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  • 1. Movie QuotesBy: Chloe Taubman

2. QuickTime and aH.264 decompressorare needed to see this picture. 3. Why are youtrying to fit inwhen you wereborn to standout?- What a girlwants 20 Quote 4. Top 19 QuoteOh yes, the pastcan hurt. But youcan either run fromit, or learn from it.-Rafiki, from TheLion King 5. Quote 18It takes a greatdeal of bravery tostand up to yourenemies, but agreat deal moreto stand up toyour friends. -Dumbledore,Harry Potter 6. Quote 17Do, ordo not.There isno try.-Yoda 7. There are two kinds of evil people in this world, ok?People who do evil stuff and people who see evilstuff being done and dont do anything about it.-Janice from Mean Girls 8. Quote 15Youre amazing and I have nothing to offer you, but Iminvolved now. You jump, I jump, remember? I cant turnaway without knowing your going to be alright. -Titanic 9. Quote 14The bravedo not liveforever butthe cautiousdo not liveat all.-ThePrincessDiaries 10. Quote 13Calling someone fat doesnt make you anyskinnier. Calling someone stupid doesntmake you any smarter. All you can do in lifeis try and solve the problem in front of you.-Mean Girls 11. Quote 12Everything in this room is eatable. Yes, I ameatable but that, children is called cannibelismand is frowned upon in most societies.- Charlieand The Chocolate Factory 12. Quote 12"Im fighting, for something thats realfor the first time in my life."- Step Up 13. Quote 11But if youwant to leave,you can. Illremember youthough. Iremembereveryone thatleaves. -Liloand Stich 14. Quote 10All little girls areprincesses,didnt yourdaddy ever tellyou that?-ALittle Princess 15. Quote 9We can stayup all nightswappingmanly storiesand in themorning, Immakingwaffles!-Shrek 16. Quote 8Hello, myname is InigoMontoya. Youkilled myfather.Prepare todie!-ThePrincess Bride 17. Quote 7Im not crazy. My reality is justdifferent than yours.- from Alice inWonderland 18. Quote 6 19. Quote 5 20. Quote 4We cantall beheroessome ofus haveto sit onthe curbandapplaudthem asthey goby-WillRodgers 21. Quote 3 22. Quote 2Kid, there areheroes andthere arelegends.Heroes getremembered,but legendsnever die.-Babe Ruth 23. Quote 1Ohana meansfamily...familymeans nobodygets left behind.Or forgotten. -Lilo and Stitch 24. QuickTime and aH.264 decompressorare needed to see this picture.