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  • 1. 2011, New Year New STAR
  • 2. Just when you think the music
    industry is full and cant get any better or bigger
  • 3. A space becomes available
  • 4. Chloe Shaw
    Experience in live performance
    Fashion icon
  • 5. Her journey so far
    Having attended the best stage school in the country, performing at local festivals and supporting a series of established artist Chloe wants to take the next step and certainly has the potential to do so
    With years of vocal experience in her past Chloe writes her own songs and aids few, acoustically with her own guitar. She has a secure band around her with their own instruments who have been with Chloe for 3 years, since the beginning; when she started perusing her career.
  • 6. Current Status:
    .Charity events throughout the country
    .Featured act at V festival 2010
    . Local Gigs include: Brixton academy, Supporting at Sheppard's brush academy
    . Chloes biggest appearance occurred earlier this year; Radio 1 Live lounge, since then Chloes Fan base has dramatically increased, with over 1,300 followers on twitter.
    . Receiving fan mail, is one of its many perks. Chloe is now also recognized in local areas for her musical ability.
  • 7. Chloe brought to the stage more than could have ever been imagined. The large stage and larger than usual audience did not phase her and her performance was applauded with a raging audience encouraging an encore. Truly a magnificent first appearance at a world known festival.
    V-festival Co-coordinator.
  • 8. This isnt the end though; Chloe wants to go
  • 9. What does the future hold for Chloe?
    Another major selling aspect of an artist is their image, how they dress, how they act in public, and how they market themselves by reaching out to their audience.
    Chloe has an automatic advantage, being a young girl who has studied fashion whilst at school will be a big advantage.
    A clothing line will certainly be in close reach of her potential.
    With previous experience in live gigs Chloe will not be phased by any gig she was to do, claiming no stage is too big.
    Her professional background learnt through school proves that any obstacles can be overcome.
  • 10. How do we do this?
    Its simple, we live in a society that is hugely dominated by the use of the internet. Which gives us the ability to market Chloe to a much much wider audience. We can create social networking websites such as; mysapce, facebook & twitter. These will all enable Chloes music to be heard over an aspect in the industry that has proved to be a huge impact on the success of many artists.
  • 11.
    By creating several different websites such as facebook, twitter, myspace Chloes talent would soon be recognized. It would also enable her to interact with her fan base to create a circle of trust and a personal relationship between her and her audience. This in turn creates a strong relationship with her fans and her audience will only grow.
    Each site would be beneficial for different aspects of her career
    Facebook provides a forum whereby her fans can discuss her music and encourage more people to listen to her music.
    Twitter enables Chloe to keep her fans up to date on a more accurate level, tweeting several times throughout the day to update them on songs, videos and photoshoots.
    Myspace is an area where Chloes music can be previewed and downloaded (to avoid illegal downloading) . This also provides an area to read about Chloes life, buy her merchandise and see behind the scenes footage. Most importantly this provides an area to promote her up and coming gigs and tours.
  • 12. Target Audience.
    So who do we want to attract?
    Well Chloe is a 20 year old female who lives for her music, she performs and the crowd appreciate. Because of this amazing ability she has to capture the audience there will be no specific target, we will have no problem encouraging g people to listen to her.
  • 13. Thank you for watching.