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  • How to make a perfect party seem easy

    Party Planning Tips & Cheat Sheet

    Tips for a lively party

  • Informative Invites

    Give your guests all the right details

    What, where, when, how

    Whats the event?

    What to bring. Will guests bring food, gifts, special items, spouses?

    Where to be and when to be there. Is it a surprise?

    How to get there. Provide the address and directions.

    How to dress - is it dressy, casual, costume, a themed party?

  • Plan ahead and get helpers

    Prepare a timeline well in advance so you can pace yourself.

    Take care of the host/hostess so you can enjoy the party, too. Dont be too tired to have fun!

    Enlist friends or hire help to prepare, serve, or clean up, or all of the above.

    Consider make-ahead food and drinks or have it catered.

    KISS - Keep it simple, Silly, like the menu or venue. If you feel the urge to redecorate, rent a space in a community center, restaurant, or hotel.

  • Help Guests Mingle

    Not everyone you know will know each other, so be sure to introduce people to each other.

    Its better to overdo the introductions than to under-do them.

    Plan it in advance by making notes on your guest list of things people may have in common, so you can get them talking. Theyll do the rest.

    If it fits the theme plan ice breaker games.

    Get your most gregarious friends to help with gently moving people around. Dont let them stay in their everyday groups, that would be boring!

  • Have a Great Time!

    Visit for more party planning ideas!


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