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Newsletter for Soldiers, Family and Friends of 3BCT.


  • July - September 2012

    3rd Brigade Combat Team

  • Straight from the Horses Mouth

    Soldiers, Families, and friends of the Bronco Brigade Combat Team,Aloha! Command Sergeant Major David Clark and I are very glad to be here and would rather be nowhere else. The Bronco Brigade has a storied history since the Viet Nam War and our Battalions and Squadron even further back in our Nations history. The Broncos have written many tales of glory since and continue to do so today. We are glad to be a part of the continued legacy here and determined to take care of our Soldiers and Families every day. This is our first newsletter that we will distribute every other month to keep you informed of what is going on in the Bronco Brigade Combat Team (BCT). This is for everyone on our Team, but primarily designed for Family members, parents, grandparents, community partners, and friends of the Brigade. It is a great way to keep family and friends that are on the Island or around the world informed of what we are do-ing. It will be linked on our website, sent out digitally, and even sent by mail. I want to extend a special thanks to all who volunteer to help make their units better, from Fam-ily Readiness Groups to key callers, to welcoming new

    families, to helping with our memorial foundation, to supporting your Soldier we appreciate your efforts! We could not do all that we do without your support. Your volunteerism and support are vitally important to us and simply make us and the unit better. Thanks again for all you do. Lastly, we have a challenging road ahead but we have a great team of Soldiers that are ready for the task. We have already begun our train- up in preparation for our deployment next summer. As we continue to prepare both our Soldiers and Families, we must take care of one another. This is a team effort. Each of us are on a team of teams and no one should be alone in their efforts. Regard-less of the challenges ahead, we will face them together and we will overcome. One Team, one fight, regardless of mission or environment WE WILL WIN! Thanks to all of you, Soldiers, Families, friends, for making our unit better every day and making a difference for your Nation .

    NONE BETTER!Colonel Brian EiflerBronco 6

    Colonel Brian Eifler, Sherry Eifler, Nikki Clark and Command Sergeant Major David Clark

  • This Edition:

    Bronco Bulletin

    3rd BCT,Task Force Bronco

    25th Inf. Division

    Vol. 1 No. 1

    NCOICStaff Sgt.

    Cashmere Jefferson

    Sgt. Vanessa atchleyBroadcaster

    Sgt. Hillary RustinePrint journalist









    No Fear

    Take Arms


    Never Broken

    By Courage and Arms



    Family Readiness Group

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    Cover Photo:Col. Brian S. Eifler and Command Sgt. Major David M.

    Clark, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, pose with 3BCT runners after the Fisher House Memo-

    rial Run, Ford Island, 18 Aug. 2012.

  • No FearThe last few months have been very busy for the Wolfhounds. The Wolfhounds welcomed the new Command Team of LTC Barrett M. Bernard and CSM Tony E. Tuck. Both expressed their utmost excite-ment in leading the Soldiers of the 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry! The Wolfhounds started off the summer with one of our favorite and most time honored traditions, the Holy Family Home visit. The Wolfhounds have supported the Holy Family Home orphanage for over 60 years. Every year some of the orphans make the trip from Osaka, Japan to spend two weeks with Wolfhound families and Sol-diers. This year when the children came to visit the Wolfhounds, they enjoyed many unique experiences on the island. The Wolfhounds are also continu-ing their partnership with Leilehua High School (LHS). In August, the school played their annual Spirit of Freedom Bowl football game against Service High School (2011 Alaska State Champions). Nearly 400 Wolfhounds and their families came out to support the Mighty

    Mules to a 23-15 victory. Prior to the game, Wolfhounds joined LHS JROTC Cadets to present the US, Hawaiian, and 2-27 IN BN Colors. LTC Bernard tossed a Wolfhound coin to determine the opening pos-session and presented the coin to the Leilehua team captain.More recently 2LT Rich Grue finished 3rd in the 10 mile race on Wheeler Army Air Field! Because of his outstanding performance 2LT Grue will be a member of the Scho-field Barracks team for the Army Ten-Miler in Washington, DC.We also want to take this oppor-tunity to recognize the 22 Wolf-hounds that graduated from WLC, including SGT Axe, SGT Donohue, SGT Lavigne, SGT Cruz, SGT Cook, who all made the Comman-dants List! The Wolfhounds also had six ALC graduates to include the Honor Graduate, SSG Verre! This is truly an important stepping stone and momentous event in an NCOs career. Job well done to all!

    To stay up to date on the latest Wolfhound news become a fan of our Facebook page!

