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By Dr. Rick Woodward Tell me what you see…….

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Tell me what you see……. By Dr. Rick Woodward. The Hawaiian Island Chain was formed by volcanic activity. My visit to the Island of Kauai 2008 . The Mystic Tiki Idol . Scary Handout #1. Do Ghosts Exist?. Ghost Stories… Do you have one???. Introduction to the Human Brain. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Do Ghosts Exist?

By Dr. Rick WoodwardTell me what you see.

The Mystic Tiki Idol The Hawaiian Island Chain was formed by volcanic activity. My visit to the Island of Kauai 2008

Do Ghosts Exist?Scary Handout #1

Ghost StoriesDo you have one???

Introduction to the Human Brain

The Human Brain1. The Frontal Lobe: Personality, Voluntary Movement, Elaboration of Thought

The Human Brain*2. The Temporal Lobe: Hearing (Auditory)

The Human Brain*Beneath the Temporal Lobe (sub cortical) lies the amygdala (stores memories of fear).

The Human Brain3. The Occipital Lobe: Vision

The Human Brain4. The Parietal Lobe: Sensory Integration, Receives Sensory Information (Pain & Temperature)

The Human Brain5. The Cerebellum: Body Movement and Coordination (Involuntary)

The Human BrainThe Cerebrum refers to the entire brain.

How the Human Brain reacts to Various Stimuli

How are magnetic fields generated?

How are magnetic fields generated?The Earths core is made up of a solid sphere of iron metal and nickel surrounded by a liquid outer core.

What is the function of the Earths Core?The inner core rotates slightly faster than the rest of the Earth producing magnetic forces. Often referred to as a geodynamo.

What is the function of the Earths Core?What are Sun Spots?Sun spots are dark structures on the surface of the sun.They are created by intense magnetic activity.

Sun Spots (September 4, 2010)New images of a colossal sunspot show the chaos and energy on the surface of the sun.The New Solar Telescope in Big Bear Lake, Calif., snapped the closest image ever taken of the sunspot, which is larger than the Earth.

Sun Spots (September 4, 2010)The black fibers are violent jets of energy being thrown from the surface of the star.The fibers are actually jets of energy being ejected from the bright magnetic fields at the surface.Sunspots are dark structures on the surface of the sun. They are created by intense magnetic activity.

What is Magnetic Hermatite?It is formed from iron oxide and it produces a strong magnetic field.

Creating an experimentNeuroscientist Michael Persinger had volunteers wear a special helmet that generated a weak electromagnetic wave pattern.

Creating an experiment ..The electrical activity of the helmet caused mini-seizures in the brains temporal lobes, which are involved in processing what we see and hear.

Creating an experiment..Michael Pesingers test subjects sensed a supernatural presence in the room while they were wearing these helmets that stimulated their temporal lobes with electromagnetic waves. They also witnessed and experienced other events of paranormal activity.

Neuroscientist Michael PersingerHis Experiment:

Neuroscientist Michael PersingerVariations of instruments used in his experiment:

What do the scientists say?In haunted places researchers have measured strong magnetic fields. These strong magnetic fields most likely affected the temporal lobes of individuals who falsely believed that they had seen ghosts or witnessed other types of paranormal activity. What do the scientists say?These fluctuations of magnetic activity may have interacted with the brain, causing hallucinations, dizziness or other mind tricks that can make a person feel as though a house has a presence.

What do the scientists say?What causes these mind-altering local magnetic fluctuations?Answer: It could be anything from magnetic minerals used within the concrete of these dwellings, from minerals in the ground, to sunspots.

The Scientific Method:Forming a hypothesis Predicting: I predict. Conducting a controlled experimentCollecting dataAnalyzing data ConclusionReporting your findings

-Was your hypothesis correct or incorrect?

Now for lecture IOpen your composition book.Write lecture I The Scientific Method in your table of contents under your last entry Ten Unsolved Mysteries of the BrainNow go to where you left off after you answered questions 1-26 and write todays agenda which is on the board.Answer the journal question.Copy down the lecture in its entirety.