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<ul><li><p>148 Vedic astrology in money matters</p><p>Signification of n akshatras in Mundane Astrology :In a m anner zod iacal signs rule over certa in </p><p>com m odities and cause bu llish or bearish trend, the nakshatras also hold dominance on commodities, material and other mundane matters. Since a nakshatra covers 13 degrees and 20 minutes of an orb to that of the sign and being ruled by a planet, its effects on the market prices of the commodities, material etc., specified against each of them are discernable in a precised form. Therefore, nakshatras deliver micro level results and also short terms markets trends, price fluctuations and other m undane events. nakshatras rule over the following commodities, material and other items :</p><p>TABLE : 22</p><p> Nakshatra Commodities/ Items</p><p>1. Ashwini Rice, wool, ghee (clarified butter), horse, iron , cop p er, m ining industries horse dealers, medical surgery, factory workers, Railways</p><p>2 Bharani Wheat, rice, coarse grains, chillies, ed ible o ils , m ed icines, hair, tamarind, enterprises, animals, tea estates, judges and lawyers.</p><p>3. Krittika Rice, sesame, barley, oil seeds, dry fruits, diamond, precious stone and metals, international trades, steel (industry), debts recovery, armed forces.</p><p>4. Rohini All types of food grains, cotton cloth, juiced artices, silver, pearles, crude oil, petrol, perfum eries, automobile, shipping industries, rulers and politicians.</p></li><li><p>Portrayal of houses, signs and constellations</p><p> Nakshatra Commodities/Items5. Mrigashira Food grains and pulses, skins and </p><p>h id es, anim al husband ry, com puters and radios, revenue departm ent, jew ellery , cinem a industry.</p><p>6. Aridra Edible oils, Ghee (clarified butter), salt and saltish articles, sandal w ood, perfum eries, to ileteries, im flam able o ils and o b jects , cooking wares, wooden articles, communication, transport, postal and te legrap hs dep artm ents, airports and air force.</p><p>,7- Punarvasu Raw cotton, gold, silver, millets, coarse grain s, readym ade garm ents, food grains, ju ice s , exo tic a rtic les , bankers and insurance agencies, rulers and politicians and political activities.</p><p>8. Pushya Rice, ghee (clarified butter), salt, gold, silver, edible oils, turmeric, fruit juices, mines and petroleums industries, agriculture and dairy products and rulers, ministers.</p><p>9. Ashlesha Wheat, sugar jagree, dried ginger, coarse grains, ch illies , s ilv er, mercury (quick silver), emerald, green and ju icy v eg etab les, p oisonou s su bstan ces, in tern a tio n a l trad e, bu sin ess, doctors and nurses.</p><p>10. Magha Edible oils, ghee (clarified butter), sesam e, lin seed s, jagree (raw</p></li><li><p>150 Vedic astrology in money matters</p><p> Nakshatra Commodities/Items</p><p>su gar), e lec tirca l ap p llian ces, e lectron ics, thorny vegetables, coral, cat's eye stone, chemical and plastic industries, mining, surgical and drugs manufacturers, defence department, merchants.</p><p>11. PurvaPhalguni</p><p>Wool, blankets, cotton, salt, coarse grains, seamum, gold, silver wares, royal dresses, pearls, diamonds and precious stones, television, leather, skins, hides, cinema and cine p e rso n a lities , bu ild in g mateirals, photographic articles, animal husbandry.</p><p>12. UttarPhalguni</p><p>Rice, coarse grains, pulses, lentils, black grams, garlick, rock salt, su n flow ers, op tic and related m edicines, spectacles, CEOs of com p an ies, com m unication departm ent, television , postal, in d u stry , com m erce, stock markets.</p><p>13. Hasta Sand le w ood, cam phor, perfum eries, pure silver, silver jew ellery , root v eg etab les, (potatoes, beat roots etc.) imports and exports, clothing and textiles, hospitals, presses, ch ief of the state, ambassador, marketings.