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<ol><li> 1. Produced by Kevin Almeida Chapter 2: STRATEGIC implications of branding </li><li> 2. Produced by Kevin Almeida Contents What does Branding really mean? Brand act as a genetic programme The Product and the Brand Advertising products through the Brand Prism </li><li> 3. Produced by Kevin Almeida A BRAND IS A LONG TERM VISION A brand draws its strength from the companys financial and human means. Brand vision and purpose Core brand values Brand personality codes Semiotic Invariants Strategic benefits and attributes Physical signature: family resemblance Typical brand actions </li><li> 4. Produced by Kevin Almeida The role of the brand name is precisely to protect innovation; acts as a mental patent. Brands protect innovators, granting them momentary exclusiveness and rewarding them for their risk-taking attitude. Brands cannot, be reduced to a mere sign on a product, a mere graphic cosmetic touch. PERMANENTLY NUTURING THE DIFFERENCE </li><li> 5. Produced by Kevin Almeida BRANDS ACT AS A GENETIC PROGRAMME Brands are built and exert a long term influence on customers memories, which in turn influence their expectations, attitudes and degree. Brands create a cognitive filter; dissonant and typical aspects are declared unrepresentative. Research on Brand Identity To analyse the brands most typical production To analyse the reception Customer loyalty is created by respecting the brand features. In order to build this and capitalize on it, brands must be true to themselves. This is called returned to the BRAND DNA. </li><li> 6. Produced by Kevin Almeida RESPECT THE BRAND Brands become credible only through the persistence and repetition of their value proposition. Each brand is free to choose its values and positioning, but once chosen and advertised, they become the benchmark for customer satisfaction. The brand contract is economic, not legal. Brands differ in this way from other signs of quality such as quality seals and certification. Both the brands slogan and signature are meant to embody the brand contract. </li><li> 7. Produced by Kevin Almeida THE PRODUCT AND THE BRAND There would be no brand without a great product (or service), in turn understanding is that product act as a prime lever of brand competitiveness. Most brands are born out of a product or service innovation which outperformed competitors. As the product name evolves into a brand, customers reasons for purchase may still be the brands Superior Performance Image. Brand image is directly linked to profitability. </li><li> 8. Produced by Kevin Almeida HALO EFFECT : KERNEL AND PERIPHERAL VALUES A brand name can be influenced by the evocations and emotions it triggers in the consumers mind. However, through time the brand will deliver consistent messages and experiences that build a coherent brand image and positioning. Cognitive Psychology The prototype is the instance that summarizes and carries all the meaning of a concept. ues messages (Products send messages to help consumers to figure out what to buy and what to except after usage) Search Cues Experience Cues Credence Cues Measuring the brands own pull power, or its ability influence two types are used; Brand Equity Monitor (BEM) Brand Image Studies </li><li> 9. Produced by Kevin Almeida HALO EFFECT : KERNEL AND PERIPHERAL VALUES (Cont.) A brand is a system made up of kernel traits and peripheral traits. Kernel traits are unconditional. To identify Kernel traits one should not use direct questioning or the classical image questionnaires. Peripheral traits are conditional. Peripheral traits may in the long term become kernel traits. This allow an adaptation of the brand to different segments. </li><li> 10. Produced by Kevin Almeida Every brand Needs a flagship product Each product range thus must contain products demonstrating the brands guiding value and obsession, flagships for the brands meaning and purpose. There are some products within a given line that do not manage to clearly express the brands intent and attributes. Eg: Television Industry It is so important that each brand stays in focus and progresses in its own direction to make original products since it reveals the brands meaning and purpose. </li><li> 11. Produced by Kevin Almeida Advertising products through the brand prism Products are mute: The brand gives them meaning and purpose. A brand is both a prism and a magnifying glass through which products can be decoded. Brands can only develop through long term consistency, which is both the source and reflection of its identity. Brand is thus a prism helping us to decipher products It defines what and how much to expect from the products bearing its name. Once a brand has chosen a specific positioning or meaning, it has to assume all of its implications and fulfill its promises. </li><li> 12. Produced by Kevin Almeida Re-cap What does Branding really mean? Brand act as a genetic programme The Product and the Brand Advertising products through the Brand Prism </li><li> 13. Produced by Kevin Almeida QUESTIONS? </li><li> 14. Produced by Kevin Almeida THANK YOU </li></ol>