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BRONCO LACROSSE 2009. 10 December 2008 Parents meeting. 09 Bronco Lacrosse. Striving to a new level of excellence Raising the bar Physical Mental TEAM as one Quarter final appearance is the past Conference Champion is our GOAL - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • BRONCO LACROSSE 200910 December 2008Parents

  • 09 Bronco LacrosseStriving to a new level of excellenceRaising the barPhysicalMentalTEAM as oneQuarter final appearance is the pastConference Champion is our GOALRequires greater focus, dedication, commitmentResults can only come through your support of the TEAM.

  • Coaching StaffBruce Seitz: Varsity Head CoachSeth Bokmeyer: Assistant Coach, OffenseTravis Begay: Defensive CoordinatorMatt Hunt: Staff Coach, SpecialtiesMark Rohrbach: JV Head CoachJamie Wells: JV Offensive CoordinatorForrest Giffis: JV Defensive Coordinator

  • Positive New ChangesSummer Team Blue BombersFall Indoor Blue BombersStaff Coach6.5 PeriodVictory JamboreesTeam TripIncrease in number of JV Games

  • AGENDA Player Sign-UpSeason Schedule & EventsVarsity TripBreaks 2009 Academic Policy 2009 Attendance PolicyAlert FormParticipation/Playing Time Volunteer Program LAX CountryTreasurer ReportFinancial ObligationBooster ClubQ&A

  • Player Sign-Up Form Information Sheet 2009 SeasonName:_____________________________ Age: _________ Year:______________Address: _____________________________________________________________Cell Phone: _______________________ Email: _______________________________Parents Names: ________________________________________________________Parents Cell phone: ____________________________________________________Parents email:___________________________________________________________Lacrosse experience: ____________________________________________________Other Activities: (sports)_____________________________________________Brothers: (younger)___________________________________________________Work: _________________________________________________________________Academics: (Good, Average, Struggle)___________________________________College Intentions: _______________________________________________________Other remarks: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Date: ______________________

  • Schedule

  • MAJOR EVENT DATES21 Feb : First day of practice9-11 Mar: Ithaca Team visit21 Mar: Team Function with Monarch26-28 Mar: Varsity Team Trip25 Apr: Team Function with St. Margrets4 May: Team Function with San Marcos

  • Varsity TripCarmel High School, Carmel CaDepart 26 MarchReturn 28 MarchMinimum 4 gamesTransportation Coach Bus (players/coach)Hotel 2 players per roomPlayers must ride bus and stay in hotelFriday tournament dinnerBus departs and arrives RBHSFirst RBHS Lacrosse Trip since CIF

  • February/Spring BreakFeb break practice starts 21 FebSpring Break no practice Memorial Day practice on 25th games on 23 and 26 May.

  • 2009 Academic Policy2009 Bronco Lacrosse (Boys) AcademicsGrades, not athletics are the most important aspect of your High School years. The Coaching Staff believes in this and will continue to monitor all player grades and behavior throughout your time with the program. In an effort to focus even more on this area in 2009 the following will constitute the 2009 Academic Criteria.The teams academic policy is set to a standard above the school and district policies. District and school policies apply to eligibility to participate in any sport, however, our grading criteria to practice and or participate in games are set above.Going into the season eligibility/probation (school/district) is based on your grades from the semester ending 16 January 09. If you are below a 2.0 you will not be allowed to try out for the Team in February. If you have a 2.0 for the January grades, #2 below rules apply.BLUE CARDS: All players will be on BLUE CARDS starting 4 Feb 09 until grades come out on 13 Mar 09. Players that do have a 2.1 or above on Blue Cards will not be allowed to participate in games until their Blue Card shows satisfactory grades (2.1 or above). Players with a 2.0 will be allowed to practice, those below a 2.0 will not be allowed to practice or participate in games. Players receiving grades with a GPA of 3.5 or better on their 13 March grades will be exempt from continuing Blue Cards all others will continue on the Blue Cards. Blue Cards will be turned into Coach Hunt on the following dates: 4 & 25 Feb, 11& 25 Mar, 15&, 29 Apr. Failure to submit a Blue Card will constitute a violation of the academic policy, in turn making the player ineligible to practice or participate in games until corrected.TUTORIAL: all players will be required to attend Thursday tutorials. Players receiving grades with a GPA above 3.5 on their 13 March grades will be exempt from continuing tutorial.MARCH GRADES: Players with a GPA below 2.0 will be dismissed from the team for the season. Players with a 2.0 GPA or above will abide by the Blue Card rules as stated in #2 above.MAY GRADES: Players with a GPA below 2.0 will be dismissed from the team for the season. Players with a 2.0 GPA or above will abide by the Blue Card rules as stated in #2 above.