</p><p>14. Chitra Gold jewellery, pearls red opels, co ra l, pu lses, luxury artic les , automobile accessories, vehicles, shops and bu siness</p></li><li><p>Portrayal of houses, signs and constellations 151</p><p> Nakshatra Commodities/Itemsestablishm ents, cine m aterials, textile and its industries, revenue and fin an ce , s to ck b ro k ers , consum er goods, p etro leum p rod u cts, au tom obiles, partnership in business.</p><p>15. Swati M ustard oil cakes, ch illie s , betelnuts, jewellery, leathergoods, artificial silk, cosmetics, women's garments, X-Ray equipments, air co n d itio n in g , re frig e ra tio n , au tom obiles, tran sp o rta tio n , cinem a, sto ck b ro k ers , management of stock exchanges.</p><p>16. Vishakha Wheat, rice, barley, pulses, gold, silk, books, stationary, television, th eatres, in d u stria l u n its , in su ran ce com p an ies, advertisement, chemical and drug m anufacturers, agri-industries, bankers, speculators and share market operations.</p><p>17. Anuradha Rice, gram s, pulses and coarse grains, coconut, dates, jagree (raw sugar), ground nuts, chem icals, skin and hides, coal, cotton seed, w oollen artic les , co rp o ratio n , labour units, leather goods and steel industries.</p><p>18. Jyeshta Silver, bronze, m ercury (quick s ilv er), googala, cam p hor, chemcials, inflamable oils, textile industry and m achinary, cables</p></li><li><p>152 Vedic astrology in money matters</p><p> Nakshatra Commodities/Items</p><p>and w ire m an ufactu rers, publication and advertisem ent, electronics, petroleum products, su rgical instrum en ts, crops in general.</p><p>19. Moola W heat, salt, jucid articles, raw co tton , tu rm eric, gold, s ilv er, import trades, foreign exhenage, corporations.</p><p>20. Purva Ashada Rice, ghee (clarified butter), rooted v eg etab les, sand al wood, perfumeries, diamonds, clothing, cotton silk, wool, plastics, bankers, foreign trade, foreign exchange, marine products, films.</p><p>21. Uttar Ashada Iron, m etals, e lec trica l goods, e lec tro n ics , fu rnaces, p etro ch em icals, jew ellery , tem ples, churches and ch aritab le institutions, coal mines, skin hides, w ool, sc ie n tific research ers, customs, income tax etc.</p><p>22. Shravana Black peppers, betelnuts, food products, milk and milk products, chemicals, lead, marine products, m ining p rod u cts, w ines and liquors, fuel oil, coal, pearls, land development, silver.</p><p>23. Dhanista W heat, currency coins, metals, jew els, gold, pearls, iron, steel plants, atomic energy, press and e lectro n ic m edia, d is tille r ies , leather, skin, hides, foundaries, vaults, tanks.</p></li><li><p>Portrayal of houses, signs and constellations &gt; (</p><p> Nakshatra Commodities / Items</p><p>24. Shatbisha C oarse gra in s, s ilv er, drugs, n a rco tics , in flam ab le and explosive meterials, petrol tanks, stainless steel, electricity, wine and breaverages and stock exchanges.</p><p>25. Purva Bhadra Food grains, metals, m edicines, tree bark, gold, ghee (clarified butter), wine, treasures, medical h erbs, cu rren cy m int, govt, investigating agencies, foreign trade, overseas banks, insurance com panies, risky investm ents, stock markets and share brokers.</p><p>26. Uttar Bhadra Tobacco, leather wears, sugar, rice, durgs, precious stones, steel wares, foundries, milk products, lotteries.</p><p>27. Revati Provision stores, betelnut, pearls, emeralds, films and film artists, books and periodicals, libraries, ch em ical p lan ts, p erfu m eries, marine products, share brokers &amp; stock exchanges.</p></li><li><p>S ig n ifica n ce o f planets in b u sin ess</p><p>It rules over Leo sign. The sign of exaltation is A ries. L ibra being its fa ll sign. T h e Su n 's detriment sign is Aquarius.</p><p>Significations:</p><p>Authority, power, vitality and self-expressions, monarch, kings, president, prime minister, ruler, heads of the nation and supreme authority of the state.</p><p>Governments, governmental authorities, heads of the corporations, companies, senoir officers with decision making power, minister of states, influential political leaders.