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<ul><li>quit Jazz Disco Blues Rock </li><li>menu Jazz is a type of African-American music that originated in the 20 century in the Southern US as a combination of European harmony and forms with African musical elements and has also incorporated elements of American pop music. </li><li> 1890s-1910s Born of Jazz ; Ragtime 1910s-1920s Blues 1920s-1930s Dixieland 1930s-1940s Swing/Big Band 1940s Bebop 1940s-1950s Cool 1960s Free Jazz 1960s-1980s Fusion (Jazz/Rock) 1980s-now Modern Jazz </li><li>Jazz comes out of the walls of restaurants and nightclubs in New Orleans, Louisiana Its an incredibly popular destination in all countries. And they enjoy the same success and high ratings. Later it began to play on the boat. </li><li>Although jazz began in New Orleans but this music has experienced a real rise in early 1920, when trumpeter Louis Armstrong left New Orleans to create a revolutionary new music in Chicago. Beginning soon after this migration New Orleans jazz artists in New York marked a trend of constant movement of jazz musicians from South to North. </li><li>Dixieland, which was developed in New Orleans. The name is a reference to the "Old South," specifically anything south of the Mason-Dixon line. The term Dixieland became widely used after the advent of the first million-selling hit records of Jass Band in 1917. Dixieland sound is created when one instrument plays the melody and the other instruments improvise around that melody. The swing era of the 1930s led to the end of many Dixieland jazz musicians' careers. Only a few musicians were able to keep popularity. </li><li>Swing music, or simply Swing, is a style of music that developed and became a distinctive style by 1940. Swing uses a strong rhythm section of drums , instruments such as trumpets and trombones, saxophones and clarinets, and swing time rhythm. Swing bands usually featured soloists who would improvise on the melody over the arrangement. </li><li>Free jazz is an approach to jazz music that was first developed in the 1950s and 1960s. Free jazz musicians attempted to change, extend, or break down the conventions of jazz. Although today "free jazz" is the used term, to describe the loosely clear movement, including energy music and During its early and mid-60s , much free jazz was released by well-known labels. </li><li>In the 70s the hybrid form of jazz- rock fusion was developed by combining jazz with rock rhythms, electric instruments and the highly amplified stage sound of rock musicians such as Jimi Hendrix. All Music Guide states that "until around 1967, the worlds of jazz and rock were nearly completely separate. As rock became more creative and its musicianship improved, and as some in the jazz world became bored so the two different idioms began to trade ideas and occasionally combine forces. </li><li>The term is derived from French : discothque Disco is a genre of music that mix elements of funk and soul music that peaked popularity in the 70s . It was also a reaction against both the domination of rock music and the encouragement of dance music by the counterculture during this period. early 1980s. menu quit </li><li>Well-known disco performers were ABBA, Donna Summer, and The Bee Gees . Summer became the most popular disco artist and gained the title "The Queen of Disco" Many non-disco artists recorded disco songs at the height of disco's popularity, and films such as Saturday Night Fever and Thank God It's Friday . A disco revival was seen in 2013, as disco-styled songs by artists like Daft Punk , JustinTimberlake, Bruno Mars and RobinThicke </li><li>Disco's popularity led many non-disco artists to record disco songs. Rock group Pink Floyd, when creating their rock opera the wall , Even heavy metal music group Kiss jumped in with "I Was Made For Loving'You" (1979). </li><li>Disco affected Europe By far the most successful was ABBA. This Swedish quartetwith such hits as, "Fernando" , and "Dancing Queen" (1976)ranks as the eighth best-selling act of all time In France, big hits were released by Dalia: " jattendrai " and " gigi in paradisco" and Claude Franois who re-invented himself as the king of French disco, released "La plus belle chose du monde", and "Alexandrie Alexandra" </li><li>By the late 1970s, a strong anti-disco sentiment developed among rock fans and musicians, particularly in the United States. The slogans "disco sucks" and "death to disco" became common. July 12, 1979 became known as "the day disco died But In 2013, several 1970s-style disco and R&amp;B songs charted : The biggest disco hit of the year as of June was "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk, ft Nile Rodgers on guitar, the song ended up peaking at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart behind another major disco-styled song, Robin Thicke s "Blurred Lines", which spent twelve weeks at number 1 on the Hot 100. </li><li>Blues is a musical form and genre that originated in African- American communities in the US around the end of the 19th century Its possesses characteristics such as lyrics, bass lines, and instruments. WW2 marked the opening of blues music to a wider audience, especially white listeners. One alternative explanation for the origin of the "blues", which was used by many West African cultures in death ceremonies where all the deads clothes would have been dyed blue to indicate suffering. menu </li><li>Its inventors were slaves. They sang as they toiled in the cotton and vegetable fields. The blues grew up in the Mississippi , the birthplace of jazz. Blues and jazz have always influenced each other, and they still interact today. A decade later the blues gave birth to RnB and rock 'n roll. When the country blues moved to the cities and other locales, it took on various regional characteristics. Hence the St. Louis blues, the Memphis blues, the Louisiana blues, Chicago blues </li><li>The Great Migration is evolution from country to urban blues, that began in the 1920s.The new migrants constituted