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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>BUSINESS STRETEGIC MANAGEMENT ANALYSIS OFTATA MOTORSPRESENTED BYRISHABH SHUKLA22053</p> <p>RSS2015</p> <p>TATA MOTORS an introductionTATA MOTORS is a subsidiary of the TATA GROUP, was founded in 1945 by J. R. D. TATAInitially TATA MOTORS was named as TELCO (TATA ENGINEERING AND LOCOMOTIVE COMPANY)TATA MOTORS entered the commercial vehicle sector in 1954 after forming a joint venture with DAIMLER-BENZ GmbH, in 1991, TATA MOTORS independently launched TATA Sierra, a multi utility vehicleIn later years TATA MOTORS became Indias largest automobile company with many names, TATA SUMO(1994; LCV), TATA SAFARI (1998, Indias first sports utility vehicle), TATA INDICA (1998) and the most popular, state of art, the world most affordable car made for Indian middle class and lower middle class section yet underrated by Indians i.e. TATA NANO in 2009</p> <p>RSS2015</p> <p>Mr. CYRUS P MISTRYNon-executive Director And ChairmanRSS2015</p> <p>JAGUAR LAND ROVER PLC is its luxury category which was acquired by TATA MOTORS in 2008TATA MOTORS is responsible for around 94% of its sales in the MHCV segment &amp; around 84% in the light commercial vehicle segmentCurrent chairman is Mr. CYRUS PALLONJI MISTRY who is the successor of SIR RATAN NAVAL TATA present chairman of TATA SONS LTD &amp; TATA TRUSTHeadquarters in MUMBAI, MAHARASTRA</p> <p>RSS2015</p> <p>RSS2015</p> <p>SUBSIDARIES</p> <p>RSS2015</p> <p>RSS2015</p> <p>MISSIONTo be passionate in anticipating and providing the best vehicles and experiences that excite our customers globally.VISIONMost admired by our customers, employees, business partners and shareholders for experience and value they enjoy from being with us.RSS2015</p> <p> CHARTS</p> <p>RSS2015</p> <p> CHARTS</p> <p>RSS2015</p> <p> ANALYSISRSS2015</p> <p> SWOT ANALYSISSTRENGTH</p> <p>CONSOLIDATED net profits of Rs 21,703 crores for the quarter ended in FY15 on the back of strong sales in the domestic market and a good show of J&amp;LRMarket capitalisation of 1,66,458.64 croresEBITDA margin has increases by 16% from past yearNo. 1 in heavy commercial vehicles in IndiaTata motors products were of different range and their variety in producing different models was amazing. They have a wide range of products which gives the customer an option to choose best among the listOwner of JAGUAR &amp; LAND ROVER They have intensive R &amp; D practice which continuously enhances their product developmentsCV sales is 377,193 vehicles and PV sales was 620,357 vehicles in 2014-2015 makes it as No. 1 automobile company in India</p> <p>RSS2015Tata Motors annual report 2014-2015</p> <p>WEAKNESSTata motors huge market share is concentrated domestically, and for a company to expand with acquisitions and alliance, they should try to be a global player in the automobile marketHuge competitions in the passenger vehicle production in India may be a considerable threat and still it remains a major weakness since Tata motors innovative projects were delayed due to lot of local political problems.Image of Taxi for Tata Indica.Less no of service station as comparison to Maruti Suzuki.</p> <p>RSS2015source :</p> <p>OPPORTUNITYThere is huge need for passenger vehicles in India due to roadways new development projects. People may wish to have a passenger vehicle for convenienceNowadays customers expect cars to be more preferable to avoid any accidental problems since the population in India is increasing a lot every year and it is a must now to be safe and quick accessed vehicles to be ownedThe need for environment friendly vehicles is a must and Tata motors can concentrate on producing more green products that can emit less gas fuels and Company's CSR should avail this opportunity to produce more fuel efficient vehicles with less gas emissionsFastest growing market for small cars in India.Positive business outlook for both commercials and passengers vehicles in the Indian market would give a boost to Tata Motors Indian operation.</p> <p>RSS2015</p> <p>THREATSEntries of foreign players in Indian automobile sector.Tata motors need an extra attention on processing raw materials too. The parts required in making desirable products for Tata motors must be processed as quickly as possible since they are manufactured locally and shipped worldwidedue to global warming Tata motors need to be very careful in producing green products to ensure the maintain the environmental regulations properlyStiff competition from Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai</p> <p>RSS2015</p> <p>COMPETITIVE PROFILE MATRIXNOTE: 4=major strength ; 3=minor strength ; 2=minor weakness ; 1=major weakness (source :</p> <p>CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORWEIGHTRATINGSCOREMarket Share0.1540.6Product Quality0.1540.6Management0.0830.24Financial Position0.0930.27Global Expansion0.0740.28Advertising0.0830.24Customer Service 0.0720.14Price Competitiveness0.0740.28Customer Loyalty0.0720.14Sales Distribution0.0830.24Production Capacity0.0930.27Total13.3</p> <p>RSS2015</p> <p>BCG MATRIXTata motors heavy and light commercial vehicle products were placed under Cash cows, where these products have high market share but low growth due to increased competition. To avoid these problems, the company should concentrate on customer retentionTata motors new innovative and interesting product is Tata Nano and it is placed under question mark in BCG matrix along with Jaguar and Land Rover products. It is because they have low market share but still expected to perform well in market and reach high market growthTata motors don't have a mentionable product that is doing really bad for them</p> <p>RSS2015</p> <p>RSS2015</p> <p>RELATIVE MARKET SHARE</p> <p>THANK YOURSS2015</p>