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  • 148 Vedic astrology in money matters

    Signification of n akshatras in Mundane Astrology :In a m anner zod iacal signs rule over certa in

    com m odities and cause bu llish or bearish trend, the nakshatras also hold dominance on commodities, material and other mundane matters. Since a nakshatra covers 13 degrees and 20 minutes of an orb to that of the sign and being ruled by a planet, its effects on the market prices of the commodities, material etc., specified against each of them are discernable in a precised form. Therefore, nakshatras deliver micro level results and also short terms markets trends, price fluctuations and other m undane events. nakshatras rule over the following commodities, material and other items :

    TABLE : 22 Nakshatra Commodities/ Items

    1. Ashwini Rice, wool, ghee (clarified butter), horse, iron , cop p er, m ining industries horse dealers, medical surgery, factory workers, Railways

    2 Bharani Wheat, rice, coarse grains, chillies, ed ible o ils , m ed icines, hair, tamarind, enterprises, animals, tea estates, judges and lawyers.

    3. Krittika Rice, sesame, barley, oil seeds, dry fruits, diamond, precious stone and metals, international trades, steel (industry), debts recovery, armed forces.

    4. Rohini All types of food grains, cotton cloth, juiced artices, silver, pearles, crude oil, petrol, perfum eries, automobile, shipping industries, rulers and politicians.

  • Portrayal of houses, signs and constellations Nakshatra Commodities/Items5. Mrigashira Food grains and pulses, skins and

    h id es, anim al husband ry, com puters and radios, revenue departm ent, jew ellery , cinem a industry.

    6. Aridra Edible oils, Ghee (clarified butter), salt and saltish articles, sandal w ood, perfum eries, to ileteries, im flam able o ils and o b jects , cooking wares, wooden articles, communication, transport, postal and te legrap hs dep artm ents, airports and air force.

    ,7- Punarvasu Raw cotton, gold, silver, millets, coarse grain s, readym ade garm ents, food grains, ju ice s , exo tic a rtic les , bankers and insurance agencies, rulers and politicians and political activities.

    8. Pushya Rice, ghee (clarified butter), salt, gold, silver, edible oils, turmeric, fruit juices, mines and petroleums industries, agriculture and dairy products and rulers, ministers.

    9. Ashlesha Wheat, sugar jagree, dried ginger, coarse grains, ch illies , s ilv er, mercury (quick silver), emerald, green and ju icy v eg etab les, p oisonou s su bstan ces, in tern a tio n a l trad e, bu sin ess, doctors and nurses.

    10. Magha Edible oils, ghee (clarified butter), sesam e, lin seed s, jagree (raw

  • 150 Vedic astrology in money matters Nakshatra Commodities/Items

    su gar), e lec tirca l ap p llian ces, e lectron ics, thorny vegetables, coral, cat's eye stone, chemical and plastic industries, mining, surgical and drugs manufacturers, defence department, merchants.

    11. PurvaPhalguni

    Wool, blankets, cotton, salt, coarse grains, seamum, gold, silver wares, royal dresses, pearls, diamonds and precious stones, television, leather, skins, hides, cinema and cine p e rso n a lities , bu ild in g mateirals, photographic articles, animal husbandry.

    12. UttarPhalguni

    Rice, coarse grains, pulses, lentils, black grams, garlick, rock salt, su n flow ers, op tic and related m edicines, spectacles, CEOs of com p an ies, com m unication departm ent, television , postal, in d u stry , com m erce, stock markets.

    13. Hasta Sand le w ood, cam phor, perfum eries, pure silver, silver jew ellery , root v eg etab les, (potatoes, beat roots etc.) imports and exports, clothing and textiles, hospitals, presses, ch ief of the state, ambassador, marketings.

    14. Chitra Gold jewellery, pearls red opels, co ra l, pu lses, luxury artic les , automobile accessories, vehicles, shops and bu siness

  • Portrayal of houses, signs and constellations 151 Nakshatra Commodities/Itemsestablishm ents, cine m aterials, textile and its industries, revenue and fin an ce , s to ck b ro k ers , consum er goods, p etro leum p rod u cts, au tom obiles, partnership in business.

    15. Swati M ustard oil cakes, ch illie s , betelnuts, jewellery, leathergoods, artificial silk, cosmetics, women's garments, X-Ray equipments, air co n d itio n in g , re frig e ra tio n , au tom obiles, tran sp o rta tio n , cinem a, sto ck b ro k ers , management of stock exchanges.

    16. Vishakha Wheat, rice, barley, pulses, gold, silk, books, stationary, television, th eatres, in d u stria l u n its , in su ran ce com p an ies, advertisement, chemical and drug m anufacturers, agri-industries, bankers, speculators and share market operations.

