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The Downieville Classic

Slime Blob Tour at:The Downieville ClassicDownieville, CAAugust 1-4 2013

Event Set-UpPickup truck event - small event space. (no room to park RV)10x10 popup tentPrimary focus: Bicycle productsSlime Pro Tubeless sealant, tube sealant and tubesGenuine Innovations C02 inflators, multi-toolsSecond table: Key automotive/off-road products ( Tubeless sealant, inflators, Spairs)

Our Booth (and a fan of Genuine Innovations Big Air cartridges)

Event StatsEvent attendance: 3,000 total, 800 racersBooth attendance: 200/day, 800 total Demos performed: 12 bottles of Slime Pro Tubeless sealant given to racers, shop owners, and other influential riders. Caveat: Must recommend to local bike shop and review online if the product is better than Stans. Giveaways: Koozies, stickers, glueless patches, tire gaugesAbsolutely attend next year! Many influential people in the industry attend event to race/ride world famous trails. Event space sells out in February each year. Fans cheer on XC finishers

Competitor ActivityStans for sale in bike shopPoll QuestionsAll booth visitors were asked, Do you ride tubeless or tubed tires?Around 90% of riders polled rode tubeless. The majority of tubed riders were either too young or too old to race. High number of tubeless riders could be attributed to the rocky course which is famous for causing pinch flats.Conversation Notes/TestimonialsCreated buzz for Slime Pro. Day 3: I heard great things about your new tubeless sealant, wanted to check it out! Owner, Castro Valley Cycles We need Big Airs! Racers need something that can inflate a full sized mountain tire and the 20g wont do it. Multi-tool tire irons are great for racers, too Mackie Franklin, 4th place XC racer.Slime Pro works way better than Stans! Check out this cut on my sidewall it sealed! Riley Howard, 20, Racer, Team Santa Cruz/ X-Fusion I use Slime in all my bikes in Texas. There are thorns everywhere, I wont ride without Slime! Martha, wife of another exhibitor.You should sell the new tubeless sealant in small bottles so I can carry it out on the trail. - AnonymousIve been hearing great things about your new tubeless sealant. Mind if I try a bottle for our demo bikes? Tyler, in Sales for BMC, Oakland, CA.Tyler from BMC installs Slime Pro on a racers bike

1st place XC, DH and All Mountain winner Carl Deckers bike complete with Genuine Innovations Big Air. Wheel size: 650b/27.5

OtherWe were lucky to attend! Expo space sold out in February. Event attendance looks good to the mountain biking community. Profits from the event go to Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship