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Beware the Fallacy Bully. This is not what critical thin


  • I am an independent Critical thinker. That makes me rare and special. Fallacy Bullies pride themselves on being independent critical thinkers.
  • you are aLl shEep being fed a diet of lies ! Fallacy Bullies think that most people are uncritical consumers of propaganda
  • and the truth wiLl blow but they can see behind the propaganda and unmask the truth. your Mind. oh my!
  • Fallacy Bullies take pleasure in pointing out fallacies in the reasoning of the people whose views they oppose FA LLA C Y heRring red !
  • but react defensively to any suggestion that they themselves may be guilty of fallacious thinking FALLACY straw man! uMm i think you may be guilty of an ad hominem here sliPpery slope! false dileMma!
  • or in the grip of cognitive biases that may be distorting their own views. FA LLA C Y ever heard of the fundamental aTtribution eRror? liar! moron! Oo oHh !
  • Fallacies Bullies promote the teaching of fallacies these principles should guide aLl our thinking.
  • but ignore the subtleties of when they legitimately apply and when they dont APpeals to authority are always faLlacious. ! remember that.
  • FA LLA C Y FALLACY and in practice, use them as blunt weapons of war. FALLACY FALLAC Y come at me, bro!
  • FA LLA C Y FALLACY Beware the Fallacy Bully! FALLACY FALLAC Y come at me, bro! K D
  • Beware the Fallacy Bully. K D This is not what critical thinking is about.