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Chapter9_10 Circuit & Packet Switching. Communication Network Circuit Switching Message Switching Packet Switching. /. Communication Network. Communication Network 의 필요성 Full mesh의 Connection 완전환 연결을 위해 N(N-1)/2 개의 전송 링크가 필요 각 Station 은 (N-1) 개의 Interface 가 필요. Communication Network. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Chapter9_10Circuit & Packet SwitchingCommunication NetworkCircuit SwitchingMessage SwitchingPacket Switching

  • Communication NetworkCommunication Network Full mesh Connection N(N-1)/2 Station (N-1) Interface

  • Communication NetworkNetwork Connection Interface

  • Communication NetworkNetworkNetwork Node Link Network Information Switching

    UNI: User to Network InterfaceNNI: Node to Node Interface

  • Communication NetworkCommunication Network Switching MethodsCircuit SwitchingMessage SwitchingPacket Switching

  • Circuit SwitchingCircuit Switching Station circuit Circuit Switching Communication 3Circuit EstablishmentData TransferCircuit Disconnect

  • Circuit Switching Station Dedicated Path

    Circuit EstablishAD Data TransferData TransmissionCircuit Disconnect(A or D)AD

  • Circuit SwitchingCircuit SwitchInput Link Output Link Switch Control Interface signaling

    Switch ControlInputOutput

  • Circuit SwitchingPublic Switched Telephone NetworkSubscribers: Network Local loop[subscriber loop] : Subscribers End Office Exchanges: Switching CenterTrunks: Switch

  • Message SwitchingData Communication Store and Forwarding Message Header Address

  • Packet Switching Idle Time Data bursty Circuit Switching Station

  • Packet SwitchingPacket SwitchingMessage Packet Packet Store and Forwarding Data Communication

  • Packet Switching

  • Packet Switching

  • Packet SwitchingPacket Switching Technique

    Packet SwitchingDatagramSwitchedVirtual CircuitVirtual CircuitPermanentVirtual Circuit

  • Packet SwitchingDatagram TechniqueConnectionless Packet Packet Address Destination

  • Packet SwitchingDatagram Technique Multi Channel Packet TDM FDM Multiplexing

  • Packet SwitchingVirtual Circuit TechniqueConnection Oriented Packet , Packet Header IdentifierVirtual Circuit Packet Virtual Circuit SVC(Switched Virtual Circuit) PVC(Permanent Virtual Circuit)

  • Packet SwitchingSVC(Switched Virtual Circuit)

  • Packet SwitchingPVC(Permanent Virtual Circuit)

  • Packet SwitchingPacket Switching Technique Operation

  • Packet Switching

  • Packet SwitchingPacket Size

  • Packet SwitchingOperation of Switching TechniquePropagation DelaySignal Node Node Transmission TimeSender Data Processing Delay[Node Delay] Node Data Queuing DelayPacket Node Queue

  • Packet Switching

  • Packet SwitchingCircuit Switching vs Virtual CircuitPhysical path Virtual route

  • Packet SwitchingDedicated shared

  • Packet Switching


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