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Celebration Walk project for Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park. Buffalo, NY


  • 1. OLMSTED CELEBRATION WALK Honoring Herb Siegel

2. Yesterday The Gala Waters around 1900. A popular and vibrant gathering place for city goers and other park users . Notice the 2 story band stand, and the settees to the left 3. Yesterday Postcard depicting the popularity of Delaware Park at the turn of the 19 thCentury. Notice the 2 story Band Stand and the tile roofs of the Calvert Vaux designed settees 4. Today The lake in Delaware Park is still a focal point for all different kinds of activities. 5. Today A $250,000 grant has recently been awarded to theConservancy to make repairs and improvementsto the walk around Hoyt Lake. 6. The Plan ThePlan for the 21 stCentury has the historic structures restored around the lake and Marcy Casino 7. Historic Landmark Calvert Vaux designed 2 Story Bandstand and the centerpiece of the Celebration Walk 8. Historic Landmark Calvert Vaux Olmsteds original design partner and Spirehead designer The Spirehead Gazebo, a high Victorian design and an important anchor of the Celebration Walk 9. Historic Landmark Calvert Vaux designed Settees. A place where boaters waited for their turn in a boat. 10. Donor Recognition Engraved pavers would be clustered around the historic landmarks of the Celebration Walk to highlight the commemorative gifts of our donors similar to whatis shown here in NYCs Central Park. 11. Legacy Landscapes Flowering Shrubs,Park Benches, Trees, Spring BulbsAdditional ways for people to participate ingrowing the Celebration Walk 12. Tomorrow Celebrating life, restored through a Walk aroundthe Gala Water of Delaware Park