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  1. 1. Show my unimaginative side Make me look a little lazy Put me in the flock of sheep that follow thetemplate. Baah. Absolutely positively wont get me into anytrouble Identify me as a card carrying member of theNRA. Not Really. Give me space to use gratuitousclip-art.
  2. 2. NO BULLETS
  3. 3. Theylookdifferent
  4. 4. They A littlelookcreativedifferent
  5. 5. They A little A Wolf,lookcreative not adifferentlamb
  6. 6. They A little A Wolf, Perhapslookcreative not a a littledifferentlambrisky?
  7. 7. They A little A Wolf, Perhapslookcreative not a a littledifferentlambrisky? With room forclip-art
  8. 8. They A little A Wolf,Perhapslookcreative not aa littledifferentlamb risky? WithNot that room forwe recommendclip-artit
  9. 9. A typical slideBullets, a lot of text, and acloudy point. All droppedinto our official PowerPointTemplate.
  10. 10. Context and Background:A New Marketing Model There are 4 key drivers in the POLITICAL, ECONOMIC, TECHNOLOGICAL AND SOCIAL arenas that aredriving the emergence of 3 Customer based New Realities: GLOBALIZATION Epitomized by the fall of the communist regime, the liberalization of trade, andthe opening of China, globalization gives businesses unprecedented access to the labor, marketsand capital that drive growth and innovation. And more innovation means greater demands onmessaging and communications. COMMODITIZATION - In turn, businesses are seeking to Grow and Innovate to countercommoditization or the perceived threat of commoditization. This brings a constant stream of newproducts and services to the market place, each seeking to be differentiated from one another tosucceed. This in turn increases the demand for marketing communications for those products andservices. DIGITIZATION has enabled the creation of new content channels: the availability, delivery andretrieval of information, at price points previously unaffordable. People can now access what theywant, any time, any way. This has spawned massive growth in content whether desirable orundesirable, to the point where it is affecting the way people synthesize and process information.On an economic level, this is allowing markets to become more efficient. On a personal level, theworld in information terms is becoming noisier. INDIVDUALIZATION In this age of global markets, economic growth and the proliferation oftechnology, society, particularly western societies, have changed. While the basic needs of theindividual survival, security, relationship, etc. have not fundamentally changed - - the way we areliving and coping with the world has. Society is moving from stratification to individualization, withmarketing splintering from mass marketing and broad segmentation to niche segmentation andmicro markets.3/18/2012 12Widget Company is not real. If it were, all material contained herein would be proprietary and confidential to the Widget Company. Distribution without express written consent will be tolerated.
  11. 11. Globalization gives businessesGlobalization has fostered a counterunprecedented access to markets,Commoditization of product andcreates price transparency, andI.reaction A greater sense ofservices places an increasingDigital technology has affordably anddrives growth and innovation all aMarketing has splintered from masspremium on turning marketing intoradically changed the segmentation tomarketing and broad availability,leading to keener competition and thetrue competitive advantageneed for and retrieval nichedelivery better messagingmicro marketing and of informationsegmentation


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