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<ul><li><p>8/12/2019 Changing a soi - cities-Hums-18shikhark</p><p> 1/7</p><p>Introduction:</p><p>Bangkok is a major city filled with people and sois, where lots of people</p><p>travel everyday. Thought he city has a few problems for example, the traffic,</p><p>pollution, and the layout. The sois need many aesthetic changes to make it better</p><p>and structural modifications to make it more accessible. To create a better soi I</p><p>investigated on my focus- Sukhumvit soi 11 on Google maps and found a few</p><p>movement issues, that can be solved and need to be solved in order to make a</p><p>safe and more sustainable soi.</p><p>1 st Paragraph:</p><p>Bangkok is known for its automobile movement and stranded traffic on</p><p>the negative side. A city is usually made of roads, followed by lanes (sois) and</p><p>further followed by sub-lanes. It is obvious that a soi is expected to be not as</p><p>broad as 4 -lane roads. But, it can be expected for a soi to let pass two vehicles</p><p>adjacent to each other at the same time. In addition to this, it is also fair to expect</p><p>decently spaced sidewalks on both sides of the soi. There can be many more</p><p>addends to this list but ones mentioned above are basic necessities in a soi. Myfocus soi 11 on Sukhumvit road in Bangkok has been designed in contrast to</p><p>the least expectations for a normal soi. Increasing negligence and declining</p><p>responsibilities pose severe threats to the freedom of movement. Analysis of</p><p>problems reveals the contribution of this space sprawl leading to unhealthy</p><p>conditions in the soi. The objective of this article is to find a solution to the</p><p>commonly resulting problems. Particularly, the following paragraphs will deal with</p><p>real life case study in deducing a favorable solution.</p><p>Paragraph: 2</p><p>Soi 11 defies sidewalks as it has already been designed to be narrow; the</p><p>street vendors or shop owners for their displays use up this narrow space. The</p><p>traffic is one big aspect of the movement part of the soi and there are some</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Changing a soi - cities-Hums-18shikhark</p><p> 2/7</p><p>ways to improve on it. The bike men, who park and stack their bikes, occupying a</p><p>majority of the space on the sidewalks as well as the sois, also use up this</p><p>narrow space. Food vendors set up their mobile seating arrangements on the</p><p>sidewalks completely suspending the continuity of the sidewalks. They make it</p><p>more hazardous by placing their gas cylinders, near electric poles. On the event</p><p>of unforeseen calamity because of this the narrow soi is once again going to be</p><p>stranded due to traffic jam. Because of no proper parking options on the soi the</p><p>prospective visitors or guests park their vehicle near the sidewalks taking up one</p><p>third of the soi-space. This unorganized usage of public space has lead to space</p><p>cramping, chaos, traffic jams and pollution, due to the exceeding usage of gas by</p><p>four-wheelers, vendors, and bike men who keep their exhaust running causing</p><p>air pollution. The sewage tanks built in the middle of the sidewalks need urgentattention as it had been constructed a couple of decades ago. They often give-up</p><p>and overflow the wastes in the middle of the soi that leads to clogging and again</p><p>traffic jams; pollution also follows. All of the above is a list of ways that cause</p><p>Traffic jam in Bangkok. The traffic and movement in Bangkok is affecting some</p><p>families and the city. When many cars are using patrol, and are stuck in traffic</p><p>they release dangerous gasses, which can harm the environment and is not safe</p><p>for us to breath into. People who stay behind the wheel all day after work can</p><p>come home late or get somewhere late. The businessmen stuck in traffic build</p><p>high blood pleasure according to an article I read which causes more stress and</p><p>harms the persons quality of life. People dont enjoy sitting in one place for long</p><p>especially after working they want to come home and relax with friends and</p><p>family. Eventually it could lead to short temper and a few health issues such as</p><p>obesity.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Changing a soi - cities-Hums-18shikhark</p><p> 3/7</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Changing a soi - cities-Hums-18shikhark</p><p> 4/7</p><p>Paragraph 3:</p><p>Some cities around the world are taking initiative and their governments arethinking of smart solutions for traffic congestion problems. For example Seoul,</p><p>Korea have thought of a few methods to reduce the traffic jams. Firstly they have</p><p>a new system where groceries and goods are delivered by order of the</p><p>consumers (it is shipped and delivered to houses of the buyers) , so that they</p><p>dont need to use any form of transport to create more congestion on the road.</p><p>They are staring a free shuttle bus service to hospitals and other cultural sites. It</p><p>Is helpful to many citizens especially senior citizen who dont need to walk at allbecause the shuttle pick you up from and drop you at the site not at a bus stop</p><p>where you would still have to walk a bit. To help the traffic and the fitness of</p><p>some younger citizens they have also started public bicycles to get around town.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Changing a soi - cities-Hums-18shikhark</p><p> 5/7</p><p> There are a few ways to solve the traffic jam in Bangkok now. We have a variety</p><p>of options to elaborate on start using to create less traffic. We can start a bike</p><p>service in every soi. Create strict guidelines for street vendors to not set up stalls</p><p>on the pathways. Start more shuttle bus services free off charge. Create 2 floor</p><p>parking spaces in empty spaces of the sois. Make parking spaces for motorbikes</p><p>and have guards make sure vehicles are switched of when not in use. Make</p><p>people car pool with peers. Make rules to no allow parking on edges of roads.</p><p>Reconstruct a system underground where sewage does not overflow, and make</p><p>sure there are no holes in the ground openings. Conceal the wires and extra</p><p>electric boxes, and keep them away from gas tanks. Make separate roads for</p><p>bikes. Encourage people to use the BTS and MRT and expand on the routes to</p><p>further places. Reduce the production of taxis every year unless needed.Remake pathways and clear out the rubbish by hiring more staff and installing</p><p>rubbish bins to throw litter in. If we use all these solutions listed above we will</p><p>have a cleaner city which will help encourage people to walk in and cycle</p><p>through, also by cycling we can motivate people to exercise. But most</p><p>importantly to get rid of cars parked on the street we need empty land where we</p><p>can store some of these cars and turn their exhaust of. Unfortunately all of these</p><p>installments and facilities need money so the government might have to increase</p><p>the tax for a few a years.</p><p>Bibliography:</p><p>"Cities of Tomorrow." N.p., n.d. Web.</p><p>"Why Bangkok Has One of the World's Worst Traffic Jam Problems." Yahoo Contributor</p><p> Network . N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Mar. 2014.</p><p>"TRAFFIC CONGESTION." 2013 Clean Air Commute . N.p., n.d. 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