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  • 8/2/2019 Chess in Indiana Vol XIX Nos. 2 and 3 Jun_Sep 2006


    Volume XIX Numbers 2 & 3


    Ho llin be rg er M em oria l, p ag e 4; In dia na S ta te C la ss C hamp io ns hip s, p ag e 9; M ay C irc le C ity T orna do , pa ge 1 6;H ow ard C oun ty O pen , page 21 ; A pril C irc le C ity T orn ad o, p ag e 22 ; M arch C irc le C ity T orna do , p ag e 2 4;M id we st C he ss C en te r T eam C ha lle ng e, p ag e 27; T ou rn am en t A nn ou nc em en ts , b ack c ov er.

    Photo: Editor1 st A nn ua l H ollin be rg er M em oria l In vita tio na l C he ss C ha mp io nsh ip 1214 May 2006 held a t the B arba ra S . W y nne T enn isC en ter. C lockw ise from fron t right G M A lexande r G old in , N M Jam es M ills, N M C raig S tau ffe r, FM Jim D ean, 1M Jan van deM orte l, N M J oh n C ole, 1 M Gio rg i M arg ve la sh vili, 1 M Ca lv in B loc ke r (stan din g b ac k rig ht), S te ve C ate s, a nd M att F outs.D rew H ollin be rg er (stan din g b ac k le ft) o rg anize d an d d ire cte d th e C losed E ven t bro ad ca st live on the In tern et v ia IC C.

  • 8/2/2019 Chess in Indiana Vol XIX Nos. 2 and 3 Jun_Sep 2006


    CHESS in Indiana1~1==========IS=C=A==B=o=ar=d=o=f=D=ir=e=ct=o=~========~11~11============C=H=E=s=s=i=n=ln=d=ia=n=a==========~PRESIDENT: Gary Fox Ph. (574) 722-4965ISCA P.O.Box 114 Logansport IN 46947E-mail: president@indianachess.orgVICE-PRESIDENT: Terry Perkins4161 S. 400 E. Cutler, IN 46902E-mail: vicepresident@indianachess.orgSECRETARY: Ben Dillon Ph. (574) 289- TREK615 W. Angela Blvd., South Bend IN 46617E-mail:'IREASURER: Tom Byers Ph. (574) 722-1137ISCA P.O.Box 114, Logansport, IN 46947E-mail: treasurer@indianachess.orgEDITOR: Bob Banta Ph. (317) 849-97284730 Wyandotte Trail, Indianapolis, IN 46250E-mail: editor@indianachess.orgIllSTORIAN: Roger BlaineP.O. Box 353, Osceola IN 46561E-mail: historian@indianachess.orgMEMBERSillP DIRECTOR: Sean Hollick, Ph. (317) 679-3514ISCA P.O.Box 891, Indianapolis, IN 46206E-mail: membership@indianachess.orgWEB DIRECTOR: Sean Hollick, Ph. (317) 679-3514ISCA P.O.Box 891, Indianapolis, IN 46206E-mail:webmaster@indianachess.orgDIRECTOR-AT -LARGE: Drew Hollinberger Ph.(317) 841-38858350 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46250E-mail: drew@indianachess.orgDIRECTOR-AT-LARGE: Steven J. Steppe Ph. (812) 299-511153 E. Antler Dr., Terre Haute, IN 47802E-mail:

    I I President's Advisory CabinetChiefTD Advisor / Clearing House - Roger BlaineE-mail: td@indianachess.orgGames Administrator - John W. ColeE-mail: games@indianachess.orgStudent Advisor - Kris topher WilliamsE-mail: student@indianachess.orgMembership Administrator - Adam HeeterE-mail: membership@indianachess.orgMaster Advisor - Jim DeanE-mail:master@indianachess.orgPrison Visits Coordinator - Bill ParrishE-mail:

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    I I Patron MembershipsGold: $100.00 Silver: $50.00 Bronze: $25.00PATRON MEMBERS:Gold: No Current Gold Members as of 01 Aug 2006Silver: Roger Blaine, Mike Gant Ken HamiltonBronze: Nate Criss, Gary Fox, Gordon Simons, Jolrn WortingerJune / Septem ber 2006

    I I

    I I

    I I

    Editor: Bob BantaContributors: Gary Fox, Mike Herron, Lester VanMeterPhotographs: Bob Banta, Sean HollickPrinter/Publisher: Bill Corbin -UN Communications, Inc.

