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Business Blogging. Reaching Your Customers. Educate customers about products Easy user-friendly interface New content displayed at the top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Branding opportunities. Blog Parts and Pieces. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Business Blogging

  • Reaching Your CustomersEducate customers about productsEasy user-friendly interfaceNew content displayed at the topSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)Branding opportunities

  • BlogPartsandPieces

  • Blog Header(1) This includes the title of your blog, which is the same or similar to the blogs URL (web address). Along with a title in the header, very often there will be a subheading as well:For example Problogger: Helping Bloggers Earn Money

  • Blog Calendar(2) Some bloggers include a small calendar on the sidebar, but this is not at all required. Its just one of the many extras often available for bloggers to include.

  • Blog Archive(3) Archive of past posts is one of the elements that make a blog a blog.Allow readers easy access to previous postsNormally organized per monthReverse chronological order

  • Blog Search(4) A search box allows readers to search for specific key wordsConcept similar to a search engine for your blogUse key words and phrases

  • Article Categories & Recent Articles(5) Categories - Similar to monthly archives Organized per categoryCategories created by the bloggerReaders can select per category of interest(6) Recent Articles- Lists the most recent postsAgain in reverse chronological order

  • Favorite Links(7) Favorite sites are hot linked and added as a list.Aka Blog Roll Selected by the bloggerNormally related to the blog topicLocated in the side bar

  • RSS Feeds(8) RSS stands for Real Simple SyndicationSharing of contentNotification of updatesUse an aggregator aka feed

  • Blog Article Title(9) Each post (article) needs a titleBlogs made up of multiple postsHeadline like a newspaperUse of key wordsSEO considerations

  • Blog Content& Permalink(10) Content is the text inside a post.Content = any writing on the webYour clever prose(11) Permalink is a hot link to an individual postPage for each single post

  • Comments(12) Comments include feedback from your blog readers.Readers comment to your postLeave open for anyoneOr require approval for each commentCreates a conversationOften includes other links

  • Blog LingoBlogosphere: blogging communityDashboard: blog control panelBlog Roll: list of blog URLsPage view: number of clicksRanking: how high on search enginesStats: statisticsStrikethroughs: deleted info

  • Locating blogs

    Lets find some blogs!

  • Bloglines.comFree blog aggregator:

    Add blogs to bloglines via favorites.

  • Blog Etiquette Link LoveLink inside textAdd links to blog rollInclude links in commentsGive linksGet links

  • Posting CommentsHave something to sayPart of the conversationDont spamGenerates traffic

  • Blog Topic BrainstormingPassion!What kind of business do you run?What topics are related to it?What do you read about regularly?What activities are related to your work?

  • Blogging PreliminariesBlog purposeType of blogFilter/journal/k-blog/mix?Blog hostBlog topicTitle and subtitlePublic or privateBlog revenue

  • Starting a BlogFree Blog Networks:Blogger.comWordpress.comLiveJournal.comLook @ other blogs on the networksHow is the site navigation?Try setting up your blog

  • Blog Software Options/BasicsWYSIWYG softwareFreebies firstBlog software - Blogger - Moveable Type - Typepad - Word PressBells & whistle vs. tech savvy

  • Linking to Other BlogsLink loveBe a good blogosphere neighborCreate a blog rollLink internally in postsGive links = get linksNo blogger is an island

  • What to Blog About?Tutorial, a how-toReview a book Pros and consAnswer a questionCurrent eventInterviewsPost about a postProduct/service newsRelated web newsInterviewsCompany personnel

  • Visual ElementsBulleted textEasy to readMin. 1 imageShort paragraphsMix text/imagesContent related