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The Powerpoint will be helpful for the Undergraduate students who are going to give a Presentation on Biomechanics.


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2. What is it? The study of the structures and function of Biological systems by means of the methods of Mechanics. The Science concerned with the internal and external forces acting on the human body and the effects produced by these forces. 3. AristotleHISTORY OF BIOMECHANICSArchimedesLeonardo da VinciGalileo GalileiGiovanni Alfonso Borelli GalenIsaac Newton 4. AGENDA Antiquity 650BC 200AD Middle Ages 200AD 1450AD Italian Renaissance 1450AD 1600AD Scientific Revolution 1600AD 1730AD Enlightenment 1730AD 1800AD The Gait century 1800AD 1900AD The 20th century and beyond 1900AD - . 5. Exercise and Sport biomechanics Orthopedic biomechanics Occupational biomechanics 6. By understanding and applying Mechanical concepts, Sports Biomechanists assess the most optimal way to move the body in order to achieve maximal performance, whilst minimizing risk of injury. 7. Design of Artificial limbs, joints, and orthoses to improve functional movement capacity Study of natural and artificial biological tissues 8. Ergonomics and Human Factors Reduction of workplace injuries 9. Using Biomechanics to Improve Sports Apparel & Equipment New developments in sport apparel are aiding Olympic athletes improve their winning odds in a wide range of events.Such apparel can provide advantages that mean the difference between silver and gold in elite competitions. 10. A Few Examples Swimming TYR Aqua Shift Suit, worn by Erik Vednt, U.S. silver medalist Speedo Fastskin FSII, worn by Michael Phelps in Sydney Olympics Tennis Composite Tennis Racket 11. Swimming SPEEDO Fastskin II (Speedo) uses rough and smooth material on different parts of the body Seams made of high-stretch thread follow in the direction of water flow Raised ridges on chest and back create microscopic vortices that the company says reduces drag Titanium scales on suits inner forearm area are designed to help the swimmer grip the water 12. Tennis Racket Old vs. New Change in material Advancement in structural design Reduction in potential vibration which causes Tennis Elbow 13. CompuTrainer by RacerMate, Inc. Utilizes state of the art Interactive 3D graphics to simulate hills, curves, split screens and panoramic helicopter views. Hundreds of preloaded courses and the capability to create any course. SpinScan is a graphic video biofeedback used to evaluate the impact of small adjustments to bike position to find a dynamic bike fit. 14. Movement Analysis Software The SwingTrainer is a complete swing analysis system that monitors all aspects of sports movements involving golf clubs, baseball bats, tennis racquets and hockey sticks. Eight sensors precisely monitor the position and orientation of 36 points on the body and sports object at the rate of 144 times per second. The data is used to render a model of you and provide data on such characteristics as shoulder rotation, club or bat speed, balance, center of mass, etc. 15. If a ball spins in flight, it will drag some of the air close to the surface with it. This creates an area of high pressure and an area of low pressure on opposite sides of the ball. This pressure imbalance will make the ball curve in flight. 16. Technology And Training Improvement A qualitative biomechanical analysis of an actual performance should be done to identify deficiencies in technique, strength, power, endurance, or flexibility.Prescribe drills and exercises that are specific to the aspect of the skill that is deficient, or that closely simulates the specific exercise used in the technique training. 17. Any Question that struck your mind?


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