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<ul><li>1. </li></ul> <p>2. Boston Redevelopment Authority<br />3. Boston Redevelopment Authority<br />US Congress established Community Development Block Grant<br />Mayors office of Jobs &amp; Community Services is created<br />BRA created to promote investment and development in Boston.<br />1957<br />1969<br />1974<br />1977<br />1986<br />Boston Marine Industrial Park created to protect marine, industrial and related jobs<br />New Boston City Hall opens<br />4. City council president Thomas M. Menino becomes Bostons 53rd Mayor<br />Mayor launches Life Tech &amp; Onein3<br />Mayor launches Green Tech <br />1993<br />2001<br />2007<br />2005<br />2004<br />Mayor launches Back Streets<br />Mayor launches Create Boston &amp; Boston Retail<br />5. Boston BusinessPrivate Sector Employment<br />6. Boston Redevelopment Authority<br />7. Boston Redevelopment Authority<br />Economic Initiatives<br />8. Economic Initiatives Mission<br />BRA's Economic Initiatives team implements and manages key economic sector projects to promote a strong economy in Boston.<br />Work in partnership with neighborhood residents, business owners, community-basedorganizations, developers, and state and federal agencies. <br />9. Economic Initiatives Tools<br />City <br />Liaison<br />Financial Incentives<br />Policy Development<br />Site <br />Finding<br />10. City Liaison<br />Permitting<br />Zoning<br />Educational Events<br />Outreach and Networking<br />11. Financial Incentives<br />Loans<br />Bonds<br />Tax incremental financing<br />Other<br />12. Policy Development<br />Business Improvements Districts<br />Neighborhood Strategic Plans<br />Policy for a Specific Sector<br />Workforce Development<br />13. Site Finding<br />City-owned Properties<br />Local Brokers<br />Strategic Partnerships<br />Site location assistance<br />14. FutureOutlook<br />15. 16. Lisa Hemmerle, CPA (MA Lisc.)Deputy Director of Economic Initiatives <br /><br />617.918.4280 <br /></p>