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DETERMINE THE THEMEDeciding on the theme of the party will help determine what kind of decorations and activities you will need.DRAW UP THE GUEST LISTThe rule of thumb for the size of the guest list is your childs age plus one, so if your child is turning 6, invite seven of his or her friends.SEND INVITATIONSBe sure to include RSVP information as well as any special instructions for the guests, like leaving siblings at home or wearing appropriate clothing for messy activities.CREATE A SCHEDULE FOR ACTIVITIESAvoid scheduling the party too tightly to allow kids enough time for general horsing around, and decide whether or not your child will be opening presents during the party.CREATE A CHECKLIST FOR ALL THE SUPPLIES YOULL NEEDTheres a checklist of common party supplies below, but depending on the activities and/or menu, you may need to add or remove some items.PUT TOGETHER GOODY BAGS FOR EACH GUESTAs long as youre not planning to give out perishable items, you can put these together as early as possible.FINALIZE THE GUEST COUNTCheck in with anyone who hasnt RSVPd as of yet and confirm whether or not they are attending.DO ANY GROCERY SHOPPINGIf youre not baking the cake yourself, order it at least a week in advance.CLEAN UPIf youre having the party at your home, give it a thorough cleaning a few days ahead of time.PERFORM A SAFETY SWEEP OF YOUR HOUSE Make sure cabinets are secured, stairs are clear and your home is generally safe for a big crowd of little people to run around. DECORATEIf youre having the party at home, a day or two before the party is a good time to do any decorating that doesnt involve helium balloons.PICK UP/FINISH DECORATING THE CAKEThe day before the party is when youll want to get the cake from the bakery or put the finishing touches on it. rsvpARRANGE FOR ENTERTAINMENTIf youre going to have a clown, magician or any other type of party entertainer, the sooner you can book them, the better, and that also goes for bounce houses or other party rentals.PREP AS MUCH FOOD AS YOU CANThis includes cutting up fruits and vegetables for snacks, making sandwiches or preparing salads.PUT OUT FOOD/SNACKSPut any beverages on ice, as well.FINISH DECORATINGLast-minute decorating like filling the helium balloons or hanging a piata should be done a few hours before the party starts.TAKE PHOTOS OF THE BIRTHDAY KIDOnce your child is having fun, you may not be able to get a photo of him or her standing still (or clean).KEEP A GIFT LISTTaking note of who sent each gift will make thank you cards much easier after everyone goes home.TURN ON MUSIC/LIGHTSHaving the music and party lights on as your guests arrive ensures a festive mood. Streamers Balloons Banners Piata Party hats Goody bags Party favors/glow sticks Tablecloth Plates Napkins Utensils Serving bowls/platters Cups Cake stand Candles Beverage cooler/ drink dispenser Serving spoons/tongs Ice cream scoop Batteries for cameras/music playerswhat to do well in advancewhat to do the week of the partywhat to do the day of the partyparty supply checklistBirthday Party


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