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2. LL Bean Project Overview:Demographics: Deliverables: To take a successful brand and reposition it to a new demographic by Age: 11 to 17 Deliverables using recognizable extreme athletes throughout the tour will creating a sub brand LL and promotional tour, The LL Bean Racing Series, Sex: Male engage the demographic on a personal level, giving them an opportunity using recognizable action sport athletes. Implementing stops in five major Marital Status: Singleto watch their favorite athlete participate in a new sport, Urban BMX. urban cities: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, and Las Vegas.Education: Jr. High and High schoolHome: Lives with parentsPrint Ad: Placement in Transworld magazines, ads willreach over 2,000,000 new customers a month. Key Fact: Although LL Bean is a key competitor in the outdoor market, they Psychographics: Billboards, Train and Truck Ads: Billboards will be placed at have been unsuccessful marketing to the 11-17 demographic. Need to fit in and/or be accepted by peersupcoming tour stops to inform the local market.Dependant on familyOutgoing Problem the Campaign Must Solve: Need for adventure/likes to try new thingsCatalog: The LL Bean catalog will serve as the first point of The campaign must present the new sub brand LL, as a cool, young Need to stand out contact introducing the action sport athletes and the tour. and exciting outdoor brand designed for the 11-17 oriented market. Future success matters in their life/wants to go to collegeTV Spot: The TV spot will run during other extreme sports Company Description: Mentalities:programming to introduce LL Bean to the new demographic. LL Bean is an outdoor clothing and supply companyLoves being active dedicated to quality, customer satisfaction an over allThrives on the rush of adrenalineWeb Banners: Introduce and create awareness for promotional tour; excellence. Specializing in online and catalog sales.Wants to be like the older kidsalso to direct demographic to LL Bean website.Loves familyLoves being adventurous and risk taking Promise: Takes pride and care of belongings LL Bean promises to uphold their commitment to quality while expanding style and innovation while introducing the new brand with designs called LL. Competition: R.E.I.Columbia CabelasMarmot North FacePatagoniaLL Bean Racing Series 3. City Train [MAX] Outdoor Billboard Cargo TruckEnvironmental [City Bus Stop] Courtesy Car [Subaru] 4. National Print Ad Web Banner [actual pixels: 600 x 150] Web Banner [actual pixels: 250 x 522] 5. Catalog (back cover)Catalog (front cover)Catalog (spread) P0250001PO Box 34829 Los Angeles, CAPORTLAND, OR 97209-35471230 NW 12TH AVE APT 430CHAD SOESBE***********************************AUTO**5-DIGIT 97209CUST # 3054591 SOURCE 52521A cloak of magical powers.ThisyearLLBeanRacingfocusedoncreatingacohesivecollectionthatPOSTAGEcombinesfits,colors,materialsandpersonalityintooneuniqueoffering. Regular Fit70%Acrylic/30%Wool5 gaugeGarmet Wash 30 second commercial: opens with music (Black Flag) Red & Photo FADE to Bars Begin to Fall | 5 sec.5 sec. 5 sec. Logo | 5 sec.Logo 5 second FADE OUT black barsThe commercial is one continuous graphic of the logo being put together, using the racing colors and then fading into the standard black with red logo. Dynamic, fast and vague, leaving the customer curious and wanting to explore the website for answers. 6. Portland Rock Gym Project Overview:Demographics: Deliverables: A guerilla campaign to create brand awareness, while Age: 24 to 32 Having Portland Rock Jim running through public places with attracting new membership by conveying a non-threatening/Sex: Male and Femalea gaggle of followers trying to catch and climb him to show welcoming environment for the consumer Marital Status: Married or dating potential members the fun and welcoming side to the gym.Education: Currently in college or a college graduateHome: Renters or first-time home buyers Portland Rock Jim - represents the common gym going person, not the Key Fact:hardcore gym rat but definitely into staying fit and having fun while working Portland Rock Gym is an alternative, fun way to work out.out. He wears a simple backpack-type outfit with rock climbing holdsattached and encourages people to follow him to the Portland Rock Gym.Psychographics: Problem the Campaign Must Solve: Need to do their own thing/be individuals Gaggle of followers - differently dressed members of the The campaign will attract new prospective members by showing Dependant on family and friends public following and chasing Portland Rock Jim. how playful and welcoming the gym is by showing people thatOutgoing and social rock climbing is a fun alternative to a traditional workout. Need for adventure or to try new thingsNon-traditionalCareer and goal oriented Company Description An indoor rock climbing gym that offers private instruction, group Mentalities: and corporate events, as