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  • DIY Monster Birthday


    with templates!

    By Virginia Wilcox

  • Gather your materials You can find templates and a materials list for this project at the end of this presentation or you can make your own. Make sure to get fun, bright colored paper for the monsters bodies and a cool pattern for their party hats. You can also decorate the hats with markers or other fun things if you prefer.

  • Color the mouths and pupils

    Do this BEFORE you start cutting because then you dont have to worry about staying inside the lines or coloring over glue!

  • Cut out the body

    Use different colors of paper for the bodies! I used colored printer paper. You can use scrapbooking paper or construction paper if youd like, but if youre going to print, make sure the paper fits in the printer!

  • Cut out the party hats

    You need to cut out two triangles per monster (you will glue them together to make the hat).

  • Assemble the eyes

    Use a glue stick to attach the pupils onto the larger circles to make the eyes. If you are using a thicker paper, you can experiment with your monsters by hot-gluing googly eyes on instead if youd like!

  • Youre Invited papers

    You want to make it look like the monster is eating the invitation. Cut out the Youre Invited slips and wrinkle them up into little balls and then un-wrinkle them (just dont tear them up!).

  • Cut out the teeth and mouth

    You can add different sizes of teeth for your monsters if you want to.

  • Attach the mouth to the paper

    Use the gluestick to attach the monsters mouth to a Youre Invited paper. The paper should poke out at the bottom and be seemingly entering his mouth at an angle (or it will cover his eye).

  • Cut off the extra

    Cut off that extra bit of paper that is poking out from the bottom after the glue dries.

  • Give him a hat!

    Use the glue stick to attach two triangle pieces together. The top of the monsters head should be sandwiched in the middle!

  • Give him eye (s)

    However many eyes you want your monster to have, glue them on!

  • Attach the mouth

    Put a line of glue on the reverse side of the mouth but dont glue down the Youre Invited slip.

  • Attached mouth

    Place the mouth onto your monster with enough room for teeth to be added

  • Add the teeth (or tooth)

    You can add as many teeth as you want now (or even none at all)!

  • Address the invitations

    Please be sure to address your invitations BEFORE you glue them on. Its okay if you forget but markers do funny things on glued paper. If you forget, just let them dry for a while then go back to write the names.

  • Front View, Back View

    Your monsters should look different than mine do. Be creative!

  • M A T E R I A L S N E E D E D

    Various colors of paper

    White paper



    Pen / Marker

    Printer (to print templates if you want to use them)

  • T E M P L A T E S C L I C K H E R E T O D O W N L O A D T E M P L A T E S

    The first page has what you need to make one lonely monster with one big eye and one smaller eye. You can print the first page onto cardstock and use it as a stencil if you want to.

    The second page has two bodies and the third page has enough hats for eight monsters. The fourth page has what you need to complete two monsters (after you print off the bodies and hats).

    To make eight monsters: print page 2 four times, page 3 once, and page 4 four times.

    Have fun!

    For more information on other DIY project for birthday party. You can visit the site: birthday party ideas.

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