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  • 1. BTEC Level 3Diploma
    Year 2 Diploma
    Course Team Leader: Martin Rowe
  • 2. Units & Delivery Plan
    Semester 1:
    Unit 09: Computer Networks (CN)
    Unit 20: Client Side Customisation of Web Pages (CSCWP)
    Unit 3: Information Systems (IS)
    Semester 2:
    Unit 24: Controlling Systems using IT (CSUIT)
    Unit 29: Installing and Upgrading Software (IUS)
    Unit 31: Computer Animation (CA)
  • 3. Unit 09Computer Networks (CN)
    This Unit will involve:
    Knowing the different types of system and protocols
    Understanding the key components used in networking
    Knowing the services provided by network systems
    Being able to make networked systems secure
  • 4. Unit 20 Client Side Customisation of Web Pages (CSCWP)
    This Unit will involve:
    Understanding the fundamentals of cascading style sheets
    Understanding the fundamentals of scripting languages
    Being able to control the layout of web pages using CSS
    Being able to create interactive web pages
  • 5. Unit 24Controlling Systems Using IT (CSUIT)
    This Unit will involve:
    Understanding the requirements of control systems
    Knowing how data is represented in control systems
    Understanding control loop operations
    Being able to design and implement control systems
  • 6. Unit 29 Installing and Upgrading Software (IUS)
    This Unit will involve:
    Understanding why software needs installing or upgrading
    Knowing how to prepare for an install or upgrade
    Being able to install or upgrade software
    Understanding the completion and handover process
  • 7. Unit 31Computer Animation
    This Unit will involve:
    Understanding the types and uses of animation
    Knowing the software techniques used in animation
    Designing and implementing digital animations


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