chess in indiana vol xvii no. 2 june 2004

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Chess in Indiana Vol XVII No. 2 June 2004


  • 5/17/2018 Chess in Indiana Vol XVII No. 2 June 2004


    Volume XVII Number 2

    I N S I D E T H IS I S S U E :VanolBrooks Challenge Match ...Challenge Companion #6... Play it Forward ...Blaine's 5012..Collection ofThought ...Bloomington Tornado .... Scholastic Chess... ZCC Open... Bughouse ...

    Coach Zabawa retires ..... and lots more, see Contents, page 3

    Photo: Joe Peterson

    No, that's not young GM Magnus Carlsen collecting a medallion from ISCA president GaryFox; it's look-alike Alek Jansen who shared the Under 1700/Class D prize with Keith Schumanin the Challenge Companion #6 tournament. USCF rated 1328 and Indiana grade 3 champion,Alek is also a rising star in scholastic chess.

  • 5/17/2018 Chess in Indiana Vol XVII No. 2 June 2004


    I I ISCA DirectorsPRESIDEl'fT: Gary Fox134 Wheatland AveLogansport IN 46947 Ph. (574) 722-4965E-mail: president@indianachess.orgVICE-PRESIDENT: Thomas J. Harris8117 Farmhurst LaneIndianapolis, IN 46236 Ph. (317) 823-7498E-mail:vicepresident@indianachess.orgSECRETARY: Ben Dillon615 W. Angela Blvd.South Bend IN 46617 Ph. (574) 289-TREKE-mail:secretary@indianachess.orgTREASURER: Scott Reisinger615 Lennox StreetAnderson IN 46012 Ph. (7?5) 644-7637E-mail:sreising@acsc.netEDITOR: Ken Hamilton8212 Halyard WayIndianapolis, IN 46236 Ph. (317) 823-8415E-mail:editor@indianachess.orgNEWS DIRECTOR: Aaron Dean1121 Westfield Ct. Ph. (317) 726-0657Indianapolis, IN 46220E-mail: news@indianachess.orgHISTORIAN: Roger BlaineP.O. Box 353Osceola IN 46561E-mail:historian@indianachess.orgMEMBERSHIP &WEB DIRECTOR: DavidB. Frey6697 Wimbledon DriveZionsville, IN 46077 Ph. (317) 902-8581E-mail:membership@indianachess.orgE-mail:web@indianachess.orgDIRECTOR-AT-LARGE: Nathaniel Criss10520 Sand Creek Blvd.Fishers IN 46038E-mail:nate@indianachess.orgDIRECTOR-AT-LARGE: TomByers430 10th. Street Ph. (574) 722-1137Logansport, IN 46947E-mail: torn

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    Chess In Indiana Page 2

    I I I I Chess In IndianaEditor: Ken HamiltonPrinter/Publisher: Bill Corbin - UN PrintingContributors: Jay Carr, Aaron Dean, David Frey, RandyMiller, Dennis Monokroussos, Scott Reisinger, Steve StepProofreading: R.D. CrazeeContributing Photographers: Miltiadis Constantine, AaronDean, Ken Hamilton, Joe PetersonIfI've for otten an bod - which is likel - tell me. Ed.

    ChampionsIndiana State Champion: Patrick MihelichState Reserve Champion: John K. WortingerChallenge Champion: Dennis MonokroussosMasters/Generations: Masters, Jason Doss. Seniors: WThompson, Sr. Reserve: Jim Longuski. Amateur: LeKistler & Kevin Fyr. Junior: Jeffrey BaumanClass Champions: Masters:Vacant Expert: Ben Inskeep,Walt Thompson, B-Kristopher Williams and Joe SwindC-Andrew Pheasant D-Michael Frydell and RogFerreiraBeginners' Class Champions: E- Jonathon Harrison,Brandon Van Note, G- Christopher Patterson, H- NWilkey, 1- Hillary Williams &Alex Catron, Unrated-MichaPhillipsState Team Champions: "Nd4" (consisting of: Mike HerGlenn Snow, Jay Carr, Tom Harris)State Quick Chess Champion: Jim MillsState Blitz Champion: Josh BousumState Junior Blitz Champion: Jimmy HildebrandState Scholastic Champions:HS Champion: Patrick Mihelich9th & Under Champion: Cameron Donis6th & Under Champion: David Witwer3rd & Under Champion: Aravind Subramanian9th & Under Junior Varsity Champion: Corey Roell6th & Under Junior Varsity Champions: Ryan RobyGrade Champions: Grade 12: Vacant Grade l1:AntonioDelgado/James Young Grade 10:Matthew Fouts Grade 9: WillWeber Grade 8: Miltiadis Constantine Grade 7: Kyle Kasper Gr6: Gabriel GriggsGrade 5: Fengyee Zhou Grade 4: YoukowHomma Grade 3: Alek Jansen Grade 2: Yushi Homma Grade 1Nicholas JansenKindergarten: Samuel SuttonTeam Champions:High School: South Vigo HS (Terre Haute)8th & Under: Tecumseh MS (Lafayette)6th & Under: Canterbury School (Fort Wayne)3rd &Under: Sycamore School (Indianapolis)

    If you joined ISCA or renewed your membership insummer months - including at last year's Championshiin September - remember you will need to renew onbefore this year's State Championships in order to playour most prestigious tournament!