    17. Anuradha Rice, gram s, pulses and coarse grains, coconut, dates, jagree (raw sugar), ground nuts, chem icals, skin and hides, coal, cotton seed, w oollen artic les , co rp o ratio n , labour units, leather goods and steel industries.

    18. Jyeshta Silver, bronze, m ercury (quick s ilv er), googala, cam p hor, chemcials, inflamable oils, textile industry and m achinary, cables

  • 152 Vedic astrology in money matters Nakshatra Commodities/Items

    and w ire m an ufactu rers, publication and advertisem ent, electronics, petroleum products, su rgical instrum en ts, crops in general.

    19. Moola W heat, salt, jucid articles, raw co tton , tu rm eric, gold, s ilv er, import trades, foreign exhenage, corporations.

    20. Purva Ashada Rice, ghee (clarified butter), rooted v eg etab les, sand al wood, perfumeries, diamonds, clothing, cotton silk, wool, plastics, bankers, foreign trade, foreign exchange, marine products, films.

    21. Uttar Ashada Iron, m etals, e lec trica l goods, e lec tro n ics , fu rnaces, p etro ch em icals, jew ellery , tem ples, churches and ch aritab le institutions, coal mines, skin hides, w ool, sc ie n tific research ers, customs, income tax etc.

    22. Shravana Black peppers, betelnuts, food products, milk and milk products, chemicals, lead, marine products, m ining p rod u cts, w ines and liquors, fuel oil, coal, pearls, land development, silver.

    23. Dhanista W heat, currency coins, metals, jew els, gold, pearls, iron, steel plants, atomic energy, press and e lectro n ic m edia, d is tille r ies , leather, skin, hides, foundaries, vaults, tanks.

  • Portrayal of houses, signs and constellations > ( Nakshatra Commodities / Items

    24. Shatbisha C oarse gra in s, s ilv er, drugs, n a rco tics , in flam ab le and explosive meterials, petrol tanks, stainless steel, electricity, wine and breaverages and stock exchanges.

    25. Purva Bhadra Food grains, metals, m edicines, tree bark, gold, ghee (clarified butter), wine, treasures, medical h erbs, cu rren cy m int, govt, investigating agencies, foreign trade, overseas banks, insurance com panies, risky investm ents, stock markets and share brokers.

    26. Uttar Bhadra Tobacco, leather wears, sugar, rice, durgs, precious stones, steel wares, foundries, milk products, lotteries.

    27. Revati Provision stores, betelnut, pearls, emeralds, films and film artists, books and periodicals, libraries, ch em ical p lan ts, p erfu m eries, marine products, share brokers & stock exchanges.

  • S ig n ifica n ce o f planets in b u sin ess

    It rules over Leo sign. The sign of exaltation is A ries. L ibra being its fa ll sign. T h e Su n 's detriment sign is Aquarius.


    Authority, power, vitality and self-expressions, monarch, kings, president, prime minister, ruler, heads of the nation and supreme authority of the state.

    Governments, governmental authorities, heads of the corporations, companies, senoir officers with decision making power, minister of states, influential political leaders.

    ludges, megistrates and other judicial authorities.

    Bureaucracy, nobility, citizen of stature, and the leading personalities.

    Industrial enterprises in the country, multi- millionire and influential business leaders.

    P laces of en tertainm ents, theaters, cinem a, gambling dens etc.

    Bank, bankers and banking activities.

    Stock exchanges, stock brokers, stock marketsand other allied speculatory activ ites, also Government stocks and gilt-edged securities.

    Amongst commodities and articles - Rice, honey, arom atic herbs, levendar, saffron, alm ond, cu rren cy , p recio u s stones (R u by ) gold (According to w esterner astrology but Varha M ihira refers to M ars for Gold). Note : Some Indian Astrologers opinioned that Gold prices show abnormal rise the moment the Sun enters Leo sign.

  • Significance of planets in business

    The Moon It rules Cancer sign. The sign of exaltation is Taurus and the fall sign being Scorpio. The Moon's detriment sign is Capricorn.


    F lu ctuations, instinct resp onses, stoutness, agreeble and affable nature.

    Masses, common people, crowds and multitudes.*

    matters of common or public nature, public opinion, population, public places, distribution system of public.

    Business pertaining to essential commodities, general merchandise, retail outlets, dealers and general m erchandisers, departm ental stores, ind u strial and com m ercial undertakings of general item s, hotel and catering concerns, restaurants and public places.

    Crops, crops grower and dairies, milk and milk products.

    All kinds of liquids and traders dealing in liquid materials, petroleum products, oils, edible oils, brewery and beverages.

    Navigation, fishery and other marine products.

    Amongst vegetable - malon, pumpkin, turnip, cabbage, mushroom etc.

    Glass and glass industry.

    Silver, pearls and raw cotton.