    (Left) Wolfhounds and LHS JROTC Cadets con-duct a color guard prior to the Spirit of Freedom Bowl. (Right) Wolfhounds, their families, and children from the Holy Family Home enjoy a day at the Waikiki Aquarium.

    Upcoming Events

    5-7 SeptemberMarriage Retreat

    17-21 SeptemberMortar Certification 24-28 SeptemberFire Support Team Certification

    15-19 OctoberWolfhound First Responder Course


  • 11

    Take ArmsCacti Friends and Family,This has been a great month in the Cacti Battalion as we move towards completion of our reset period of equipment, Soldiers and their Families at the end of Sep-tember. Our Soldiers have been hard at work in individual training and preparing to start marksman-ship ranges in early September. Charlie Rock conducted individual and team level Iron Spades com-petitions and Bastard Company recently completed Ranger Stakes. Apache Company has focused on land navigation and call for fire training and the Gundogs recently completed a Company 12 mile road march through East Range in addition to heavy weapons train-ing. The Surfriders have been busy taking control of our motorpool and managing our vehicle fleet while Havoc Company supports the battalion through the staff and specialty platoon training. The Cacti Battalion took two op-portunities to honor our fallen comrades over the last week. First in support of the 1st Annual Tripler Fisher House in their 8K Remem-

    brance Run. On 27 August, we paused for a moment of silence to remember 10 Cacti Soldiers Killed in Action in 2007 from a UH-60 crash following a combat mission in Kirkuk, Iraq. This crash marked the largest loss of life in a single action across Iraq and Afghanistan in 2007. It was good to bring the Battalion together to remember our brothers that made the ultimate sacrifice 5 years ago, well before many of our Soldiers and NCOs were even in the Army.

    Our Soldiers are excited to get back into field training with squad and platoon situational training exer-cises and live fire exercises both here in Oahu as well as at Pohaku-loa Training Area on the Big Island. We thank you for your support to your Soldier and our families and we look forward to training for our next mission. Take Arms!James B. Bartholomees LTC, Commanding

    Our Cacti Spotlight goes to SGT Mark Roper (HHC/2-35IN) and SSG Bryan Brown (C/2-35IN) for their exceptional performance at the most recent USARPAC Warrior Leaders Course. SGT Roper earned Distinguished Honor Graduate and Leadership Award Winner and SSG Brown earned Iron Warrior out of the 128 Soldier class. Additionally, SGT Baez (C/2-35IN), SGT Janzen (B/2-35IN), SGT Schmitz (HHC/2-35IN), and SGT Harris (C/2-35IN) earned positions on the Commandants List of our 14 x Cacti graduates. Take Arms!

    Upcomig Events:

    20 SEP 12C Co. will Complete

    Night Fire

    22 SEP 12Aloha Parade

    28 SEP 122-35IN Alumni Reunion

    04 OCT 12LTC Ray Medal of Hon-

    or Recipient visit

    05 OCT 12Columbus Day


  • SGT Childs and SGT Vue, Headquarter and Head-quarters Troop & Dakota Troop, 3rd Squadron, 4th U.S. CavalrySGT Childs and SGT Vue graduated from the Warrior Leader Course (WLC) on August 22nd, 2012. Both NCOs were selected to the Commandants List and represented the Raider Squadron and Bronco Brigade with distinction. Congratulations SGT Childs and SGT Vue on this successful milestone in your respec-tive careers.


    On 15 August 2012, the Squadron executed a crest hanging ceremony with Squadron leaders to cel-ebrate the distinguished history of the unit, instill pride, and build the team. In a special presentation, COL(R) Galen Nakimura, Squadron Vietnam Vet-eran and representative of the 3-4 CAV Association,

    described the significance of a captured VC flag. The flag is significant to both the Raiders and the Wolfhounds. At the time the flag was captured, the Squadron was conducting a joint operation with the Wolfhounds in Tay Ninh Province in October of 1967.

    Upcoming Events

    6-8 SEP: Strong Bonds Mar-riage Retreat

    11 SEP: Squadron FRG Steer-ing Meeting

    12-21 SEP: roop Team Live Fire Exercise (Days split b/w Troops)

    17-21 SEP: Squadron Mortar Certification

    27 SEP: Squadron Hail and Farewell

    28 SEP: Payday Activities

    Photo Credit: Mrs. Jane Zimmer, HHT, 3-4 Cavalry FRG Leader

    Soldier Highlight:

    1LT Turell and SFC McCoy, B Troop, 3rd Squadron, 4th U.S. CavalryCongratulations to two Raider leaders for graduat-ing from the Australian Jungle School on August 10th, 2012. 1LT Turell and SFC McCoy will now teach a train the trainer course to leaders in the Squadron to pass on their new found k