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    ARA Update

    Bob Herbert AM

    NZ Rail Conference 2015


    ARA Review

    Australasian focused emphasis on close cooperation e.g. TrackSAFE

    Focus on core business of policy, advocacy and facilitation

    More streamlined (working groups, work programs)

    Passenger, Freight, Industry and Contractors Working Groups


    TrackSAFE aims:

    1. Reduce suicide and suicide attempts;

    2. Decrease trespass incidents;

    3. Improve level crossing safety education and awareness;


    4. Provide best practice trauma support for rail employees.


    funded by Australian rail industry

    23 members

    independent Board

    Patron - Tim Fischer




    Big things happening in Australia

    Federal Budget no new money & no interest in urban rail

    States stepping up record spending in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales

    Changing Momentum - major calls for Federal funding Infrastructure Audit, State Ministers


    Federal Funding: Road VS Rail




















    2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19

    Billion $

    Rail Road


    State Funding Commitments


    North West Rail Link

    Second Harbor Rail Crossing


    Trains, Trams Jobs 2015-2025

    Melbourne Metro Rail

    50 Level Crossing Removals


    Moreton Bay Rail Link

    Cross River Rail?


    Infrastructure Audit 15 Year Infrastructure Plan

    Congestion is a big issue and costing Australia its productivity, growth and international competitiveness

    Major reforms needed: Broader transport pricing (user pay) Increase private sector investment Long term pipeline of infrastructure projects Procurement reform Optimise existing infrastructure


    ARA stands ready

    ARA will continue to offer key events and programs e.g. AusRAIL

    10-15 Year Rolling Plan for productivity and growth

    Will push to change view of Federal Government on rail funding


    Big things happening in Australia Why not NZ?

    Less bureaucratic, no federation issues

    Smaller scale but issues much the same

    Significant progress made but must continue