well as other creatively themed nights. Loves being activeThrives on being a part of the communityConscious of the environment Promise: Loves family and dog Portland Rock Gym promises to offer more adventure and Loves being adventurous excitement than a traditional gym workout without theWorks hard intimidation of more experienced rock climbers.Takes care of body, physically and mentally Competition: 24-Hour Fitness LA Fitness Ballys Portland Rock Gym 7. Guerilla Campaign ILLusTRATIoN By - A.I. 8. Project Overview: Deliverables: To attract the perspective demographic to test, learn and use the service. Demographics:Placing the cubicle in a high-traffic area that theAge: 24 to 35demographic frequents, to ensure use of service.Sex: Male and Female Key Fact:Marital Status: Married or dating allows the user to input current favorites Education: College graduateCubicle: With appealing graphics and free Internet for to ultimately expand their musical interests.Home: Upscale apartment, condo, or small starter homeusers, the cubicle will turn new users into listeners. Problem the Campaign Must Solve:Promotional Items: Ear buds: ties directly into listening to the service The customer must become that they can discover new musicPsychographics:Mouse pad: is a constant reminder of while at computer in genres they like on Pandoras virtual radio station.Need to be on top of current trends and new technologyself-reliantLiberal Company Description: Need for adventure and new things or change Pandora is a music discovery service designed to help one enjoy music they Non-traditional already know, and to help them discover new music to enjoy and love. Career oriented Promise: Mentalities : Pandora promises to tailor the clients play lists to their types of music Loves being trendy and provide them with similar selections of music, as well as introduceThrives on helping the community the listener to new music within the genres they already enjoy.Wants to be sustainable and greenLoves my independenceLoves being exploratory and adventurous Competition: Works hard and takes care of belongings iTunes Traditional radio Internet radio CDs 9. Cubicle Configurations Mouse Pad EarbudsCubicle 10. Oregon Alliance for Arts Education Project Overview: Demographics:Deliverables: Approaching the current and prospective demographic with a new and freshAge: 34 to 48By updating the press kit for an already successful charity, this just adds to the brand identity to generate awareness and revenue for this organization. Sex: Male and Female ability they have to generate donations. With art programs being cut because Marital Status: Marriedbudget shortfalls, their mission and fund raising are more important than ever. Education: College or other higher education Key Fact: Home: Affluent The oregon Alliance for Arts Education (oAAE) is an organization thatPress Kit: supports and promotes arts education in schools and in the community.Letterhead Psychographics:Business CardMailing Envelope Problem the Advertisement Must Solve: Need or desire to give back to the communityMailer: For perspective donors To bring art back into the classroomHas many people depending on themNewsletter: To teachers and educators to keep them up-to-date on activities Politically activesponsored by OAAE. Socially responsible Company Description:Traditional and reservedBrochure: General information about oAAEs mission to keep/promote art inschools The oAAE is a non-profit organization that is directly affiliated with the John Career oriented or retiredMedia List F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, which provides a liaison betweenPR Plan national and statewide agencies and all private and public art organizations. Mentalities: Press Release Loves being proactive Promise:Thrives on helping and giving back to the community Wants to help the environment oAAE promises to keep art as part of the student curriculum. Loves family Loves being able to give to others Competition:Works hard Local charities Oregon Alliance for Arts Education 11. Identity [Business Card & Envelopes] Brochure Direct Mailer Newsletter 12. Clear Creek Distillery Project Overview:Demographics:Deliverables: By using the color of the product, it enables the consumers to beAge: 25 to 34By using the recycle logo and the tag line Go Green, we are playing curious of the project and its green qualities, while playing on the Sex: Male and female on the global trend to label every product green. This product is actually current trend of sustainability and the go green concept.Marital Status: Marriedgreen and trying it is what is being suggested. With no universal symbolEducation: College for Sustainability yet, the recycle symbol in the mind of the publicHome: Fashionable and expensiverepresents efforts and attempts at going green or being sustainable. Key Fact: Clear Creek only uses local homegrown products. Print Ad: Placed in high-end spirits magazines such as Wine s