a new market for the music industry. This rapidly evolving market was mirrored by the Billboard RnB Chart. After World War II and in the 1950s, new styles of electric blues music became popular in cities. It have used electric guitars, double bass , drums, and harmonica , playing through a microphone and or a guitar amplifier became more popular In the 1950s, blues had a huge influence on mainstream American popular music. Many musicians departed from the sad aspect of blues and started to play rock music. </li><li>When Blues died Newport Folk Festival brought traditional blues to a new audience, to revive it. White audiences' interest in the blues during the 1960s increased due to the British blues movement when bands such as The Rolling Stones andTheYardbirds performed classic blues songs f. Many of Led Zeppelins earlier hits were renditions of traditional blues songs. Jimi Hendrix, was a rarity in his field at the time: a black man who played rock. Hendrix was a skilled guitarist,Through these artists and others, blues music influenced the development of rock music. Blues music started to be broadly popularized within the 1970s by the cover versions performed by Eric Clapton of "After Midnight" and "Cocaine". </li><li>Blues has been accused of being the "devil's music" and of inciting violence and other poor behavior. In the early 20th century, the blues was considered scandalous, especially as white audiences began listening to it during the 1920s. Perhaps the most visible example of the blues style of music in the late 20th century came in 1980, when The Blues Brothers was released. The film drew many of the biggest living influencers of the RnB , such as Ray Charles, and Aretha Franklin . The band formed also began a successful tour under the Blues Brothers marquee. 1998 brought a sequel, Blues Brothers 2000 that, featured a much larger number of blues artists, such as B.B. King and Eric Clapton </li><li>menu Is a type of music that originated as "rock and roll" in the US in the 1950s, and spread quickly around the world Musically, rock has centered on the electric guitar with bass guitar and drums. Unlike many earlier styles , rock lyrics have dealt with a wide range of themes in addition to romantic love: including rebellion , social fears and life styles. </li><li>rock soft Heavy metal British invasion hard </li><li>By the end of 1962, the British rock scene had started with beat groups like The Beatles, from Liverpool and from London like The Rolling Stones ,Led Zeppelin and Queen. </li><li>"I Want to Hold Your Hand" was the Beatles' first number 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100, spending 7 weeks at the top and a total of 15 weeks on the chart. Their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show on 9 February 1964, (American television program) is often considered as the birth of Beatlemania. The Beatles went on to become the biggest selling rock band of all time and they were followed by numerous British bands. The British Invasion helped internationalize the production of rock and roll. </li><li>The second wave of British bands drew their inspiration more directly from American blues, including the Rolling Stones. the release of Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton , considered one of the best British blues recordings and the sound of which was much emulated in both Britain and the United States. The Yardbirds guitarist was Jimmy Page, went on to form Led Zeppelin. Many of the songs on their first three albums, and later in their careers, were expansions on blues songs. </li><li>From the late 1960s it became common to divide mainstream rock music into soft and hard rock: Soft rock was using acoustic instruments and putting more emphasis on melody and harmonies. The most famous artist was Billy Joel Hard rock emphasized the electric guitar, both as a rhythm instrument using simple repetitive riffs and as a solo lead instrument, Hard rock-influenced bands that enjoyed international success like Aerosmith andAC/DC </li><li>From the late 1960s the term heavy metal began to be used to describe some hard rock played with even more volume and intensity, By 1970 three key British bands had developed the characteristic of sounds : Led Zeppelin added elements of fantasy to their riff laden blues-rock, Deep Purple brought in symphonic and medieval interests from their progressive rock phrase Black Sabbath introduced facets of the gothic and modal harmony helping to produce a "darker" sound. </li><li>The developing genre came to be known as "grunge", a term descriptive of the dirty sound of the music and the untidy appearance of most musicians, who rebelled against the images of other artists. Grunge fused elements of heavy metal into a single sound, The lyrics were typically apathetic although it was also known for its dark humor and parodies of commercial rock. However, grunge remained largely a local phenomenon until 1991, when Nirvanas Nevermind became a huge success .During 1991 and 1992, other grunge artist such as Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains albums became among the 100 top-selling albums. However, with the death of Kurt Cobain, touring problems for Pearl Jam and the departure of Alice in Chains' lead singer grunge began to decline. </li><li>When an international rock culture developed, it supplanted cinema as the major sources of fashion influence. Rock fashions have been seen as combining elements of different cultures and periods, Rock has also been associated with various forms of drug use, including cannabis, cocaine and heroin. Rock music has been associated with rebellion against social and political norms, it can also be seen as meaning of commercial exploitation of such ideas and of diverting youth away from political action. </li><li>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_music http://www.allaboutjazz.com/ http://visforvintage.net/2012/06/07/disco-a-complete-history/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blues </li></ul>