    June, 200

  • 5/17/2018 Chess in Indiana Vol XVII No. 2 June 2004


    President.s MessagePresident's Message, 611104Logansport was again the site of the Vano-Brooks ChaIlenge Match, with DennisMonokroussos prevailing over title holderseen here accepting theplaque and-needlessto say, the

    winner'scheck! Itwas apleasure towitness thisexciting, 5-game battle between the two topplayers in Indiana. Dennis has generouslycontributed a fuIl report, with a detailedanalysis of the second match game (see page5 in this issue).The 2004 State Championship is in the finalstages of planning and board approval. Wearemaking several improvements, increasingprize funds and grand prix points; . Thetournament will be held in the same roomlocations at the Indiana Convention Centerand RCA Domewe occupied last year. If youhaven't played in the state championship inthe past couple of years you don't know whatyou have missed!. The downtown location inthe heart in Indiana is ideal for this historical,premier Indiana chess event of the year, withample parking across the street and a plethoraof fast food places in the nearby CircleCenter Mall..The annual meeting of members is heldbetween rounds on the second day. It isimportant that you attend; last year, besidethe election of officers, we debated andapproved a revised membership duesstructure and agreed to launch the ISCAtour; you can find the details on our website, Dave Frey hasdevoted many hours to getting the tour upand running, even including games played onthe Internet Chess Club.. The project is nowin the final testing stages, while Dave worksout the bugs and developing reports that wiIlbe viewable on the web site. We are going toset the official start date for the 2005 ISCAtour at July 1st, 2004 and it will continue tiIlthe end of June 2005with awards being givenat the 2005 state championship to thewinners. More tour news will be provided inthe September issue of Chess In Indiana,which wiIl be before the annual meeting.Let 's give Dave a big thank you for his workon the web site -and for holding his firsttourney in Lebanon, as a newly-fledgedTournament Director!.Gary J Fox, ISCA

    Chess In Indiana

    ContentsContents2 Who's who in ISCA3 This page ...5 Games from Logansport13 Play it Forward14 Blaine's 50/218 Collecting your thoughts ...19 Bloomington Tornado21 Scholastic Chess22 ZCC Open25 Mind Games!26 Goodbye Mr. Chips (7)27 Solutions, and winners28 Tournament AnnouncementsEditor's Comments ....March issue errata - or as I only know ofone egregious error, should I say erratum? InMarch, this very column suggested membersvisit ISCA's website at Sorry,it's as Dave Frey gentlypointed out to me after spotting mymistake.Diagrams - FinaIly I've found a way togenerate better diagrams - similar to thosefound in just about every book or majormagazine (rather than the bitmap images thatprevious issues of ClI include) - that can betransmitted electronically to our publisher'sdigital printing machinery. I got help fromMig (chess journalist Michael Greengard)who was interested in my "Play-it-Forward"pages and did his best to show me how easyit was to generate diagrams in HTML via aweb page. Hmmm. Then US ChessLife editorKalev Pehme told me that Chess Life doesn'tuse MS Word (which I use to produce ClI)but more sophisticated, expensive, softwarecaIled "Quark Express 6." Their softwarehelps them move diagrams around in a way Ican't (unless I revert to bitmap images). ButKalev did suggest a couple of tricks I am stiIlworking on....FinaIly, I had an enjoyable exchange ofemails with Frederic Friedel of ChessBase.Long and the short of it, Frederic noted thatFritz 4 diagrams can be copied to Word andare the type you see in this issue. I am veryappreciative for the quick, friendly andhelpful responses I received from theseleaders in the chess community.1M John Donaldson emailed Joe Riegseckerasking for help in obtaining data on a BobbyFischer simul held in Indianapolis on May21, 1964. John found the J.G.WhiteCoIlection in Cleveland for Indiana chessmagazines in that period to no avail. Joepassed word around and Roger Blaine said hemight have old copies buried in boxes

    Page 3

    Editor's Commentssomewhere but it would take time to digup. Lester VanMeter said he recaIledeven