  • 2009 Attendance PolicyLacrosse is a Team Sport; as such attendance to practice and games is not only mandatory but crucial to the success of the team. Each member of the team has a role within the team and must fulfill this role. The following rules apply to player participation:

    Be at all practices and games on time prepared to participate. This means geared up at the designated start time.Any absence from a practice or game must be approved by a coach at least 48 hours in advance. Even if you are only going to miss 15 minutes.Each player gets one practice day a season off (subject to coach approval). The player must notify their coach in advance (48 hrs) that they are taking their Free Day. This Free Day does not apply to tryouts, game days or the day before a game and also may not coincide with a holiday break. You only get one so use it wisely.Non-emergency doctor appointments are not an excusable absence.Driver instruction and testing are not excusable absences.Violations of the attendance policy will result in the following:Unexcused absence from practice first offense: one game suspension.Unexcused absence from practice second offense: two game suspension.Unexcused absence from practice third offense: dismissal from team.Consecutive day absences are separate offenses, i.e. miss 3 days in a row counts as your 1st, 2nd and 3rd offense.Late for practice 0-60 minutes: one week of field clean-up. Late for practice 61-120 minutes: one game suspension.Multiple occurrences of being late to practice may lead to dismissal from the team.Injured Players- Must see trainerMust be at practice (unless excused by coach)Sick- missed school Player and parent discretion if the player comes to practice- goal is for player to get well. Player must notify either the position coach or head coach by email or phone each day

  • Alert Form

  • Participation/Playing TimeIts Not Your TurnCriteria for Team Selection:Physical talent Effort - 100% all the time Positive attitude Attendance Good academic standing in accordance with RBHS athletic policy The Rancho Bernardo High School Lacrosse program is highly competitive. Due to a large school and limited opportunities, we may not be able to place everyone on a team who wishes to participate. While this is not our desire, it is reality. Please be sure when your son tries out for a team, both you and he understand there is a possibility he may not be selected. If selected, both you and your son should be prepared to accept placement at any team level (varsity, junior varsity). Team selection is a highly subjective process. While you might not agree with all of our decisions, it is our coaching staffs responsibility and right to select the teams with whom we will work for the entire season. In order to make the team as a junior or senior, a player must be outstanding as a player and person along with being willing to play a position the team needs. Underclass student-athletes possessing these qualities have the same opportunity to make a team as the senior does.One of the goals of a competitive athletic program is to put the most talented members of the team in competition to win the game. Starting positions and playing time are not guaranteed to seniors making a team, or to anyone else for that matter. Each member of a team is very valuable to the teams overall progress. Some members may play a great deal of time in a game while others may not see what a parent would consider significant playing time, but it is our hope that regardless of playing time, each team player can learn sportsmanship, working together to meet team goals, responsibility, commitment to team and school, loyalty, placing team above self, learning to accept instruction and criticism, respect for others, winning and losing with dignity, self-control and being responsible for ones own actions. Our main goal as coaches is to build Men for others in the future.

  • Eight Years AgoIN CARMEL MOUNTAIN RANCHThree Principals & Two ADsTwo goals, one was brokenA dozen used balls42 players minus 6No nets25 old football jerseysZero school supportHorrible campus reputation Bunch of Burn-outsASB nothing to do with the teamNon-CIF SportNo fieldNo money

  • LAX COUNTRY EST. 2005 JV practice & gamesRB Middle SchoolSTARZCollege TeamsClinicsPQ Middle SchoolVisiting High SchoolsCampsTournamentsLacrosse Only FieldFCA Try-outs

  • Volunteer Program8 Years ago (Two Goals, a dozen used balls, 41 players and no nets)Participation neededTransportation arrangementsGame filmingMaintenance & Field set-up, tear downAnnouncersOrganizersFund raisersProgramSnack barPicturesUniform issue and colle