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Quick Presentation powerpoint given to the whole office at the end-of-summer review meeting


  • 1. BLOB TOUR 2013 Riley Kuhn & Matt Kacik

2. WHAT WE DO Promote! Educate! Repair! 3. PISMO BEACH CAR SHOW June 14-16 Pismo Beach, CA 50,000 fans A classic local event! 4. HUMMER INVASION Pismo Beach, CA June 28-30 5,000 attendees Over 100 Hummers! 5. HDRA RENO 500 & OFF-ROAD EXPO July 10-12 Reno, NV 10,000 Attendees 5 Slime Race Teams Won Their Class 6. RED BULL US GRAND PRIX July 19-21 Monterey, CA 100,000 fans Moto GP WorldChampionship Race 7. DOWNIEVILLE MTB CLASSIC August 1-3 Downieville, CA 10,000 fans All-Mountain WorldChampionships 8. BARRETT JACKSON HOT AUGUST NIGHTS August 8-10 Reno, NV 50,000 fans The worldsgreatest collector car auction! 9. ROLEX MOTORSPORTS REUNION August 19-21 Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway, Monterey, CA 40,000 fans 10. PISMO HUCKFEST August 24, 2013 Oceano Dunes, CA 5,000 fans 100+ ft hucks bySlime sponsored trucks! 11. MAMMOTH KAMIKAZE BIKE GAMES September 4-10 10,000 fans Dozens of flat tires 12. DEALER VISITS 30+ Slime dealersvisited Napa, Cycle Gear,Walmart, Tractor Supply Co., Performance Bicycle, and Independent Bicycle Dealers 13. BLOB TOUR RESULTS Attended 9 major events 300,000 fans at events 1,000,000 estimated impressions including on-the-road &camped in town Facebook photo album seen by 19,168 Slime fans 30+ dealers visited 14. SOCIAL MEDIA Started Instagram Feed. @Slime_Everything #SlimeRV, #Slime Slime Blob Tour Blog: 15. BLOB TOUR RECOMMENDATIONS Attend more bike races. Small events are great, peoplethink they are Slime events. Visit more states and more dealers. Fly to an event? Conduct market research directed by management Next Blob Tour: Listen to Joe!