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The best CUPCAKE IDEAS from around the world!


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2. Birthday Cupcake Ideas Featured
3. Just for the Hoot of it
Submitted by: Milisa Godson Milisa
4. 5. 6. Our customers have such creative ideas
that inspire our decorators. We use a variety tools
and tricks including cookies candies,
large and small cupcakes.
The idea is to just have fun with it!
7. 8. The next birthday Cupcake Ideas
Ladybug Themed
Submitted By: Jeana Byrd
9. 10. I used red & black liners & for the black liners
I attached a small red bow to the front of each.
I bought the bows at the craft store & they already
had a sticker attached to
the back so they were really easy to put on the liners.
The picks I bought from etsy.
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from around the world