</p><p>ludges, megistrates and other judicial authorities.</p><p>Bureaucracy, nobility, citizen of stature, and the leading personalities.</p><p>Industrial enterprises in the country, multi- millionire and influential business leaders.</p><p>P laces of en tertainm ents, theaters, cinem a, gambling dens etc.</p><p>Bank, bankers and banking activities.</p><p>Stock exchanges, stock brokers, stock marketsand other allied speculatory activ ites, also Government stocks and gilt-edged securities.</p><p>Amongst commodities and articles - Rice, honey, arom atic herbs, levendar, saffron, alm ond, cu rren cy , p recio u s stones (R u by ) gold (According to w esterner astrology but Varha M ihira refers to M ars for Gold). Note : Some Indian Astrologers opinioned that Gold prices show abnormal rise the moment the Sun enters Leo sign.</p></li><li><p>Significance of planets in business</p><p>The Moon It rules Cancer sign. The sign of exaltation is Taurus and the fall sign being Scorpio. The Moon's detriment sign is Capricorn.</p><p>Significations:</p><p>F lu ctuations, instinct resp onses, stoutness, agreeble and affable nature.</p><p>Masses, common people, crowds and multitudes.*</p><p> matters of common or public nature, public opinion, population, public places, distribution system of public.</p><p>Business pertaining to essential commodities, general merchandise, retail outlets, dealers and general m erchandisers, departm ental stores, ind u strial and com m ercial undertakings of general item s, hotel and catering concerns, restaurants and public places.</p><p>Crops, crops grower and dairies, milk and milk products.</p><p>All kinds of liquids and traders dealing in liquid materials, petroleum products, oils, edible oils, brewery and beverages.</p><p>Navigation, fishery and other marine products.</p><p>Amongst vegetable - malon, pumpkin, turnip, cabbage, mushroom etc.</p><p>Glass and glass industry.</p><p>Silver, pearls and raw cotton.</p><p>Petroleum stock shares.</p><p>Sea ports, beaches, sea resorts etc.</p><p>Exhibitions and photography..</p><p>Real estates and real estate agents.</p></li><li><p>Significance of planets in business lol</p><p>M ars rules Aries and Scorpio signs (after the discovery of Pluto, Scorpio sign has been alloted to this planet). Mars exalts in Capricorn while its detriment sign is Libra.</p><p>Significations:</p><p>Aggression, invasion, attack, assault, battlefield</p><p>Aggressors, invaders, conqueres and attackers</p><p>Defence forces, arified forces, army, para-military forces, security forces and police.</p><p>Arms, ammunition, explosives and armament,</p><p>dynamites, bombs, missiles</p><p>Surgeon, surgical equipments, dentists, dental equipments, butchers.</p><p>M etal in d u stries , ch em ica l and fertiliz ers factories, brick klins, furnaces, refractories, foundaries, distilleries etc.</p><p>Engineers, mechanics, iron and steel workers.</p><p>Energy generating m achines, steel machines, general m achineries etc., radiators, welding machines.</p><p>H ard w ares, m eta ls , go ld (the W estern astrologers put it for the Sun), iron.</p><p>Detergents, plastic processings.</p><p>Tea, coffee, rice, oil, seeds, coarse, grains.</p><p>Tobacco, cigarette.</p><p>Property and building m aterial and building industries.</p><p>Railway shares.Stones, marbles, tiles, </p><p>carpentry (wooden works)</p><p>Petrochemicals, petroleum gas, petro-products.</p></li><li><p>Significance of planets in business lu '</p><p>M ercury rules Gemini and Virgo signs. Its sign of exaltation is also Virgo and the fall sign being Pisces. Saggitarius is the detrim ent sign for Mercury.</p><p>Significations:</p><p>C om m unication both m ental and physical, Intelligence, perception, know ledge, genius, literary pursuits, accountancy, publishing.</p><p>Newspapers, magazines, catalogues etc. General trade, com m erce and all m atters relating to business and commerce.</p><p>Communication system, all types of print and electronic media.