"Bugsy" Siegel


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  • 1. WANTEDFor participation in organized crimeBenjamin Bugsy SiegelDead or Alive$10,000 REWARD

2. BUGSY SIEGELa famous Jewish gangster fromNew York City 3. New York Police DepartmentCase reportName:Benjamin SiegelDOB:February 28th 1906City/State of Birth:Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYOccupation:Organized crime 4. New York Police DepartmentCity of Residence:Beverly Hills, CaliforniaNationality:AmericanReligious Beliefs:JudaismSpouse:Esta KrakowerCase report 5. Early LifeJoined a gang on the Lower Eastside of ManhattanCommitted many theftsBefriended Meyer Lansky, anamateur mobsterBecame the Mobs hitman 6. Son of Max Siegel and Jennie GoldsteinMarried to Esta KrakowerFather of Millicent and Barbara SiegelHad many Hollywood mistressesSerious affair with Virginia Hill 7. The initiationBecame a Bootlegger in NY,NJ and PhiladelphiaBecame part of Murder Inc.Ended the CastellammareseWar by killing Joe MasseriaEstablished ties with CharlesLucky Luciano1932- arrested for bootlegging& gambling 8. Harry Greenberg TrialParticipated in the murder ofHarry Big Greenie GreenbergMurder occurred on November22, 1939Tried for murder- later acquittedTrial ruined his reputation 9. BugsyNickname was derived from hisviolent temperHe hated the nicknameBased on slang name bugsmeaning crazyHe was never called Bugsy tohis faceHe would react Violently tobeing called Bugsy 10. He was sent to California in1937 by the east coast mobto develop organizedgambling rackets.He set up a national wire service to helpthe East Coast mob quicken their returnsGained entry to Hollywoods inner circle 11. Land was given to Siegel by MeyerLansky to help him reinvent himselfHe immediately gave away the desertland wanted nothing to do with itLansky finally convinced him to take onthe projectHe worked under William R. Wilkersonon building the Flamingo Hotel 12. Siegel found black market supplies to fuelthe constructionWilkerson put siegel in charge in 1946Siegel took over the project in may 1946Spent way more money than the projecthad accounted forHotel was opened on December 26th,1946- 9 months before scheduled openingin hopes of helping to pay back debts 13. DeathJune 20th 1947Shot in his Beverly Hills HomeShot twice in the head. One bulletwent through his skullHis left eye was found on the otherside of the roomShot by mobster Eddie Cannizzaro 14. The End