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  • 8/2/2019 Chess in Indiana Vol XV No. 1 May 2002



    I N S I D E T H I S I S S U E :r 3 J - Games and results from the Cballenge Championship Cycle (coverage begins on page 4)~ - Indiana State Champ Jason Doss interviewed (page 10)'* - Gregory Kaidanov's visit to Crawfordsville (page 12)i.-Annotated games by Doss, Cole, and other ISCA members (page 15)J .. - Tactics Gallery (page 14), Hall of Fame (page 3), Mailbag (page 3), Book Reviews (page 21) &More!., - Upcoming ISCA Events (back cover) & ISCA's Top rated players (page 23)

    (Top Jason Doss vs. John Cole inthe Challenge Championship match, bottom left Cole as H.S. Champion; bottom center 9'" Grade &Under Champion Ben Inskeep - showhere winning the Challenge Companion tournament; bottom right 6th Grade & Under State Champion Jon Kelly)

  • 8/2/2019 Chess in Indiana Vol XV No. 1 May 2002


    I I ISCA DirectorsPRESEDENT:Gary Fox134 Wheatland AveLogansport IN 46947Ph. (219) 722-4965E-mail: garyjfox@juno.comVICE PRESIDENT: Mike Zabawa647 Geeting DrAnderson IN 46012Ph. (765) 644-1139E-mail:mzabawa@acsc.netSECRETARY: Thomas J. Harris8117 Farrnhurst Ln.Indianapolis IN 46236Ph. (317) 823-7498E-mail:tharris78@home.comTREASURER: Roger E. BlainePO Box 353Osceola IN 46561Ph. (219) Jay Carr105 Diplomat Ct Apt 2Beech Grove IN 46107Ph. (317) 786-0218E-mai1:stentorpub@msn.comPUBLICITY DIRECTOR: Wick Deer7875 Cardinal Cove S DrIndianapolis IN 46256E-mail: Wickdeer3@cs.comE-~ail: (files)Wickdeer@aol.commSTORIAN :Wick Deer7875 Cardinal Cove S DrIndianapolis IN 46256E-mai1:Wick@surf-ici.comE-mail: (files)MEMBERSffiP DIRECTOR: Joseph A. Riegsecker55605 County Road 33Middlebury IN 46540-8740Ph. (219) 825-9218Fax: (707) 929-8950E-mail:joepye@concentric.netSCHOLASTIC DIRECTOR: John Cole2525 College AveGoshen IN 46528Ph. (219) 533-5057E-mail:tinytal@yahoo.comDIRECTOR-AT-LARGE: Steve Steppe53 E. Antler DrTerre Hau~e IN 47802Ph. (812) 299-5111E-mail:Ssteppe@aol.comDIRECTOR-AT-LARGE: Thomas Byers430 10th StLogansport IN 46947-3535Ph. (219)

    ISCA Membership Fees:RegularJunior (Under 18)FamilySubscription:Affiliate:

    $12.00/yr$ 6.00/yr$ 3.00/yr (addtl at same addr.)$ 1O.OO/yr$ 17.00/yr$ IO.OO/y ! (H.S.orbelow)chool Affiliate

    I I Patron Membershipschess in Indiana Page2

    I I Gold Card:Silver Card: $ lOO .OO/y r$ 50.00/yr$

    Editor: Jay A. CarrPrinterlPublisher: Bill Corbin - UN PrintingContributors: Ken Hamilton, Roger Blaine, Les Kistler, JohnCole, Jason Doss, Paul Wick, Tom Cook, Gary Fox, NateCriss, Kris WilliamsProofreading: Ken Hamilton, Jay CarrContributing Photographers: Jay Carr, Ken Hamilton, TomCook, Les Kistler

    I r t J ISCA Cham pions ~Indiana State Champion: Jason DossState Reserve Champion: Jon LewisClass Champions: M- John Cole IE-Josh Bousum, A-KevinFyr, B-Ben Inskeep, C- Garrett Smith & Jesse Bender, D-James Longuski, E - Jason CrismoreState Team Champions: "Nd4" (consisting of: Mike Herron,Glenn Snow, Jay Carr, Tom Harris)State Quick Chess Champion: Bernard Parham (Sr.)State Blitz Champion: John ColeState Blitz Reserve Champion: Bernard Parham (Jr.)State B.S. Blitz Champion: John Dale BeetyISCA SCHOLASTIC CHAMPIONS:HS Champion: John Cole9th & Under Champion: Ben Inskeep6th & Under Champion: Jon Kelly3rd& Under Champion: Kyle Calabria and McClain Bishop9th & Under Junior Varsity Co-Champions: Seth Grimes,Travis Geisel6th & Under Junior Varsity Co-Champions: ScottSchmelzer, Casey Lecklider, Brandon RatliffGrade Champions: Grade 12: Michael Hade Grade 11: VacantGrade 10: Jeff Bauman Grade 9: Michael Honderich Grade 8:Jonathan Lewis Grade 7: Mark Bauman Grade 6: Michael HarrisGrade 5: Cameron Donis Grade 4: Evan Hanley Grade 3: DanielRyker Grade 2: Alex Pappas Grade 1: Mitchell BroughtonKindergarten: Alek Jansen Pre-kindergarten: David RykerTEAM CHAMPIONS:High School: Anderson HS (Anderson)8th &Under: Honey Creek MS (Terre Haute)6 th&Under: The Orchard School (Indianapolis)3rd&Under: The Orchard School (Indianapolis)