</p><p>Computer software, Internet system and other communication devices.</p><p>Learned personalities, authors, writers, editors, reporters.</p><p>U niversities, colleges and other educational institutions, libraries, markets and commercial centres.</p><p>Law yers, so licitors, p ledgers, investigating agencies both government and private.</p><p>T re a tie s , w ritten a g reem en ts , co n tra c t settlements, documentations etc.</p><p>Ambassadors, high commissioners and foreign dignitaries.</p><p>Textile, cotton silk etc. Com m odities-w heat, coarse grains, food stuff, Gingelly and other edible oils.</p><p>Silver, copper and emeralds.</p></li><li><p>S ig n ifican ce o f planets in b u sin ess !'&gt;</p><p>It rules Sagittarius and Pisces signs, (but Pisci's is now assigned to Neptune), Jupiter gets exalted in Cancer sign and falls in Capricorn sign. Gemini is the detriment sign for Jupiter.</p><p>Significations:</p><p>Jupiter is planet of plenty and expansion. It influences the national affairs related to religion and philosophy, finances and capitalism.</p><p>Jupiter also denotes :</p><p>Hospitals, educational institutionas.</p><p>Bankers, brokers, revenue, commerce, finaiicial gains, finances, financial concerns and bullion merchants. Speculation, gambling, lotteries and horse races.</p><p>Stocks, Shares and Bonds.</p><p>Foreign countries, Foreign affairs and Foreign trade.</p><p>Industrialists, exporters, m erchandisers and bu sin ess houses c lo th m ills luxury trad e , Judiciary, Judges, law yers and legal affairs. Trusts and other Charitable institutions</p><p>Ju p iter stan d s for p ro sp erity , peace and international co-operation.</p><p>Commodities and procfucts :</p><p>Newspapers, stationery, printing,book shop.</p><p>Jupiter rules termeric, tin, rubber, food stuff, silver, zinc, grains, jute, tobacco, topaz (a precious stone), soft and pleasant stones.</p><p>Seat of power of a company (Chairman/MD, CEO etc.</p></li><li><p>S ig n ifican ce of plan ets in busin ess</p><p>Venus Venus rules Taurus and Libra signs; exalls in Pisces and its fall sign is Virgo and Aries is the detriment sign for Venus.</p><p>Significations:</p><p>Harmony in general and peaceful conditions. When afflicted it denotes opposite effects like civil conflicts, struggles, quarrels or discords.</p><p>Governmental expansion programmes, textile in d u stries both trad itio n a l and sy n th etic , represents clothing in general, dealers of ladies garments, fashion, design, modelling and other art form s, antiques, to ileteries, ornam ents, perfumery, cosmetics, costly clothes and other luxury items.</p><p>Stock shares, investments, interest rates, gambling etc.</p><p>Vehicles, conveyance, surface transport and com m unication departm ents, chem ical and distillaries, glass industries.</p><p>Fancy goods shops and beauty parlours.</p><p>Treaties with other countries.</p><p>It rules co tton , ju te , silk and their related products, sugar and sugar shares, wheat and rice, silver, pearls and fancy goods industries; copper trading and industry; confectionary and most of the spices.</p><p>Foods and hotels.</p><p>Real and imitative jewellery.</p><p>Film industry, photography.</p><p>Music, non-percussion musical instruments.</p></li><li><p>Significance of planets in business</p><p>Saturn rules Capricorn and by tradition Aquarius (now attributed to Uranus), exalts in sign Libra and its fall sign is Aries. Cancer being its sign of Detriment</p><p>Significations:</p><p>Saturn is a planet of democracy and all forms of democratic institutions. It has chief influence over elderly people, land ow ners, farmers. Saturn rep resents labour, patience and the service needed in a trade to offer others and hence it is a main stay in business because its success lies in labour and hard work. A native with an afflicted Saturn ultimately brings in losses in the business as a profession.</p><p>Saturn reigns over f...</p></li></ul>