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Cheetah Mobile India

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  • Cheetah Mobile India

  • Welcome to the land of tigers, cheetahs and 1.3 billion humans.India Gate, New Delhi

  • Smartphone use is becoming dominant way for Indias 900 million mobile customers to stay connected.

    Farmers are using apps for increasing crop yields and profits.Urbanites are using apps for food, cricket and banking.

  • The lowering cost of data plans is encouraging Indians to trade in their

    traditional mobile phones for smartphones.

    1)The aspirational Indian consumer is willing to pay a premium for the top brands that have the best to offer.

    2) There is enough volume at the bottom as well thanks to the value-conscious customer.

  • Mobile communication is the most important technological innovation

    in the history of our planet.

    The resulting app platform is transforming economies, education, language, healthcare, music, safety, privacy and the quality of life for the elderly and

    those with disabilities in India and around the world.

  • The Indian government under leadership from prime minister Modi is also promoting the Mobile platform in under serviced rural

    communities as a vehicle for personal change.

    According to the IMF, Indias economy is growing the fastest in Asia in 2015 due to policy reforms from the Modi government.