    I I State ChampionsIndiana State Champion: Emory A. Tate, Jr.State Reserve Co-Champions: Daniel G. Ryker and Josh A. SmithChallenge Champion: Dennis MonokroussosMasters/Generations: Masters, John W. Cole. Seniors: Cliff Aker,Roger Blaine, Sr. Reserve: Randall Derby. Amateur:Nate Criss.Amateur Reserve: Eric Miller , Bob Jones. Junior: Daniel FeltisClass Champions: Masters/Expert: Jolrn W. Cole, James StephenCates, A - Alexei Gorbounov, B - Craig Hines, C - David B. FreyD- Thomas E. Byers, Randall DerbyBeginners' Class Champions: E - Jonathon Harrison,F - Brandon Van Note, G - Christopher Patterson, H - Nick Wilkey,I-Hillary Williams &Alex Catron, Unrated - Michael PhillipsState Team Champions: "QxNd4#" (consisting of: Jolrn W. Cole,Jason R. Doss, James Stephen Cates and David B. Frey)State Quick Chess Champion: Jim MillsState Blitz Champion: Jolrn W. ColeState Junior Blitz Champion: Jimmy Hildebrand

    I I Indiana State Chess Hall of FameIndiana State Titles Service to Chess inChess Champions Won IndianaJohn Van Benton* 3 Glen DonleyDonald O. Brooks 7 Robert J. FischerEdward Vano 7 Robert J. RiceDennis V. Gogel 6 Roger E. BlaineLester L.VanMeter 5JimH. Dean 4Emory A. Tate, Jr. 4 * (3 titles in a row from

    1944 to 1946)

    CHESS in Indiana Advertisement Rates and TLAsTLA publ icat ions for the CHESS in INDIANA magazine are available to current aff il iatesa t no charge wi th advert isements a t a discounted ra te . Any other adver ti sement or TLAsubmissions are subject t o a fee. Current ISCA members in good standing receive adiscount t o advertisement s and TLAs. Unsol icited TLA's can be placed by ISCA as aserv ice to i ts members. Placement , word ing and leng th of such announcements are at thed iscre tion of the Edi tor . O ther than Sta te Championships , ISCA does not endor se anytournament adver ti sed here or on i ts Websi te , and is no t respons ib le for the way suchtournaments are operated:Item Non- ISCA ISCA Additionalmembers Members Affiliates InformationTLAs $10 $5 Free 5 lines or less,$1 for eachadditional lineAdvertise $1 per 50% off 75% off y. , Y,or full-ments word, $15 Non- Non- pages areminimum member member subject tocharoe rate rate neqotiation


  • 8/2/2019 Chess in Indiana Vol XIX Nos. 2 and 3 Jun_Sep 2006


    CHESS in IndianaEditor's CommentsFirst off , let me personally apologize to all ISCA members for missingthe June edition of our magazine. A combination of factors includingfamily, professional, and an unexpected rescheduling of a severalweeks long project in Italy this summer contributed to my missing theJune edition deadline. I have tried to make amends for the missed Juneissue by making this issue a "June I September" issue with more gamesthan is customary in a single issue.

    President's Message01 2006

    Sign up now for the 65th AnnualIndiana State Chess Championshipis in full swing. Now is the time toget your hotel room for theupcoming battle of Indiana minds.The State Championship is aMUST SEE EVENT not to bemissed.Located on the eastside ofIndianapolis, the Marriott Hotelwil l be a grand locat ion for theIndiana Chess Player's premiereevent of the year. Mark yourcalendars for the last weekend ofSeptember and make plans

    accordingly. Check the ad in the back for details.We have had some major changes to the ISCA Board of Directors overthe past few months. Regrettably, Dave Frey, for personal reasons,resigned the ISCA Web Director position. Sean Hollick has kindlyagreed to perform the Web Director duties on an interim basis. AdamHeeter wil l be assisting with the membership duties now that Sean iswearing two hats (Membership Director and Interim Web Director).Dave Frey, a very talented Webmaster, will be missed. Over the lastfew years, Dave had served periodically as the ISCAWeb Directorgoing back to when the posi tion was first created.ISCA will be searching for a new Web Director at the upcoming ISCAAnnual Membership meeting's election of officers to be held onSunday, October 11 between the 4thand 5throunds of the StateChampionship.Sean Holl ick has indicated he wil l help whoever is interested inrunning the ISCA website by handing over the control of the site toanother qualified person. Ifyou are interested in being the next ISCAWeb Director, please contact me or any of the other ISCA Directorsand let us know you are interested.Due to the current timing of when this issue goes to press, the ISCAFiscal Year financial statement will be mailed separately this year andthen included in the next magazine.All ISCA members want well-funded ISCA-sponsored chesstournaments that are held at att ract ive locations and with this goal inmind, ISCA has applied and has received a Charity Gaming Permitfrom the Indiana Gaming Commission as a 501c7 organization. ThisPermit allows ISCA to conduct Charity Poker Tournaments and holdCharity Raffles to raise money for upcoming State Championshipevents. We will see if Hoosier chess players know when to hold-emand when to fold-em.Just as a reminder, please renew your ISCA membership before itexpires; you gain admission to ISCA tournaments and continue toreceive this publication with its tournament results, game scores, andtournament announcements.I want to thank Bob Banta, our Editor, for making the magazine apossibil ity to the ISCA