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now this file you can find 5 interesting wedding style bobblehead dolls, to enjoy!


European style wedding dress bobbleheadThe precious moments when the beautiful bride and the handsome bridegroom are arm in arm swearing in front of god is the most touching time of the whole life and many couples always want to save forever so that a wedding gift which saves the sweetest moment is popular among couples. According to this reality, our sculptors use their superb skill to create a unique custom bobbleheads which is especially showing the European style wedding dress. Whats more, every custom bobbleheads is one of a kind which is based on the true appearances of the bride and the bridegroom. With imagination of the happiness when your friends receive your creative wedding gift, how can you still be so calm? Contact us right now. Are you looking for the customized gifts ? get one?

Asian style wedding dress of manAre you still confusing to send what kind of present on the anniversary to your loving husband?The dollsnamed Asian style wedding dress of man, which vividly describes a happy man dressing in the red Asian style wedding dress, will give your celebration for anniversary an extra sweet and also a big surprise to your soul mate. And the special present witnessing the happiness you have in the special day will also give you an invaluable recall every time you look at it. Why not send your husband picture to us secretly? We promise that the custom bobbleheads in high quality will safely send to your husband. At last, we wish you and your husband would have the unique anniversary thanks to the participation of our Asian style wedding dress of man. The bobblehead wedding cake toppers in whoopgift can be the great chioce.

Asian style wedding dressWow! What a beautiful wedding dress it is!Wow! What a charming bride she is!Wow! What a special memorial goods it is for the important wedding!Do you, who only have a western-style wedding, regret for you previous choice? Why not send youre most beautiful picture to us as soon as possible? Why not trust our professional sculptors to use our dolls to give you a total different experience of classical Asian-style wedding? We promise to careful make up you and dress you in the most beautiful Asian style wedding dress. We promise to send this perfect gift as the speed of the quick rocket. So dont hesitate to contact us for the order of the Asian style wedding dresses. Now time for custom wedding cake toppers , wanna to get one?

Chinese classical wedding bobbleheadMore and more Chinese couples choose to have a western wedding but not the Chinese classical wedding, which seems that the tradition inheriting from the old China is disappearing in our daily life step by step. However, the Chinese classical wedding custom bobblehead is violently coming into our view and quickly occupying different tables of the Chinese couples, which show the inevitable reviving of Chinese tradition. Are you regretting for the missing Chinese classical wedding? Or are you just regretting that you are out of fashion again? Our professional sculptors will give you a brand-new wedding through custom bobblehead according to your picture and requirement. No matter how strict requirement you tell, we will do our best to give you a happy couples dressing in red Chinese classical wedding dress and wish it would show us best bless to your marriage. The bobblehead wedding cake toppers in whoopgift can be the great chioce.

the wedding cake bobbleheadMany people only have one chance to seriously stand in the church and swear their holy promise to their soul mate, dressing in the most beautiful clothes. However, women all like the beautiful clothes, especially wedding dress which has the deep meaning to them so that it seems that one type of wedding dress cannot let the bride satisfy. Due to the womens desire for the beautiful clothes, the wedding cake bobblehead is a way for the happy bride to dress in various wedding dresses according to their requirements. Not like other custom bobblehead which is so different from their owners, the wedding cake bobblehead is totally designed on the basis of owner appearance so that the happy bride will never have a strange feeling about thebobblehead doll. What do you think about getting the wedding bobbleheads ?

Professional wedding bobbleheadThe old wedding picture is used to record the happiest time of all your life but it seems boring. However, the professional wedding bobblehead recording the memorable wedding in 3D is more dynamic and easy to call your precious memory of your wonderful wedding in your mind. Whats more, the price of thedolls , $153.28, is lower than the old wedding picture and the custom bobblehead is convenient to put on the desk so that you can share your happiness of your wonderful marriage with all your friends. As a result, packing your old wedding picture in your memorial photo album but proudly putting the dynamic professional wedding bobblehead out is becoming the smartest choice you have ever made. Wanna to get the bobblehead cake toppers as gifts?