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Get unique ideas for your engagement, wedding and birthday party. We decorate your events to make them more memorable.


  • 1. Creative ICE Sculptures Brisbane Party Ideas http:/ /
  • 2. Being an ice carver, we have been asked to do work for some of the biggest names and have delivered beautiful sculptures to some of the fanciest parties in the country. We have supplied Ice Sculptures to companies like Pallazo Versace, Audi, Lexus, Sheraton Hotel and Resorts, V Energy, Nike and list goes on. http:/ /
  • 3. http:/ /
  • 4. We have had requests for some wicked stuff in the past and have created a lot of things that would blow your mind. That has proven to be very popular for parties is anything to do with the bar Vodka Luges and Ice Bars. We can create an Ice Bar for you (made entirely from ice) for anywhere between $500 - $1200 depending on complexity and size. http:/ /
  • 5. http:/ /
  • 6. Vodka Luges have to be our biggest seller. It is very popular with birthdays as well as corporate parties. Another big seller is a sculpture of the age of the person whose birthday it is (ie: 21st or 18th birthday = an ice sculpture of the number 21 or 18). We can even incorporate the vodka luge into the numbers by freezing a hose in the ice so that you can use the sculpture to do shots or to mix drinks. http:/ /
  • 7. http:/ /
  • 8. We can also sculpt the ice to hold you seafood on your buffet. We have done a number of sculptures for seafood buffets in the past like a Giant Clam Shell or a stand alone ice bar that can display the prawns, oysters and fish. http:/ /
  • 9. http:/ /
  • 10. With ice, the sky is the limit. If you are after something different and unique for your next party whether it be a birthday, engagement or corporate party, we can come up with something unique and amazing for your event that will leave your guests mesmorized! http:/ /
  • 11. http:/ /
  • 12. Visit Us http:/ / Address: 4 Ettie Street Redcliffe, QLD 4020 Australia E-Mail: Call On: 0426813569