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Interesting Times Exhibition. Contact Details:


  • Exploring Emotion Through Photography:

    These two series of photos started when I was experimenting with both facial expresions and emotions. I used my younger brother as a model and poured a series of food over him ranging from baked beans to rice krispies cereal.

  • Youre still too young: French Pension Scandal.

    I created these posters to explore the fact that the French government were rising the pension age and that soon no matter how old you are youll still be too young to recieve a pension.

  • As part of an independent project, I created a series of photographs that gave the viewer an insight into what its like for someone who suffers with OCD.

    OCD: Living With It Everyday

  • Lino Printing:

  • Overlap


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    ages: Film




  • These images are from a series of eight abandoned buildings that I visited for my final major project:-

    - Westerleigh School: Hastings

    - St. Auhustines Hosiptal: Chartham

    - St. Peters Hospital Mortuary: Chertsey

    - Harperbury Hospital: Shenley

    - Babies Castle Orphanage: Hawkhurst Kent

    - Springfield Hospital: Tooting

    - The Mount Hospital: Hampshire

    - Chessington Abandoned House

    Final Major Project Collection:

  • Overlapped Images:

  • Overlapping Images and Type -

  • The technique I used for this project was overlapping illustrative typography into images. I gathered quotes from online sources and the others were created by myself. The quotes are themed within mental illness, the emotion behind it and most importantly how the people who resided there while it was up and running may have felt. I played around with which order the images and type should go in, so that both of the contexts would relate to each other.

  • Final FMP Book:

    It took me two seperate drafts with Blurb and one with Lulu to get this final book to how I wanted it. I am pleased with this book, as it came out exactly how I had imagined it being. The images are big and they draw you in, while the writing tells you about mental illness in all its rawness.