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<ul><li> 1. History of Music VideosA brief History</li></ul> <p> 2. Introduction This slide share will give a brief introductionand give us a comprehensive understanding ofthe history of music videos. This is a brief overview of the development ofmusic videos. 3. History of Audiences In our western world historically and now globally there has been atechnological revolution.Stages of listening went through these stages; Live Music Vinyl Radios/ Stereo CDs Television where music videos were born Mp3s Online streaming and we media websites such as YouTube Mp4s (such as I pod) and other smartphones such as Samsung s3saw portable videos available to watch on the go through onlinestreaming or downloadable storage 4. 1902-1917: The phonoscne era The Phonoscene saw the birth of images thataccompanied music. It was chronograph film shots with actors lip -synching to the music. Leon Gaument led this movement in 1902 This process came far more sophisticated andprogressed rapidly into a more recognisablevideo 5. Animation The next progression was; film makers such asFischinger and Walt Disney created animatedfilm that had music that was played over it. This created in a sense a source of inspirationfor the modern music video. 6. Period of Progression 1950s and 60s In 1956 Tony Bennet created the first music video Stranger in Paradise. This was later distributed played in the UK and USradio stations. This was an innovative step, and famous artistand wealthy producers went on a mission tocreate historically prestiges music videos. As technology was still early it was not readilyavailable nor affordable. 7. The Revolution Advancement of technology and people withtelevisions. Beatles produce the first motion picture 1964 A hard days night. Strawberry fields bythe Beatles in 1967, creating what would weconsider a modern day music video. This sparked the modern day revolution of athe modern day video era. 8. 1980s The birth of Music Television 1981 MTV launched, first video shown wasBuggles Video killed the Radio Star The power of video as promotion wasdemonstrated through David Bowie getting hisfirst number one, in nearly a decade as a result ofdirector David Mallets music video for ashes toashes. The next landmark was Michael Jacksons musicvideo for thriller that became the most famousmusic video of all time. 9. Modern Era In our modern Era there is mass popularity, funding,followers and attention around music videos. There is a level of professionalism where signed artists havelarge fund designated towards producing high quality musicvideos. Two Independently funded music pieces created in a semiprofessional with low funding but artistic pices trying tocreate a platform for further progression in their careers orjust as an art form. The third is through we media The market for free mediais at an exsplosive point with thousands of home madevideos being launched every day at a very basic level.</p>