Bringing Them Out : SXSW Music Panel Picker 2016

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Post on 16-Aug-2015



<ol><li> 1. 1SXSW PANEL PICKER PITCH BRINGING THEM OUT HOWARTISTSAREUSINGDATATOGETFANSTOTHESHOW </li><li> 2. are going on tour! </li><li> 3. They have a strong online following </li><li> 4. But how can they turn online followers and passive fans into a dancing, cheering, real-life crowd? </li><li> 5. The South-Bys could learn a lot about how to achieve this -&gt; By looking at how their fans behave here: </li><li> 6. Weve gathered a panel of experts to discuss how artists like The South-Bys can bring out their fans, using data. Allison Schlueter President of Digital Marketing Artist Group International Moderator: Zeeshan Zaidi SVP/GM Artist Services Ticketmaster Doug Scott CMO &amp; Head of Artist Relations Bandpage Daniel Kruchkow CMO &amp; Head of Digital Strategy Crush Music Media Management </li><li> 7. Wanttolearnhowyouract coulddothesame? VoteforourSXSWPanel BringingOutYourFansInTheDigitalAge inthePanelPickerbySeptember4! </li></ol>