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<ul><li><p>BULLET TRAP COMPARISONS (PT. 2)By: Ac'on Target</p></li><li><p>Without a doubt, bullet containment is the mostimportant aspect of every indoor and outdoor range.Proper containment of fired rounds means safety for your</p><p>employees and customers, but with so many differenttypes of bullet traps available on the market that promiseto do this or that, choosing the right system can be hard.</p><p>The purpose of this article is to provide accurateinformation and valuable education by examining variousbullet trap theories, technologies, and applications in an</p><p>objective manner.</p></li><li><p>TYPES OF BULLET TRAPS Sand Berm Traps</p><p> Ver'cal Rubber Granule Traps</p><p> Rubber Block Traps</p><p> Wet Funnel Traps</p><p> Ver'cal Funnel Traps</p></li><li><p>SAND BERM TRAPSThe Sand Berm trap consists of 'ghtlygrouped rubber curtains or lamellas whichare hung from a support structure tocreate a bullet stopping barrier. As bulletspass through the layers of rubber strips,their energy is dissipated un'l they cometo a stop. A steel plate is mounted at theback of the trap to block rounds that makeit through the lamellas.</p></li><li><p>SAND BERM TRAPSBecause rubber is destroyed every 'meyou shoot into it, the rubber strips arequickly shredded under any kind ofmoderate to heavy use.</p></li><li><p>SAND BERM TRAPSThe benets of a lamella trap includeits small oor space requirement, andthe ability to capture some bulletswhole. Weaknesses include highmaintenance costs, re hazard, messyappearance, and the restric'on of lowvolume shoo'ng only. Although one ofthe most quoted features of rubbertraps is that bullets dont fragment onimpact like they do on steel, this isonly true un'l bullets start impac'ngother bullets already embedded in therubber.</p></li><li><p>VERTICAL RUBBERGRANULE TRAPSThe Ver'cal Rubber Granule trap is aEuropean design that uses a large steelchamber lled with chopped rubber and apenetrable rubber sheet across the frontthe keep the rubber granules in place.</p></li><li><p>VERTICAL RUBBERGRANULE TRAPSThe benets of a ver'cal rubber granuletrap include its small oor spacerequirement, the ability to capture somebullets whole, and reduced lead dustlevels.</p><p>Weaknesses include massive ongoingmaintenance, service costs (to clean thetrap, bullets must be mined and separatedfrom the rubber then disposed ofproperly), re hazard, and the restric'onof low volume shoo'ng only.</p></li><li><p>VERTICAL RUBBERGRANULE TRAPSThe front skin of the rubber granule trap ispermanently damaged each 'me a bulletis red into it, causing rubber granules tospill out as larger holes are created.Regular patching and repair is oNenrequired to keep the granules in thechamber as the large bulges cancompromise the structural integrity of thetrap.</p></li><li><p>RUBBER BLOCK TRAPSThe rubber block trap is similar in conceptto the rubber granule trap, except therubber granules are molded together toform a solid object. The rubber blocks arestacked on top of each other to create awall that serves as the bullet trap. When abullet is red into the blocks, it is stoppedand stored within the block itself.</p></li><li><p>RUBBER BLOCK TRAPSThe benets of a rubber block trap includeits small oor space requirement and theability to capture some bullets whole.</p><p>Like all rubber traps, the blocks aredamaged with every shot and large holescan quickly develop, severely limi'ng thetraps ability to stop bullets. As the holesget larger, the blocks get weaker and thewhole wall tends to collapse under its ownweight.</p><p>Weaknesses include UV breakdown,signicant ongoing maintenance, rehazard, and structural collapse.</p></li><li><p>WET FUNNEL TRAPSThe wet funnel trap incorporates gentlysloping steel plates that reduce bulletfragmenta'on on impact. As bullets hit theplates, they are directed to the narrow endof the funnel and enter a decelera'onchamber where their energy is dissipated.While the upper impact plates remain dry,the lower plates are constantly oodedwith a water and oil mixture that isintended to lubricate the steel. The wateris con'nually recycled as it ows down theplates and into a holding tank where it iselectrically pumped out and again sprayedon to the plates.</p></li><li><p>WET FUNNEL TRAPSOn indoor ranges, the increased humiditycan leave an oily lm on the rest of therange and may cause HEPA lters in theven'la'on system to clog. Frangibleammuni'on can also cause problemsbecause the powder created bydisintegra'ng bullets mixes with the waterand hardens into a cement-like substancethat requires an extremely dicultcleaning process.</p></li><li><p>WET FUNNEL TRAPSThe benets of a wet funnel trap includethe durability of steel, reduced bulletfragmenta'on, reduced lead dust levels,and the ability to handle larger calibers.</p><p>Weaknesses include its higher cost, largeoor space requirement, water treatmentchemicals, increased humidity, problemswith frangible ammuni'on, maintenanceof the electric pumps and lters, and itsnonmodular construc'on.</p></li><li><p>VERTICAL FUNNEL TRAPSInstead of a con'nuous horizontal funnel,the Ver'cal Funnel Trap uses a seriesver'cally oriented funnel boxes to gatherthe bullets. As with a horizontal funnel,bullets are deected by the impact platesinto a decelera'on chamber at the back ofthe trap where they are collected andstored.</p></li><li><p>VERTICAL FUNNEL TRAPSAs individual chambers are mounted nextto each other, ver'cal edges that run fromthe top to the boYom of the trap arecreated. These edges can pose a signicantricochet hazard. Addi'onally, theindividual chamber design prohibits anycross-lane shoo'ng and greatly limits theexibility and func'onality of the trap as awhole.</p></li><li><p>VERTICAL FUNNEL TRAPSThe benets of a ver'cal funnel trapinclude the durability of steel, easier leadcollec'on, and a smaller oor spacerequirement.</p><p>Weaknesses include bullet fragmenta'on,no close-range shoo'ng, and no cross-laneshoo'ng.</p></li><li><p>There are hundreds of things to take into considera'on whenbuilding a shoo'ng range, with each bullet trap having a</p><p>unique set of benets and weaknesses. However, every rangeowner and designer's top priority should always be safety for</p><p>their customers, their employees, and the environment.</p><p>Anyone planning on a new shoo:ng range build or upgradeshould talk to an Ac:on Target representa:ve to nd the right</p><p>equipment to t their needs and budget.</p></li><li><p>Read more and comment by visi'ngwww.Ac'onTarget.com</p><p>and click on Ac'on Target Journal</p><p>- OR -</p><p>Get there directly atwww.Ac'onTarget.com/bullet-trap-comparisons-pt-1</p></li></ul>