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1. CIRCULATION MODULE HORIZON BLOCKS Pt I 2. ADDING MANUAL BLOCKS TO CUSTOMER ACCOUNTSBLOCKS ARE THE FIRST THING YOU SEE WHEN YOU SCAN ACUSTOMERS CARDTHERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT KINDS OF BLOCKS Manual Blocks System Generated Blocks 3. MANUAL BLOCKSMANUAL BLOCKS ARE PLACED MANUALLY BY LIBRARY STAFF. They must be deleted manually when the issue is resolved. When these blocks are deleted they go into History Blocks . Horizon keeps this information in History Blocks for a timeand then automatically deletes it. 4. MANUAL BLOCKSEXAMPLES OF MANUAL BLOCKS INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING. Manually added fines/fees Message to Borrower See Supervisor Block Note BlockBlocks should include a brief but detailed message withBranch Code and Initials of staff. Example:(TOM/KG)Language in Blocks should always be professional.Customers have the right to look at any block on theirrecord. 5. SYSTEM GENERATED BLOCKSTHESE BLOCKS ARE GENERATED BY HORIZONEXAMPLES OF SYSTEM GENERATED BLOCKS INCLUDE THEFOLLOWING Overdues Exceeded Maximums Hold NotificationsThese blocks are deleted when the issue is resolved.Example: When a Hold is checked out the Hold Block goes away. 6. BLOCKS CURRENTLY USED RESTRICTS CUSTOMERS FROM USINGACCOUNT aa supv: See Supervisor blocks should only be added by a supervisor. acr: Address Correction Requested 7. BLOCKS CURRENTLY USED THESE BLOCKS DO NOT RESTRICTCUSTOMERS FROM USING ACCOUNT. aa tape: Missing Tape or Item Block dNote: HCPL Damaged Note ecr: HCPL Email Address Correction Requested Note: Comment Block-similar to Message to Borrower Block.Comments are not specifically directed to customer. Message to Borrower block can be seen by customer in IPAC. 8. BLOCKS THAT SHOULD BE DELETED After a customer is spoken with about an issuelike Missing Pieces the block should be deleted. Holds Deleted blocks should be deleted. Damaged blocks should be deleted after customeris spoken with. When blocks are deleted they go into the HistoryBlocks 9. CIRCULATION MODULE CHANGING HOLD PICKUP LOCATION Pt II 10. Changing Hold Pickup Location Customers at times may want to change wheretheir Hold is after it goes to the Hold Shelf. The following procedure enables staff to changethe pickup location in Horizon. You may want to suggest to the customer tochange their location in Horizon. 11. STEP 1 Locate item on hold shelf andcheckout to branch account.Click Yes to Do you wantto check it out to: 12. STEP 2Clicking Yes keeps the Hold Active.Click Yes to Renew thisborrowers request? 13. STEP 3 In the customers account selectRequests from the Borrower Menu. 14. STEP 4Highlight the requested item, then Edit. 15. STEP 5TOM was the original PickupLocation (Change Pickup Location) 16. STEP 6FB is the new Pickup Location Item should be checked in and produce a transit slip going to FB. 17. TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE 18. 1. What are the two kinds of Blocks?2. True or False- Manual Blocks are deleted automatically by Horizon.3. What Blocks keep customers from checking out?4. True or False- Blocks should be added with no initials or branch code to protect the staff.5. List the 6 steps to change the Pickup Location of a Hold on the Hold shelf. 19. *BONUS HORIZONSHORTCUTSHORIZON QUICK CLICKSF4+Esc closes current processF1 Opens HelpALT+F4 closes everythingF2 opens Edit: Search for an itemCTRL S saves changesF4 opens Find BorrowerCTRL+F6 moves to the next windowF5 opens Add New BorrowerCTRL+Shift+F6 moves to previousF6 opens Edit BorrowerWindowF8 toggles Between CKI/CKOPage Down moves to next pageF9 activates the navigation barPage Up moves to previous pageF10 prints Single Item SlipTAB Key moves cursor from field to fieldF11 prints Multi Item SlipShift+Tab moves cursor to previous fieldF12 opens Code Boxes