    amiltonMay 2002
  • 8/2/2019 Chess in Indiana Vol XV No. 1 May 2002


    President's Message: (4/30/2002)A second year's Challenge

    Championship has made 1h e pages ofhistory. Congratulations to Jason Doss ournew champion. The runner up John Colewill be going off to college this fall andthis may be the last Indiana title he will becompeting for in the next few years. Goodluck in college and don't forget to comeback to Indiana when you are done. Sendus some of your Grandmaster victories topublish in the magazine.

    Congratulations to Anders Larsson for winning the Indiana StateQuick and Blitz Championships. Anders is half way there in becoming Indiana'sfir st Grand Slam Champion. All he has to do now is win the Class and The StateChampionship. The remaining two will not be an easy task. Good Luck!It seems that chess is on an upswing in Indiana. A slow upswing but wewil l take it. One indicator is the growing number of USCF affiliates. Thenumber has practically doubled since last year. You ca n check this out onthe USCF web site looking for clubs in Indiana.We are in the final stages of planning this years State Championship.ISCA is going to be running the show and we have some exciting news! TheState will be held in September on the 21st and 22nd at the IndianaConvention Center and RCA Dome in the hear t of Downtown Indianapolis. Weplan on increasing the prize fund and Grand Prix points to make thispackage attractive to all of our membership. Mark you calendar!Gary FoxPresident, ISCAgaryjfoX@juno.

    Membership Approves the Indiana State ChessI Hall of Fame

    by [SCA President, Gary FoxThe Indiana State Chess Hall of Fame was approved by the generalmembership at last September's annual meeting. Tom Harris and Gary Fox

    drafted this program and now it is a permanent part of our By-Laws. It wasformed to honor persons that have dedicated their lives towards the game ofChess. Persons either in their performance of; or by organization, inspiration, andpassing knowledge of Chess can be eligible to receive this outstanding award. TheIndiana State Chess Hal l of Fame shall be displayed and maintained on the ISCAweb site.Becoming a historical part of the hall of fame can he accomplished two ways.

    Playing performance by winning state titles or membership nomination. Severalrequirements need to be met in order to achieve nominat ion. 25+ years of serviceto chess, nominated by an ISCA member with at least one page describing hisservice to chess, current board of directors passing his or her nomination with a %vote approval, and at the annual membership meeting nominations must pass witha simple major ity. Playing performance is the direct way to be famous. If youhave achieved 4 Indiana State Chess Championship tit les or consecut ively 3Indiana State Chess Championship titles you are in. Another way to become apartofthe'hall of fame is to become a Grand Slam Champion, which requires, withinone calendar year, winning the titles of the State Championship, ClassChampionship, Blitz Championship and Quick Championship.

    Nonnally nominations are limited to only one living and two deceasedpersons per year. This year before the 2002 membership meeting nominations forliving individuals are set to ten and the number is unlimited if the person isdeceased. Ifyou know ofan individual who has contributed many years of his lifeto chess and feel he should be recognized for his or her efforts then submit hisname to a board director with the requirements listed above. Indiana wants torecognize these individuals and is very proud of them. The nominat ions deadl ineis set to one month before the annual membership meeting/State Championship.

    Ches s in In d ia na Page 3

    Editor's Comments, Issue Contents, & Other News:SLA ("standard lateness apolozy"):I apologize for the big gap between issues.This Issue's Contents:Most of this issues coverage relates to the Challenge Championship cycle. A lotof material was left on the cutting room floor. I hope to have a feature in the nextissue chronicling Indiana teams at the US Amateur Team Championship, but nowthat seems so long ago ... The Donley Open was also recently concluded whichwe hope to have coverage of in the next issue. We've also included some bookreviews in this issue. I'd appreciate some feedback on whether or not readerswould like this to be a regular feature.Places to Visit:. Be sure to log in frequently to for all the latest news andcrosstable of Indiana Events. Ifyou hold an event, no matter how big or small,make sure you write a paragraph or two for Joe Riegseeker or David Frey, ourISCA Web Director to include inthe news section. It's also a great place to keeptrack of your rating & tournament results.Donley Weekend Update:New to Indiana, master Anders Larsson has wasted little time in making a namefor himself. He won both the State Blitz Championship and the QuickChampionship in convincing fashion. Ben Inskeep added another victory to hisrecent string of successes by tying for first in the Donley Open with Boyd Reed ofIllinois. Each took home $250.00