christmas in july: preparing your ecommerce site now for the holidays

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View the full recorded webinar at: Is your ecommerce site fully prepared for this year’s holiday season? In this webinar, Tad Miller of Search Mojo and Adam Berke of AdRoll will discuss some new and existing, but often-overlooked, tactics ecommerce sites need to consider adding their holiday advertising plans, to increase their revenue and decrease cost during the most wonderful time of the year. What You’ll Learn: • How retargeting can not only increase revenue, but reduce advertising costs and cart abandonment. • More ways to leverage Google pay-per-click (PPC), including Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and Enhanced Campaigns. • Why social media advertising should be top of your list for targeting precisely the right customers at the best time. • Why dynamic creative should be a consideration for attaining the best conversion rates.



2. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar Tad Miller Vice President of Accounts, Search Mojo Follow on Twitter: @jstatad Adam Berke President, AdRoll Follow on Twitter: @adamberke 3. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar Search engine marketing firm founded in 2005 Search engine optimization (SEO) Pay-per-click advertising management (PPC) Social media advertising Online reputation management Headquartered in Charlottesville, VA Office in Charleston, SC Featured in the Washington Post, B2B Magazine, MarketingSherpa, Visibility Magazine and many blogs Speakers at SMX Advanced, MarketingProfs, PubCon and more 4. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar 5. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar Retargeting Platform for the Worlds Leading Brands +7,000 active customers, spending from $100 to $100k/month 6. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar Yes there is preparation needed for the holidays The reality is theres money to be made all year long, not just in November - December 7. @SEARCHMOJO SEARCH-MOJO.COM 800.939.5938 ADAM BERKE ADROLL 8. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM The value of intent data FBX Right Rail o Difference between FBX and Marketplace o Performance data o Dynamic ads o FBX vs web retargeting FBX News Feed o Performance data o News Feed vs Right Rail vs web retargeting 9. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM 10. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM patio furniture Intent INTENT! 11. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM trade in calculator Intent INTENT! 12. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM Over 85% increase in return conversions 98% of visitors leave your site without converting 13. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM AdRoll integrates with all the major ad exchanges.Retargeting Platform BLAHBLAHA Be inventory agnostic 14. VS. Uses your first party data Purchase via Facebooks partners Uses Facebook-gathered data Purchase via Facebook Use FB data with Marketplace ads 15. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM LiquidAds on FBX 16. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM 18% Lift in click conversion rates Results 115% Lift in view-through conversion rates 17. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM Premium Placement Social Elements Rich Content Cost per Insertion A Brief Overview 18. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM News Feed CTR is 21x higher than Web RT, and 49x higher than right hand side News Feed CPC is 79% lower than Web RT, and 53% lower than right hand side News Feed click-only CPA is 77% lower than Web RT, and 45% lower than right hand side Encouraging Numbers vs. Web RT & FBX Right Hand Side so, you might be asking Should I dump all of my retargeting budget into the News Feed? 19. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM Incremental clicks & lower overall CPC 20. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM 1. Facebook News Feed for high quality, low volume impact 2. Facebook Right Hand Side for high performance scale 3. Standard web retargeting for maximum reach and incremental conversions 21. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM 1. Implement segmentation strategy and reengagement tactics. Who bought earlier in the year? How do you want to get them back? 2. Create long cookie duration segments. 3. Start thinking about holiday creative for all channels. 4. Prepare CRM retargeting strategy. 22. @SEARCHMOJO SEARCH-MOJO.COM 800.939.5938 TAD MILLER SEARCH MOJO 23. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar Pushing Store Visit Pushing E-commerce 24. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar 8 of the top 20 US Ecommerce PPC advertisers got more ad impressions from PLAs than from text ads Most of those 8 sites dont also have brick and mortar store locations Large retailers like Walmart, Target and Bestbuy have fully embraced PLAs 25. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar 26. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar A recent 2013 report stated that CPCs on PLAs are 10% lower than text ads and have 22% better ROI than non-brand KW text ads We have some Ecommerce clients whose PLAs are over 200% better ROI than text ads RKG Digital Marketing Report Q1 2013 27. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar Work on these now. Black Friday and Cyber Monday is too late Fix your Merchant Feed Account Errors Your Ads Wont Show Where there are Feed Errors Keep your Merchant Feed up to date New products come. Products Go Out of Stock Pause Ads as Inventory Goes Out of Stock Get the AdWords API or get an Agency that has it 28. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar Use a variety of long term tactics to unleash your holiday display remarketing for a well timed short burst Ecommerce remarketing doesnt always have to be immediate response 29. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar Build remarketing lists for your big ticket low traffic items over the long haul Hit them with holiday discounts 30. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar If you know in advance what items will be on your holiday sales circulars create custom remarketing campaigns just for those items Short, Intense Duration 31. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar Start early and collect long term remarketing lists to visitors of coupon / incentive pages 32. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar RLSA Remarketing Lists for Search Ads Lets you customize your search ads for people that have previously visited your site Bid differently (percentage increases) for people that recently visited or previously purchased Show a different ad to people who put a product in a shopping cart Bid on words you normally wouldnt bid on 33. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar Increased competition and higher bids are the reality in late November through December Dont throw out months/years of bid management just to compete for 5 weeks 34. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar Just increase your bid adjustment over 100% Keeps your bid management work Keeps your bids relative to your bid management 35. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar Dont miss out on sales opportunities because your budget is inadequate Study your account history to see your max spending day Study your AdWords IS Budget metrics Set daily budgets above your normal MAX on the big days 36. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar Amazon and Ebay are competitors but The are also Google AdWords Search Partners We have advertised on ISBN and SKU numbers that generate cheap clicks 37. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar Starting July 22, 2013 all AdWords Campaigns will be Enhanced Desktop & Mobile Clicks are mixed together You need landing pages that respond to the size of the screen 38. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar If you have multiple locations you need to take advantage of local search and help shoppers find the store 39. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar Most store finders work great for people Search Engines cant fill out forms to get to store pages You need to build a redundant directory structure to get store pages indexed Search Engines Need These Pages States Cities Stores Individual Store 40. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar If you have multiple stores give your site the ability to check local store availability 41. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar Stores are increasingly becoming the show room for shoppers to check out products and then look on their phones for the best price 42. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar Measure Dwell Time in the store where people are using their phones Provide free in-store WiFi and review usage logs to see what people are searching for Get more aggressive on price cuts Have sales team emphasize service, no shipping and no wait ScanLife says barcode search volume triples on Black Friday Weekend 43. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar View the Online Marketing Institute Crash Course Paid Search for Ecommerce Get access now: Contact Search Mojo: Looking for help? Sean McCusty 800-939-5938 xt. 116 smccusty@search- 44. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar Building Your Website With SEO in Mind August 8, 2013 2:00 p.m. ET Register today at Janet Driscoll Miller President & CEO Search Mojo Amanda Sides Account Director Search Mojo 45. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar Tad Miller Google+: +Tad Miller Twitter: @jstatad Adam Berke +Adam Berke Twitter: @adamberke Google+: +Search Mojo Twitter: @SearchMojo Facebook: Twitter: @AdRoll Facebook:


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