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<ul><li><p>Located within the confines of Albemarle </p><p>country in Virginia, Charlottesville city is an important tourist </p><p>getaway in USA.Best known for being the home to </p><p>University of Virginia, this place was founded by Thomas Jefferson. Nestled in </p><p>the foot hills of Blue Ridge Mountain in wester n Centra l Virginia, this city has a population of 2 0 0 , 0 0 0 . I t i s recognized as one of the most livable </p><p>places in terms of cost and fantastic weather.</p><p>Great weather, professional hospitals and the fantastic University of Virginia have allowed Charlottesville to be voted number one by several publications.</p><p>Other major rankings achievements for the small city include being hailed as the best compact city in America, the second healthiest city in America to live in, the best city to do business in and the seventh best city in which to raise a family.</p><p>The rich cultural and historical aspect of the city never let you get bored at all. Array of museums, galleries and wine makers shops, and parks dispersed throughout the area keep you entertained. So do pay a visit to this elegant city whenever you are in USA.</p><p> Charlottesville is a city with deep historic values. It has been a favorite spot for writers, readers and several artists. This city has given three </p><p>presidents to the country. World famous Virginia University adds a great reputation to the place.</p><p>What about Virginia Historic homes? </p><p>Information about Charlottesville Real Estate</p><p>Charlottesville Real Estate CHARLOTTESVILLE REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONS ISSUE ONE</p><p>We are always available for our clients and work for your best interest at all times</p><p>Now is the time to buy luxury Charlottesville real estate. </p><p>Charlottesville is a marvelous place to retire. University employment is one of the main businesses in Charlottesville.</p><p>Charlottesville Virginia real estate is famous for her exquisite historic </p><p>houses...and there are hundreds of them.</p><p>CHARLOTTESVILLER E A L E S T A T E</p></li></ul>