy During the War 1st American Woman to Plan a Military Operation a raid that freed 750 Slaves 52. John Wilkes Booth PopularShakespearean Actor Probable SouthernSpy PlottedAssassination ofLincoln, Johnsonand Secretary ofState Seward 53. Lincoln Assassination 54. Lincoln Assassination April 14, 1865 Fords Theater in Washington Killed During Biggest Laugh inOur American Cousin Good Friday Led to Comparisonswith Christ Sic Semper Tyranns meansThus Always to Tyrants 55. O Captain My Captain Exult O shores, and ring,O bells! But I with mournful dread Walk the deck my CaptainliesFallen cold and dead