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  • 1. Beyond "Likes": Advanced Social Media MarketingShane ONeill - Director of Digital MarketingFruchtman Marketing

2. Advanced Social MarketingAdvanced Social Marketing involves and requires alarger understanding of the medium and employessound strategy and multi-tired planning.Lets look at some of these strategies andapplications that can help you start the process. 3. Number of Fansis no longer a bragging right.Everyone talks about their number of fans.Few talk about number of sales.Getting fans is easy, but what kind do you want?Facebook is all grown up and is more sophisticatedthan many think.Some companies buy fansto deliver on the promise.Booooo 4. The Organic ApproachA truly organic approach to fan acquisition is relianton solid strategy and planning, not contests, buyingfans, etc. Its called marketing and its no differentthan... say direct mail.For example, would you buy a mailing list to yourentire city or zip codes of your target demo?Organic is highly targeted and focused on qualityover quantity 5. The Value of Facebook FansThe value of a Facebook fan* is based on fiveleading contributors vs. non fans:(1)Product Spending: They spend more.(2)Brand Loyalty - More likely to continue using a brand(3)Propensity To Recommend(4)Affinity with the Brand - Fans feel much more connected(5)Earned Media Value - Likes and Shares are media* Value of a Facebook Fan: Syncapse in association with hotspex 6. Understand the function ofFacebookIts important to understand that Facebook is justanother marketing tool with specific functions meantto compliment your other marketing efforts.Branding - Delivery of consistent messagingreinforces your brand. Think FBA story clicks.Special Occasions - Identify direct salesopportunities.Sales Cycle - Develop relationships that producecustomers over time. 7. Contests & Promotions:Know what youre getting intoContests and promotions should never be your primarydriver of new fans. Instead, used only when strategic andjewelry centric. There are basically two types. Voting Contest - High barrier to entry.Greatest potential for fraud. Sweepstakes - Low barrier to entry.Lower engagement. 8. 8 The prize pig... will eat your contest alive Need to monitor entries and Facebook forinappropriate comments andremarks posted by others Vote exchangesContests & Promotions:Know what youre getting into 9. Fan Acquisition &how you get themDeveloping Custom ContentBid on atJFC Auction 10. 10Event Pic Posts 11. Facebook AdvertisingWhat is Facebook Advertisingand how does it work? Two Types of FBA - Ads & Sponsored Stories Drives engagement to page and posts Supports branding, showcasing product & events Target based on location, age, status, etc. Only pay for click throughs, which are a fairly engaged consumer. 12. Facebook Case Study:Driving Holiday Sales through Social Media 13. The Situation:Driving Holiday Sales through Social MediaOur objectives:1.Fan Acquisition2.Highlight Price Pointed Products (under $500)3.Drive Traffic to Gift Giving Ideas Catalog4.Sales 14. The Solution:Driving Holiday Sales through Social MediaComponents for success:1.Facebook Advertising2.12 Days of Christmas3.Featured Products4.Gift Giving Sweepstakes*5.Gift Giving Ideas Catalog6.Proven Sales 15. The Execution: Facebook Advertising4,088 Clicks in 35 daysOnly .15 Per Click958 New Fans 16. The Execution: Featured Products 17. The Execution: 12 Days of Christmas 18. The Execution: Sweeps & Catalog 19. The Execution: Proven SalesWe had great success with the promotions we ran on Facebookover the holiday season. We saw incredible feedback which resultedin thousands of dollars in sales, that I know came directly from theseFacebook efforts! Jenny Dortmans, Poag Jewellers2 Pendants25+ of LovingFamily pendant2 Bulova ClocksBelle EtoilePendant8 LaFonn Rings 20. Thank You!Want to know more? Visit us